Jeff Herman making a difference through his firm

Jeff Herman founded Herman Law that making him the managing partner. He has committed the professional life that he has to ensure that the victims that have faced sexual assault, abuse, rape and sexual exploitation will get the justice that they deserve. There was a case that he was represented in 1990 from a woman who had a son that was abused by his pre-school teacher. After investigations were carried, it was discovered that it was not the first time the abuser was accused of such a case because he was convicted once for a pedophile case. Because the school did not carry the necessary background check it resulted in him getting the job and another opportunity of repeating his action. That is when things changed for Jeff Herman because he recognized that as his calling and that lead to him shifting his practice to deal with the sexual abuse cases.

With the experience that Jeff had from his previous posts, it has helped Herman to be able to grow the firm to become the nation’s leading law company that will deal with sexual nature cases. By using his firm he has offered the victims, families, and the survivors with the closure, justice and with that they have been able to regain their life back because they are at peace. Herman will offer the clients with the life-changing result that has helped him in achieving the success and satisfaction that he needed, that’s why he ensure that he will handle any case with integrity and a moral compass that is strong.

That has helped Herman Law firm to be able to have cases that are on the National level. Because in any case, they will offer the needed time, effort and services to ensure that the victims will get the justice. They have worked hard in providing the community with the required knowledge on the ways they can prevent abuse and how to go about it if it happened. Jeff Herman will offer the victims with all that is needed to cope with the situation so that to trust again and get the required confidence.

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