The Business and Humanitarian Life of Vinod Gupta

The success of an investor is determined by the power of the investor to believe in their dreams. Many people keep giving excuses as to why they are not starting their ventures. Some say they are waiting to accumulate their capital, among other reasons. Vinod Gupta broke the procrastination temptation and decided to invest in his idea.

Vinod Gupta is the CEO of the Everest Group. He says that in the younger stages of the businesses it had very many challenges. Many naysayers said that no one would need the products and services that they were providing. He ignored the negative voices, borrowed $100 and begin a business whose worth turned out to be $680 million.

Vinod Gupta advises the young business person to be bold to take risks in business. However, he tells them to be careful and test the market, especially when the amount they are about to invest is substantial. This helps in avoiding disappointments.
Besides Vinod Gupta being a committed business person, he is a great humanitarian. He has been working to see that the Indian women are empowered. The Indian community has been denying the women the chance to go to school and acquire the academic knowledge. He has given the girls and women the chance to learn and re-invent their life.

Vinod Gupta contributed $1 million to the Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic. The institution helps women acquire degrees in two years’ time. Gupta has also begun a girl’s school. He is financing the purchase of the stationary, school buses and the textbooks. He aims to see that the girls get a quality education system.

Vinod Gupta says that he is very glad because he can use his wealth to help other people better their life with his wealth. He also thanks his father for instilling the need of education in his life.

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