Dr. Dov Rand, a co-founder of the Healthy Aging Medical Centre, is a highly skilled medical specialist most sort after. He sits at the top in the medical scene having graduated from the Albert Einstein Medical Center where he completed his medical training in New York. The Medical center they established was to provide health and wellness answers for patients with various age-related problems. Among the multiple conditions, Dr. Dov Rand and his team treats are anxiety, insomnia, low libido depression, to name a few by use of regenerative medicine incorporating a calculated approach for separate patients. These patients receive services such as regenerative therapies, weight loss programs, and anti-aging therapies.


Dr. Dov Rand discovered that everyone has good and bad hormones and that aging brings about increase of bad hormones like insulin and cortisol and loss of good hormones like estrogen, testosterone, thyroid, progesterone among others. What sets Dr. Dov Rand apart from the rest of his peers who prescribe synthetic hormones, he adopts the use of bioidentical hormones which are chemically identical to the existing hormones in the body. His method has proved to be a safer alternative because his patients experience fewer cases of cancer, heart diseases, and lower cholesterol and at the same time experiencing increased stamina and energy. He states that many men experience anxiety followed by depression when they discover they have erectile dysfunction. Dr. Dov Rand tackles the issue relating to erectile dysfunction with psychological treatment combined with hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Rand incorporates exercise in his weight training program.


After following Dr. Dov Rand’s program, patients can look forward to having more skills in managing their symptoms. The clinic also offers educational materials to the patients for them to learn more about and maintain their conditions. He also holds a position with the Chilton Medical Center in Pompton Plains, New Jersey. Dr. Dov Rand goes a step further with his outreach efforts by having a stable social media presence. Any future patient can get in touch with the help center at any day and time for more information concerning the hormone therapy procedures, physical therapy programs or dietary timetables.

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