Entrepreneur Josh Verne Talks About Keys to Success

During a recent podcast interview, Josh Verne talked about his current experience as an entrepreneur. Along with talking about his new business, Verne also discussed his keys to success. Throughout the interview, Josh Verne often stated that people who look to reach high levels of success must adopt a certain philosophy and take certain steps. One of the main points that Josh made was that people need to have good leadership skills. Another thing that he said is critical to success is to always seek outcomes that are win win for everybody involved. Verne believes that people must listen more than they speak as well. According to Josh, it is important to enjoy your occupation so that you will be more likely to succeed. Lastly, it is important for people to have a life that includes good health and fulfilling relationships.


Josh believes that individuals who strive to reach high levels of success need to lead by example as well as get others more involved in tasks. He said during the interview that it is important to focus on having people work towards specific goals that benefit the entire group instead of using your status as a boss to control people. Another thing Josh mentioned during the podcast interview is that individuals who are looking to be successful will benefit by listening more than they talk. This will allow them to provide more effective feedback when they do talk. Josh believes that in both business deals and everyday life situations, it is always best to seek an outcome that is mutually beneficial for all parties involved.


Josh Verne began his career in business shortly after he graduated from high school. At the beginning of his career, Verne worked as a warehouse clerk for a furniture distribution business that is owned by his family. Over the course of several years, Josh would move up the ranks of the business and get into a managerial role. This allowed him to get experience in operating a business. After he worked at his family’s furniture business, he then became a sales professional for a number of retail companies. When he held this position he helped generate millions of dollars worth of sales. As a result of this successful experience, Josh looked into moving onto entrepreneurship.


After working as a sales professional for retail companies, Josh went on to cofound his first company called Workpays. This company was a success and allowed Verne to pursue another business in the immediate future. Josh then cofounded FlockU which specializes in e-commerce and content marketing. This company founded by Josh was intended to help provide college students with better access to campus events and brand name products. FlockU has also been a very successful business for Josh.

Choosing A Good Online Reputation Management Company

Wondering how to handle your online reputation management? You don’t have to handle your reputation monitoring or management yourself because there are companies that provide the service.

Online reputation management is a challenging process, so it can be beneficial to spend the time required to select an online reputation management team that can produce great results.

The ability to create content is one of the consideration when deciding on a company to deliver this essential service. While search engine optimization is extremely important in online reputation management, search engine optimization can not function on its own. Search engine optimization requires quality content in order to help you achieve high ranking position in search engine results pages and improve your online reputation.

Along with providing a strong knowledge of common search engine optimization strategies and tactics, a good Online Reputation Reviews organization will also be proficient at content management. Regardless of whether your organization needs authoritative web pages or high-quality blogs, a distinguished online reputation management team will have a good knowledge of how to create unique, content that will portray your establishment in a positive light.

Another important aspect of managing your online good reputation involves following a response strategy so all of your actions are purposeful and consistent once you have your tracking process in place.

When it comes to selecting a reputation management firm or team of experts, it’s imperative that you do your research. With so many companies and professionals offering to help you monitor, restore and manage your online credibility, it can be a difficult task deciding which company to choose.

Not all companies or professionals provide the same quality of service to clients, so it is advisable to go with one that has a proven track record. They will set up a consultation to evaluate your situation and develop a reliable system that will help in address your reputation issues.

Their effective, customized plan can track conversations about your company and help in enhancing your credibility. Reputation management solutions professionals have great expertise in pushing down negative information and promoting favorable reviews and content.

Live Out Loud With Lime Crime Makeup

Lime Crime makeup is not for the timid of heart. Makeup lovers, creative types, and outgoing individuals can let their personality shine with this vegan brand of makeup. This is a makeup company that prides itself on promoting individualism, fierceness, and being colorful without fear.

The makeup company was started by Unicorn Queen Doe Deere, an internet sensation who was looking for makeup that was cruelty-free. Doe Deere is quite the colorful lady. She was dismayed at how difficult it was to find a makeup that was vegan and matched her colorful personality and style. As fate would have it, Doe Deere remedied the problem by creating her own unique line of fashionable, eye-catching, colorful vegan makeup.

According to Glambot, The Lime Crime makeup company offers a wonderful selection of makeups for their avid cosmetic fans. There are cute tins with rose imagery on the top that contain luscious lip liners. Eyeshadow is marketed in trendy containers with colors such as The Grunge Palette. Doe Deere stands out amongst the makeup competition, not only for being very reachable via online but by listening to the fans of her cosmetic lines.

The company has a vibrant energy that reaches out to its audience, listens to them, and makes them feel included in the development process all the way. The vegan makeup company has a wide presence on online spots such as Instagram, their online blog, Facebook, and more. People just can’t seem to get enough of Doe Deere’s fashionable makeups.

Living out loud, showing yourself to the world as you are, and embracing positivity have never been more in trend than now. Finding a cruelty-free vegan makeup line that is trendy, affordable, and fashionable is easier than ever thanks to Lime Crime. Artistic creative types, club kids, internet famous, and everyday fashionista alike can rejoice with the artful color selections of this hot cosmetic company.

How Eric Lefkofsky Is Giving Back

The Billionaire Taking On Cancer

Big data is coming up with solutions for just about everything. Marketing firms are using it to find better ways of reaching customers and doctors are using big data to find better treatments for their patients. Lefkofsky takes the idea behind the latter as inspiration for his latest startup Tempus. Using information about the genetic profile of a patient, Tempus finds the perfect treatment for each individual. Personalized medicine is still in its infancy, but the solutions Tempus finds are already helping cancer patients battle the disease.

Building A Foundation Of Hope

Philanthropy is something near to the heart of Eric Lefkofsky. To help others in need he has founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. Working with his wife Liz Lefkofsky he finds ways to help various charities in need of some financial assistance. There hundreds of organizations devoted to scientific, medical, and social causes that received help from the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, but needy children are the primary focus. Lefkofsky strongly believes in helping those who cannot help themselves. It is important for those with means, such as Eric Lefkofsky, to give back.

Chicago’s Finest

In addition to the work he has done with his foundation, Lefkofsky contributes to the improvement of his city Chicago, Illinois. Beyond financial contributions he participates in civic engagement by serving on the board of directors for various philanthropic organizations within Chicago. Among these organizations Lefkofsky directs you will find the Art Institute Of Chicago, the Museum Of Science And Technology, and the Technology Council. The business world he works in exists in a symbiotic state with the culture and technology of Chicago. Without this basic support foundation, he would not have the ability to prosper as much as he has.

Taking The Pledge

Eric Lefkofsky has a billion dollar fortune to his name and one of the most respected names in business. That level of power naturally demands an equally high level of responsibility. This is why Lefkofsky has signed the Giving Pledge. Created by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, the Giving Pledge is a promise made by some of the world’s most prominent business leaders to better the world around them. These men sign the pledge to show their devotion to those with less means. Thanks to the Giving Pledge, important nonprofit organizations are able to advance progress in medicine, science, and humanitarian aid.

The Development And Modern Application Of Comparative Law

Law is a wide area that calls for professional interpretation. There are many sections of law and different professionals specialize on specific types of laws because it can be overwhelming to work on the entire subject. One of the areas of law that has grown over the years to rise in appreciation is comparative law. The specialty has seen massive changes since its introduction in the early 18th century. Many government institutions use comparative law while developing new laws or correcting existing legislation to fit within the uses of the organization.

In the 18th century, scholars from Europe set out on a journey that saw them explore the subject of comparative law and this marked the beginning of this section of law. They toured several places to understand and borrow the laws that were applied to make it easy to administer justice. It is evident that an institution may not fully have perfect structures and laws to govern the procedures that occur in each day. Developing laws to serve different purposes can take time since there is need for research to understand how some pieces of legislation are likely to affect the lives of those being governed.

Comparative law is a field that helps while developing constitutions and important laws to govern individuals and institutions. Government agencies move to other governments to learn about the types of laws applied to solve problems and it is through this process that they are able to understand the flaws that exist in the laws they use in their country. Comparative law is a growing field and in the past century, many of the laws used across the world were developed after comparative studies were conducted to allow universal application of some laws.

About Sujit Choudhry

Proffessor Sujit Choudhry is a law professor who is internationally recognized for his contribution in the development of comparative law. He has been working with government institutions from different countries to help them in constitutional development and gathering research data to help in decision making processes. His effort in the constitution building process has helped to build several countries like Jordan, Nepal, Libya and Sri Lanka,

His research covers a wide variety of issues in comparative law, which includes constitutional design and development as a tool to enhance smooth transition from conflict. Sujit Choudhry is the founder and director of Center for Constitutional Transitions, an organization that mobilizes knowledge to support constitution building.

Comparative Law Expert Sujit Choudhry

Comparative law is one of the more intriguing and significant aspects of the legal field. It entails the study of legal systems in a number of different countries. During the process of studying comparative law, individuals will go over a number of law fields such as criminal law, family law, business law and the constitution of various nations. Studying comparative law gives people the opportunity to learn more about different legal systems and also provide them with beneficial knowledge. Anyone who is looking to participate in legal, political and business activities in foreign countries will greatly benefit by learning more about comparative law. It will give them valuable information that they can apply to any situation where knowledge of the law is useful.

When studying comparative law, one of the first things you will want to learn about is the constitutional law of a given nation. This will allow you to learn more about the legal foundation of the country and its policies regarding human rights, economics, basic laws and also its political philosophy. Along with constitutional law, you will also learn about things such as tax law and criminal law. The field of tax law will inform you about how the country taxes individuals and businesses. With criminal law, you will learn about a nation’s policies on social conduct and how it punishes violations of basic laws. Therefore, comparative law provides individuals with very useful knowledge about how other nations function.

One of the top experts in comparative law is Sujit Choudhry. For many years he has studied and taught comparative law. He has also studied constitutional law and taught this for a number of years as well. Over the course of his career, Choudhry has held a number of prestigious positions at some of the top law schools. Between the years 2014 and 2016, he was the Dean of the University of California Berkeley School of Law. When he held this position he became the first individual of Indian origin to be dean of a top law school in the United States. Prior to his tenure as the dean of the Berkeley School of Law, Sujit was a professor at the New York University School of Law.

Sujit Choudhry has accomplished a lot during his career. Some of these accomplishments have been in the form of awards. One of his most notable awards as a Rhodes Scholarship which is one of the top forms of educational recognition you can get. He has also been appointed to various fellowships such as the William Taylor Memorial Fellowship and the Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship. Choudhry has also attained some very impressive educational credentials as well. He finished law degrees at the University of Toronto and Harvard Law School.

Eric Lefkofsky: An Entrepreneur with a Unique Vision

Eric Paul Lefkofsky or simply known as Eric Lefkofsky is an American entrepreneur who has made his mark both in the professional and social grounds. He is a founder and trailblazer of numerous startups and actively involved with humanitarian initiatives such as Tempus. As of 2015, his net worth was valued at US$1.7 billion.

Eric was born on 2nd September 1969 in Michigan. He graduated from Southfield-Lathrup High School in 1987 and attended the University of Michigan to complete his graduation with honors in 1991. He also received his Juris Doctor from University of Michigan Law School in 1993.

After completing his studies, Eric started his career at the University of Michigan by selling carpets. Later on, in 1999, he formed Starbelly, an early Internet company that specialized in promotional products. In 2000, Eric became the Chief Operating Officer of Halo Industries that acquired Starbelly. However, after a setback with Halo and Starbelly, Eric co-founded InnerWorkings in the fall of 2001 that specializes in print procurement services for mid-sized companies and had tremendous success with it. He served on the Board of Directors of this company till 2012. Eric and his friend, Keywell also founded Echo Global Logistics, a freight logistics company in 2005 that is now publicly operating on NASDAQ. Following this, the due founded MediaBank, a media-buying technology company that merged with Data Systems to create a new company called Mediaocean which was a $1.5 billion deal.

Eric’s next venture in 2007 was ThePoint.com, an online collective action website that transformed into Groupon.com that managed to secure investments from Accel Partners and New Enterprise Associates and it is considered as the fastest growing company in history. In 2010, Eric and Keywell founded Lightbank that is involved in developing new companies in Chicago. Tempus is one of the recent ventures of Eric that he co-founded in 2016 which is a technology company that enables physicians to deliver personalized cancer care. Currently, Eric is serving as the Chairmen of Groupon since 2015, CEO of Uptake since 2014 and CEO of Tempus since 2016.

Apart from running new ventures, Eric is also involved with numerous philanthropic causes. He along with his wife Elizabeth formed the Lefkofsky Foundation that has funded 50 organizations focusing on children’s welfare. They are also active members of Giving Pledge. Eric has been involved with teaching and writing for a long while. His book named Accelerated Disruption was published by Easton Studio Press in November 2015.

George Soros – tornado-force philanthropy

When George Soros trains his attention on a social cause, you can bet things are about to get stirred up. Recently, Soros has once again proven himself to be a force of nature with his multitudinous efforts to unseat conservative incumbents throughout the country. In spite of his widely publicized backing of Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign, George Soros is not to be easily counted out. His lesser efforts on the local level have been categorical successes and have mostly gone unreported by mainstream media. But whenever Soros acts it’s worth taking note. His vast philanthropic empire can quickly generate tornado-force winds of change and topple old guards from coast to coast.

Taking on criminal injustice, one cop at a time
Recently George Soros has garnered a good deal of attention for his take down of Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio. The aging CIA veteran was bidding for a continuance of his quarter-century tenure. But there was a new sheriff in town. Paul Penzone, a police sergeant, drew Arpaio into an electoral showdown. But the incumbent quickly found himself outgunned. Soros had supplied his enemy with a $2 million arsenal with which to rein havoc upon Arpaio’s campaign. Soon enough Arpaio realized he had brought a knife to a gunfight. He lost in a landslide. And George Soros racked up yet another impressive electoral defenestration to his rapidly swelling body count.

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Meanwhile in Florida, another beloved incumbent, Jeff Ashton was running for reelection as Orlando district attorney. The Republican had served for many terms and never faced any real threat to his tenure. No one had any reason to believe this time would be different. As an aside, it’s worth pointing out that dinky little towns and major metropolises alike tend to have locally funded elections. In some cases there are large sums at play. But most of the time, those who run for office, along with a few of their well-heeled friends will usually foot the campaign bill themselves. From the perspective of yokel candidates, Soros’ money bombs are measured by the megaton.

In Florida, Jeff Ashton was running his usual do-it-yourself campaign when out of the blue the George Soros war cloud accreted in the heavens and flooded his opponent’s coffers with a green deluge to the tune of $1.2 million. Ashton’s rival, an unknown public defender named Aramis Ayala, quickly gained the upper hand and started pounding the public face of Ashton’s campaign into the mat on radio and TV commercials over his ugly track record of persecuting vulnerable minorities. Soon enough, Ashton was lying dazed, center ring with each ballot slowly counting the seconds to his political annihilation. Ayala won in another knockout landslide. This was a huge upset for a veteran prosecutor who had won every prior election virtually unchallenged.

As you can see, George Soros plays hardball and he plays to win. This is a man who has booked 20%+ returns every year since 1970, a financial feat of historic proportions. Soros, being a lifelong intellectual, revels in the chance to deploy both his towering genius and his kingly resources to fight for a more open society. He paves over his opponents like so much gravel then drives the Sorosian steamroller onto the next obstacle while his stunned foes look skyward, as if ravaged by an act of God.

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Why Sujit Choudhry is a Colossus in the Academic World

Sujit Choudhry is one of the most recognizable legal experts. He is the faculty director and founder of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. This is one of the first university-based legal institutions. Its role is to generate and mobilize knowledge to support constitutional building across the globe. Under his leadership, the organization has become globally renowned as an advocate of legal reform.

Choudhry is also a globally recognized expert on matters pertaining to comparative constitutional development, and comparative constitutional law. His works mainly focus on the methodologies that can be used to facilitate the transition from political instability to peaceful democratic politics in ethnically divided countries. He has published nearly 100 articles, papers and reports, and book chapters.

Notable Publications

Choudhry’s most notable publications include The Migration of Constitutional Ideas, and Constitutional Design for Divided Societies: Integration or Accommodation. Currently, he is editing The Oxford Handbook of Indian Constitutional Law, and the Constitution Making. Choudhry has participated in the publication of the International Journal of Constitutional Law, the South Africa’s Constitutional Court Review, and the Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law.

Board Membership

Choudhry holds high-profile board memberships in notable global organizations. He is affiliated to the United Nations Mediation Roster. Besides this, he has widely consulted for the World Bank Institute, which is an organ of the World Bank. He mainly offers services about streamlining the international legal banking system. He has similarly partnered with the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance to implement constitutional reform in Tunisia, Libya, Jordan, and Egypt.

Sujit has also served on the Governing Toronto Advisory Panel, which formulated major legal reforms in the leadership structure of Toronto’s municipal government. He acted as a counsel of record, and even made a presentation at the Supreme Court of Canada. His success in streamlining Toronto’s municipality saw him named Legal Practitioner of the Year by Toronto’s South Asian Bar Association in 2011.

Education Background and Legal Practice

Sujit earned his law degree from Oxford University. He holds postdoctoral degrees in law from the University of Toronto and Harvard University where he was a Rhodes Scholar. Besides this, he worked as a law clerk of Chief Justice Antonio Lamer of Canada’s Supreme Court. Before his appointment at Berkeley Law, Sujit was a law professor at the New York University, and the University of Toronto. He was among the four Canadians who received the prestigious Trudeau Fellowship, which is the Canadian version of the MacArthur awards.

Brad Reifler Has Started Capital Management Companies

Brad Reifler is a very influential person in the business community. He grew up in California and was a bright kid. His parents have said that they knew Brad would be a success in any profession that he chose to get involved in. However, Brad was unsure what that profession would be. He went to the boarding school called the Harvard School for Boys. This is a very prestigious school that is located in the Los Angeles area. Brad spoke to several of the career counselors at this school. However, he eventually entered Bowdoin College having no idea what career he would pursue. While Brad was in college, he started to play around with the various financial markets around the world. He found that he had a skill for making wise investments that paid off quickly. This gave him an idea for a future career.

Brad Reifler knew that his future was going to be involved in trading commodities and financial management. Therefore, he scraped together some money to form the Reifler Trading Corporation. He officially launched his first business venture in 1982. It was an instant success and paved the way for future financial companies that Brad would eventually start. Reifler Trading Corporation dealt mainly with global derivative execution. The company was eventually purchased 18 years later by Refco, Inc. Another successful financial company that was founded by Brad was called Reifler Capital Management. The primary function of this company was to consult with commodity pools and advise them. There was also a branch of the company that was heavily involved in trading commodities and making investments in foreign markets like Brad had done back in his college days.

The most significant company that Brad Reifler founded was Pali Capital. He was the chief executive officer of this company when it made $200 million on an annual basis. Brad’s exploits at Pali made him a big celebrity and a superstar in the financial world. He is now regarded as a very influential man as far as money management is concerned. Many profiles have been written about Brad Reifler in many of the most prestigious financial publications around the world.