On the Rise of Transparent & Efficient Healthcare Programs

On a world wide scale, today, the Healthcare industry is larger the the banking sector. During the past decade or so, it has gone through many developments and technological advancements, transforming itself into a revitalized entity which many individuals rely upon (for everyday occurrences and life threatening situations). However, this widening and improvement has become available for the general public after much hard work towards the pursuit of the three must haves check points for a successful health care coverage:
– Reduction of costs, per capita.
– Enhancing the “care” experience.
– Improving the overall health of a population.
Aiming to properly implement prevention, care continuity, precision, wellness, and personalization in a consumer centric plan is no easy task for health care providers. However, companies like Nobilis Health Corp. (previously known as Northstar Healthcare Inc.) have managed to do so in a swift manner. By implementing “direct to patient marketing” they have grown their acute and ambulatory health facilities in Texas and Arizona. These include a surgical hospital based in Houston, two MRI centers, six ambulatory surgery facilities, and an urgent care center. Stanley from Mackie Research Capital conducted a thorough report on the top picks for Q4, where Nobilis Health Corp. came out on top. Pointing out the company’s acquisition of their first hospital in 2014 for $7.5 million in cash, showed a clearly strong record in regards to M&A.
Harry Fleming, Nobilis’ President, has also cleared up the name changes that recently occurred within the company, stating: “This change is necessary as part of our expansion into the U.S. capital markets. By changing to ‘Nobilis’ we will avoid potential confusion with companies and funds using the ‘Northstar’ name on exchanges in the United States. We have a registration statement currently pending with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and Google Finance we expect to obtain a dual listing on a notable United States exchange in early 2015. Nobilis will continue to trade on the TSX under the symbol ‘NHC.’”
A class of companies resisting the status quo have surged in the demand for a flat fee based health care that provides mobile health, on demand services, and data transparency.  Thus, Fleming also addressed the individuals who are looking to join Nobilis, “We are happy to introduce our patients, physician-partners, and investors to Nobilis Health Corp.”

The Improving Fashion Sense of Men

Times are changing for the male. Men are taking a lot more pride in how they dress. Men are starting to dress a lot better than they used to in the past twenty years. They are not only thinking about better looking pieces, but they are also paying more attention to how well it fits. Men are also looking for different cuts and styles in order to experiment. The era of the “metrosexual” is gone. Men are beginning to realize that normal people can dress well. They have put away the idea that a real man should not dress well.

He sells some of the most stylish leather shoes on the market. He understands that a great outfit is not complete without the right footwear to complement it. Men are especially impressive to women when they wear some good footwear. In fact, it is believed that the shoes on a man’s feet are one of the first things that women notice when it comes to appearances.

Paul Evans’s shoes are sold in various stores. The best place to buy them is online. Paul Evans’s website shows a lot of different shoes that have a stylish appearance. There are plenty of shoes and styles that the customer didn’t even know existed. To top it off, they are available for the customer to order from wherever he is app with the Internet and their online apps. Paul Evans’s shoes is one of the groups of items that people could look into in order to find the right shoes that could complete their outfit. These shoes are also made of some of the best material as well.

One of the things that has changed in favor for men’s fashion is the Internet. Men are now more likely to buy better looking clothes because of the platform that allows them to skip waiting in line. Instead, they could order from home. They are also losing fear of being labeled as less of a man or having their sexuality questioned because they dress well. They can experiment with all of the different pieces of available styles and not worry about as much ridicule as more men begin to pay attention to fashion.

Assisted Living: Be Prepared for The Possibilites

Much middle age and elderly individuals come to a point in their lives where they need to be surrounded by people that can help with a few activities of daily living. Maybe you need the help when you try to step into the shower. Having difficulties can be the responsibility for injuries. The Manse on the Marsh is a wonderful assisted living facility that offers that type of help to anyone that needs. The have studios and one bedroom cottages and apartments for people that just need someone close. The Manse on Marsh has caregivers on the property that can assist if need, 24 hours a day they are on call.

The Manse on Marsh caregivers is available 24-7 and can be contacted online for any needs. They have services that provide someone to help with medication distribution. They also help with activities such as showering, cooking, and transportation. The Manse will help regardless of the residents’ age. Some people go to Assistive living facilities when they are unable to live alone. Perhaps they need someone to help them so they do not fall and injure themselves. With five check-ins, the assisted living resident is still safe and sound while in the facility but also if they go out on an adventure.

When a resident arrives at a facility, they are expected to bring some of their personal belongings from home. Most of a resident’s belongings will be left behind. This could cause the resident to become depressed or withdrawn. While in the assisted living, the resident will have the opportunity to meet other people their age.

Most Assisted Living Facilities offer free activity programs, and reviews show that Manse is no different. The activity programs include things such as art, crafts, music programs, and parties. Bingo is one of the favorite activities in almost every facility. Being in an assisted living means that everything the resident does is planned for that individual. Art and craft programs are usually one of the highlights of the whole program. Checking out the activities for the week should be easy due to by speaking with the Activity Director and by checking the Activity calendar.

Assisted living may be a great place to recoup from surgery or injury, and they have plenty of short term availability, the locale that they offer is particularly beautiful. The food is delicious and the staff assists a lot. Most assisted living facilities charge by the month as most rentals do. The difference in the cost usually is to the cost of being in a assisted care the individual may need. Some assisted living facilities have on staff nurses and on-call doctors. They all have the availability to take the residents to doctor appointments and to outside shopping. Being in an assisted living facility is not as bad as some people may think. Check out assisted living facilities on Twitter and make a plan for your future. We never know when we may need to check in.

Town Residential Can Offer The Guidance Needed When Dealing With Real Estate In The Growing And Changing Markets Of Manhattan And Brooklyn

New reports recently in November 2015, in an article of market analysis reported by Real Deal, has much to say about the state of residential and commercial real estate in New York City, especially Manhattan and Brooklyn. To summarize briefly before trying to solve the confusing statistics, it focuses on residents of Manhattan, Midtown and Midtown East them. Brooklyn is also seeing rent increases along with the other burrows, and both burrows are full of some of the safest places in the city of New York, and Manhattan, the ritziest, is considered the richest of all the dens of the city of New York. Due to growth, the increase in rent may not be bad.

According to statistic, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Real estate experts will agree the increase in rental prices are completely natural based on the Real Deal analysis, and many probably agree placing importance on these analysis is critical. The complicated analysis in the article of the residential and commercial burrows can be reviewed by reading this link, and on closer inspection it is easy to increase rent due to the healthy growth and demand because property values have increased, and many residents will agree and state, “Now I’m living in better areas.”

There are many skilled and experienced real estate experts equipped to handle the needs of potential residents of New York City at Town Residential, and the citizens who have already been inhabitants. Town Residential exists to help New York’s Manhattan, Brooklyn and many other wonderful, historical burrows. They are also trained to support the purchase of commercial properties as well.

If the trend of growth continues, then many people who want to move to New York, buying residential or commercial property will need some form of assistance that a company like Town Residential is equipped to assist with using highly trained personnel. Town Residential is a real estate company with a focus on luxury rental and commercial properties in areas such as Manhattan and Brooklyn, and those burrows are seeing incredible growth and demand. If there is anyone interested in renting or buying residential or commercial property in New York City, then they are strongly urged to partner up with the experts at Town Residential.

Support This Fundraiser for the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society

Jon Urbana, the famous Nova lacrosse player from Denver, is sponsoring a charity drive at CrowdRise for the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society. The charity drive seeks to raise over one thousand dollars that Urbana says will go towards medical care and processing for hundreds of cats and kittens at the Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue in Denver, Colorado.

From his work history, you’ll see that Jon Urbana is wholly devoted to sponsoring humanitarian causes. He has worked with charitable organizations throughout his life and knows their value to the community. Urbana himself co-founded the Next Level Lacrosse Camps that help train young lacrosse players in person and through Twitter and other social media channels including Facebook.

The Animal Rescue and Adoption Society is a longtime supporter of no-kill animal shelters and has worked for years to fight against animal cruelty. The Animal Rescue and Adoption Society is based on Colorado where they sponsor a no-kill cat shelter to help find new homes for cats and kittens. They have worked to educate the community about animal adoption. The current adoption center is called the Rocky Mountain Feline Shelter. It is located in Denver, Colorado. The shelter was established in 1982 with the mission of providing safe homes for neglected cats and kittens. At the moment, the Rocky Mount Feline Shelter cares for an estimated 125 cats and kittens.

Jon Urbana is an entrepreneur and has a popular blog with incredible photography. In addition to this, he learned how to fly a few years ago and achieved a great level of success (source: Aviation Business Gazette). He’s also a former professional lacrosse athlete. In 2002, he began his career playing 10 of 14 games with the Villanova Wildcats and picking up 31 ground balls.

To learn more about how you can help, visit Jon’s website at www.jonurbana.com, or watch these videos.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Dating, Socializing, And Virtual Travel Is All On The Skout Network

Julie Spira has done it again. Every year Julie creates a list of the most popular dating applications, and she has created a new list for the year 2015, which is featured in TCPALM. The list includes many different applications, such as Tinder, Zoosk, Let’s Date, and Skout. Although Skout came in at #7 on the list, it’s still renowned as a great application, especially since it’s available in so many countries around the world. Skout is one of the earliest dating applications, so it’s amazing that it still can make it onto a top ten list that’s been around for years.

Dating has changed tremendously over the years, but it may just be for the better. Those who expected to meet someone through a friend or family member and then go on a date can now find dates on their own by going online to websites like Skout. Skout isn’t only a website, but it’s a dating application as well that mimics the website almost perfectly. Those who use the Skout application can get a lot out of it because they can easily find a date, find a friend, or find something fun to do. The Skout application, as well as the website, has been around for many years.

Those who are used to dating anywhere else but online may be shell-shocked when it comes time to use a dating application, but this generation is very used to dating online. It’s possible that older persons, such as those in their 40s or 50s may have a problem with online dating, but even they can get in on the fun on the Skout network.

Skout has different ways of entertaining their members as well as helping them to find who or what they’re looking for. Those who are looking for a place to socialize can easily use Skout, and they’ll conduct a search to find other people who have similar interests as them. Anyone who’s looking to find a date can choose from the millions of people on the Skout network to see if someone is compatible with them. Some people who join Skout like to travel, and the Skout Travel feature is a great way to travel virtually around the world.

Skout has so many things going on that anyone of any age can enjoy the network, and most of the features don’t cost a thing. Any features that cost money can be paid for by using what’s called Skout points. Skout points are purchased with a credit or debit card on the network, and then the points can be stored in one’s personal account. When the Skout points are needed for a purchase, then they are simply deducted from the account to use for a purchase, and the balance can be saved for later.

The independent Coriant led by the new CEO Shaygan Kheradpir

Founded by Marlin Equity Partners, Coriant became an independent company in 2013. This was due to Sycamore Networks solutions and Nokia Siemens Networks business acquisitions. It now holds headquarters in USA, Germany, Munich and Naperville. In over a hundred countries, Coriant has been recognized for innovative networking solutions supply to leading network operators. Currently, Coriant has attracted many customers that include global Tier 1 Communications Service Providers, cloud providers, enterprises and government agencies. Coriants’s services have so far been excellent reaching out to the locals and also extending globally. This has helped in placing markets in even government agencies. Other target markets include; large enterprises, electric utilities, mobile and fixed line service providers, content providers and submarine network operators.

The company is now headed by Shaygan Kheradpir as the CEO, Robert Leggett the chairman and DiPietro the vice-chairman. Currently the company has an average of 3000 employees offering a vast line of products. These include, integrated optical planning solutions, intelligent network management, packet optical transport solutions, optical LAN and broadband access, cross-connect or TDM solutions, MSPP solutions and edge routing solutions. The current Coriant’s CEO Shaygan Kheradpir, has great business and technology leadership. He has worked closely with the team in the senior management of Marlin Equity Partners as an Executive Operator. By this, his active involvement in the company’s operations has seen him to his new leadership position. Shaygan is expected to drive solutions that will bring great significance to customers in the vast and competitive end-user market. A graduate from Cornell University with a degree in engineering, Shaygan has much experience having worked with financial and technology service industries. Having begun his career at GTE Corporation, he has worked and held high positions in different organizations including Juniper networks where he was the CEO.

In a statement he made, Shaygan is looking forward to drive Coriant to a high standard level following his over two decades experience working across the telecom, financial service and technology industries.

The Brazilian Literary Inspiration: Jamie Garcia Dias

Brazil: the heart of literature and innovation. Brazilians are known in the literary world for their thirst of learning and storytelling. Writers who have emerged from Brazil’s area known for their ability to communicate with a wide and varied audience.

One of the most famous Brazilian authors is Jamie Garcia Dias. When he was only a teenager, Jamie showed a great interest in writing based on his well-respected father, who was a journalist. Due to the fact that his father was admired and respected in many media circles, Jamie was inspired by his father to pursue writing. However, he learned quickly that the fast-paced environment and stringent deadlines of the journalism industry were not for him. Being a fiction writer, Mr. Dias could have the freedom to write at his own pace and give the intensive attention to his work that has made him so well loved by his readers.

Off to pursue his dreams, Jamie’s resume shows that he attended the University of Rio de Janeiro (which became an additional inspiration). Later on, he became a teacher and later the president of the Caricoa Literature Academy. Jamie has continued to use his passion for writing and teaching to lecture at many schools around Brazil, with the hopes of inspiring new writers just as his father had done with him.

Mr. Dias has written ten books with many more on the way. He primarily works in the realm of Brazilian fiction, but he is a painter as well and his hard work and devotion has ensured that Brazilian literature has been become a more prominent component within literature as a whole.

Mr. Dias has won a variety of literary accolades for his works, and to a lesser degree what he’s posted to his blog over the years. One of the most prestigious honors he has received is the ABC Award for Brazil.

Andy Wirth — New Gondola to Connect Famouse Ski Resorts


Andy Wirth, who is the CEO of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski resorts is arranging a plan to connect the two ski resorts together by building a gondola. The plan has been in the works for quite some time now, and skiers have been expecting the possibility of this happening. It’s a 460 acre stretch between the two resorts that is called White Wolf and includes the top of Squaw’s famous chair life.

The new gondola will run along the Western edge of Caldwell’s property which is right along the boundary of the 460 acre stretch that runs right along the boundary of the wilderness area.

Many people have envisioned and dreamed of this happening. By connecting the two resorts together it will allow skier’s to get from point A to point B. Before, they would have to park in the parking lot and drive back and forth between the two resorts to ski the resorts beautiful scenic mountains. This gondola is definitely the skier’s dream and is something they’ve been waiting for, for a very long time.

Andy Wirth is best known for his work in the mountain resort and hotel industry. He is currently the President and CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, and Alpine Meadows. He has spent much of his life working in the mountain resort industry which began in Steamboat Springs Resort in 1986.

Andy has participated in many community service programs and fundraisers as well as achieved personal and professional awards for his outstanding services in the resort community. He was in a sky diving accident that changed his life, and allowed him to donate and start a fundraiser for the active duty men and women and their families.

With Andy’s expertise and experience throughout his years as the CEO and over 25 years of experience in the hotel and resort industry, building this gondola is something that he has been looking forward to for a long time.

What The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation Is Doing For Their City

New Jersey is lucky to have the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation working to help boost their city’s financial status and help it grow. They are working to bring in new businesses, expand the businesses that have been there for years and improve the buildings, homes, and office space that is already there. They are also working to bring in new real estate growth to residential areas all over the city as well as developing real estate in corporate areas which includes minority and small businesses. This helps bring new jobs to the community which then brings in new families too. The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation used to be called The Brick City Development Corporation until they recently changed the name at the end of 2014. They have also relocated their offices and that in itself will save the city a quarter of a million dollars which was just the first of many smart financial moves they are planning to make. The city council also decided to vote in new members to the board and vote on new rules for the board and decrease its members by two.

This summer, Kevin Seawright was appointed to lead the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. He will be an intricate part of helping build the city of Newark and build up its residential as well as business areas. He will encourage real estate growth and business growth using his experience in managing capital, accounting, and business operations and having thirteen years of experience working in areas such as government entities all over the United States. He has saved various agencies hundreds of thousands of dollars with updating accounting processes in numerous high-end positions as he worked his way up in positions.  He also will be putting emphasis on refurbishing the building already built, offering loans for large scale improvements, help with questions or any other information that they might need, discounts on advertising and giving financial help and credits on taxes and exemptions to help out businesses from the state.

Kevin’s background is in the areas of professional business management, management in large and small business projects, accounting. He has worked with in the field in building and developing real estate, education, and various government entities and departments in the United State’s capital of Washington D.C. and the city of Baltimore located in Maryland. He has been involved in being on various advisory boards which CrunchBase indicates, has coached little league sports, and is a member of several business and accounting organizations and activities.