Mike Paul Joins Up With Austin’s Top Reputation Management Firm

A person is nothing without his or her reputation. Neither is a business. The minute something, anything, drags down a reputation, a crisis may follow. Contacting a reputation management firm is advisable when bad reviews, legal woes, or personal mishaps have created serious hassles. Status Labs of Austin, TX, is a firm more than capable of helping those in need.

Status Labs is about to receive some help. Mike Paul, The Reputation Doctor, is lending support to the company. Paul is slated to become part of Status Labs’ advisory board. This is a big coup for Status Labs. Paul has many years of experience is public relations-related crisis management work.

Mike Paul runs his own firm, and he has invested a great deal of time and effort working of behalf of many clients. A number of those clients are celebrities who could choose virtually anyone they wish to handle their PR work. They went with Mike Paul for a reason. He understands reputation management quite well.

The media definitely has a high opinion of Mike Paul. He is brought on many major cable channels to discuss his work. Mike Paul does possess significant expertise on the subject of reputation management. That is why talk and news shows like him as a guest. Paul also knows how to run a reputation management business, and this is why he will make a solid strategic advisor to Status Labs.

Status Labs has grown tremendously since the company was co-founded by Darius Fisher (the current president) in 2012. Revenues have increased massively, and the company has moved to newer offices in the prestigious business district in Austin. New York City and San Paulo offices have opened as well. The client roster is huge, and people from all walks of life and professions are accounted for on it. Look for great things from Status Labs in the near future.

Eucatex Has A Growing Story

Meet The President Of Eucatex
Every good company has a great leader. Meet Flavio Maluf, he is the president of this growing family company. Mr. Maluf has been involved with this impressive company for approximately 30 years. It was 1987 that Flavio began working within the trade aspect of the Eucatex group. He wears the title of a mechanical engineer. He also has a background in law. Success, intelligence, ethics, and education are included in this respected president of this fine company called Eucatex.  Flavio also remains a popular Twitter follow for his views on business, and the burgeoning Brazil economy.

Eucatex Had A Beginning
Eucatex is a company that has a rich history behind it. It has an interesting story that has continued to grow through the years. The very beginning of Eucatex was November 23, 1951. This company had stood out from the very start. Eucatex stood out and paved the way to a clean environment. This company ought to take pride because this is the very first Brazilian company who had placed consideration into the future of our environment. This company had the goal to make certain that the sustainable production of wood was incorporated. This company ensured that advocating the use of the overall forestry resources and the conservation of natural ecosystems was enforced within the manufacturing of products. Sustainability and action that are for the good of the environment have played a big and impressive role within Eucatex. A solid and firm ethical standard was intertwined within the team members from the beginning of the Eucatex story. This is a company that has remained transparent right from the start. This company has been around since 1951 for many good reasons. A concern for the environment, high ethics, and a solid code of conduct had set the tone for a thriving business that has proven to be trustworthy in every way. The story of Eucatex seems to continue to grow and expand. This might prove to be a story that will never end.

Background Information About Flavio Maluf
Flavio Maluf is a businessman. He is the son of a politician, and a writer in his own right as Flavio covers corporate mergers for many publications. He is an educated man who graduated from FAAP. This is a school that has around 8000 students currently. It has a fine reputation. This college was founded in the year 1947. It is a school that provides a superior education to every student. Mr. Maluf also includes entrepreneur in his broad range of titles. He is a talented individual who possess many skills and strategies that lead to success.

Premium Dog Food Sales

Cooked meat that is newly prepared and existing in the machine and additionally the other meat items are all around blended to create an effective mix that is extremely wonderful and tasty to work for the pooch supper. It is arranged in Pennyslavia, Bethlehem. This is one of the quickest developing sustenance capital interests in canine dinner trend-setters and is currently worth more than 23.7 billion dollars in the business of the pet nourishment according to Amazon that wins the hearts of numerous people and opens their wallets also for the individuals who possess the felines and mutts too.

A container of the stout chicken is sliced through by the formula that originates from turkey and additionally the thick chicken. The Chief of the moment fabricating organization, Purina has an extraordinary fixation that is coordinated towards the creation of the quality sustenances and items that is intended to be sustained on by the puppies. They utilize just the crisply prepared fixings and in addition the additive that is best for the items called the shuns furthermore by constraining the measure of time that is spent by the nourishment on the racks before they are sold to the general population and lessen the flavor and nature of the items.

Michael is the generation supervisor and is an exceptionally insightful individual who is resolved the best for his organization. He along these lines pops cuts of his mou8th furthermore demonstrates on youtube that they can be noticeable also. He tastes the suppers to determine that they can be exceptionally tasty to the puppies that are going to eat them too. He says that that demonstration of tasting Beneful is a demonstration of thanksgiving. obviously as of right now what we are discussing is just the puppy sustenance or rather pet nourishment in light of the fact that the sustenance can be eaten by different pets including the felines. This sort of tasting that happens is off the cuff and it happens before they are tried by an association that learns that mutts are nourished with quality sustenances from the perfect spot they are made.


Bernie Sanders Takes on Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton claimed victory in Iowa Democratic primaries, but her win was so slight that it may not even be significant. Is Hillary going to lose her run for a Democratic nomination as she did back in 2008? That is yet to be seen, says a recent complaint about Laidlaw and Company. What’s for sure is that she isn’t a sure shot anymore.

As their last campaign strategy goes, both Democratic candidates, Clinton and Sanders, seek to sound as progressive as they can. In a recent debate, Sanders fired at Clinton by stating that he’s not aware of any other progressives who raise so much in campaign funds, especially in the form of super PACs.

Hillary also had to face some embarrassing moments when asked about being paid $675,000 for giving speeches at Goldman Sachs. Many of Democratic Party votes don’t even make 5% of that amount in a year. To them this lady claiming to understand their needs may as well look incredible and phony.

Zika Virus Impacting the United States


Days after the World Health Organization declared the Zika virus outbreak a Global Health Emergency of International Concern, Florida Governor Rick Scott also declared a health emergency as the state has seen nine cases of Zika. While the cases of Zika in the United States have all been the result of individuals contracting the virus through travel and bringing it home, the outbreak has had a ripple effect in the United States. It is now known that Zika virus can spread through sexual contact and blood transfusions, making in-country transmission possible. As a result, the Red Cross has asked those who have traveled to Latin America or the Caribbean to refrain from donating blood for 28 days.
In addition, the CDC is preparing to issue recommendations from doctors like Brazil’s Sergio Cortes aimed at preventing the spread of Zika through sexual contact. In addition, women who are pregnant or may become pregnant are being advised to avoid travel to effected countries, prompting many major U.S. airlines to offer full refunds or waive change fees for concerned travelers. While there have been only indirect effects here in the United States, this is expected to change as the weather warms up and the Zika carrying mosquitos spread north. With this spread, no doubt the United States will see intensifying effects unless mitigation efforts can be successfully implemented.

The President Of HCRC: Brian Torchin

In the world of healthcare, there are staffing agencies to help people find jobs in the field. These agencies can often make the process of finding a healthcare job far easier. These staffing agencies are also great for businesses in the healthcare industry, because they can effectively bring in people qualified for the job. Brian Torchin is the president of the successful staffing agency, HCRC. HCRC is an extremely large staffing agency, and their services are available over a very broad area. In fact, LinkedIn for one shows the services of Brian Torchin’s company are even available internationally. His services are available for people who are looking to go into all different areas of the healthcare industry. The services of this company are excellent, because Brian Torchin has a great deal of experience in the healthcare industry. He has also managed and started healthcare businesses himself, so he knows what healthcare businesses are looking for in applicants.

Brian Torchin is very experienced in the healthcare industry. He possessed numerous years of experience working in the healthcare industry, and that inspired him to work on staffing. Prior to being the president of his staffing company, HCRC, he ran healthcare businesses in three different states. These businesses were located in different parts of Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Florida. He was able to do an excellent job at managing these healthcare businesses. This means that when you use his services to get a job, he will know how to market your application to businesses successfully. Furthermore, for people who run healthcare businesses, he will know what your company is looking for.

Furthermore, you can actually contact Brian Torchin himself on Twitter. A lot of health care staffing agencies do not offer this benefit. Many of them simply have such a large bureaucracy that it is impossible to talk directly with the person in charge. However, the contact information of Brian Torchin is listed. Furthermore, the company is set up in such a way that you will readily be able to talk with him in a timely fashion.

If you are looking to get a good job in the healthcare industry, HCRC is the right staffing agency to get in touch with. They are very skilled at getting people good jobs in the healthcare industry. Additionally, Brian Torchin and the professionals at HCRC have expertise in all areas of the healthcare field. You can use the services of HCRC to get traditional healthcare jobs, such as in nursing or as a physician. However, you can also use the services of HCRC to get jobs as a physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, or even as a chiropractor. Find more about Brian on About.me, and it has his full career history.

The Tables Turn on Clinton as Young Voters Back Sanders

When the 2016 political season began, Democratic Former Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, was looking like the shoe-in candidate; yet that steely facade is beginning to crumble in a manner very reminiscent of her 2008 run against President Barack Obama. After all, Bernie Sanders was 42 points behind Clinton in national polls last spring, as reported by Jon Urbana via Bloomberg and The Guardian. The amazing thing is the very same group of Democrats, that is the young and first time voters, still don’t view Mrs. Clinton as a viable candidate that will represent the issues that are important to their generation. This past Monday, at the Iowa Caucus, Clinton and Sanders ended the night in a virtual tie…causing pundits who felt Sanders was un-electable, to eat their words.

Sanders’ supporters are looking to his revolutionary ideas against Wall Street and his pro-free college stance as an attack on the political routines that hash out the same litany of promises with constitute no real change for Millennials or GenZ. For a 72 year old Socialist to garner 84 percent of the vote for those between the ages of 17 and 29, speaks volumes to this radical movement that Sanders has started. Some say he’s a dreamer, with his Medicare for all plan and going after the rich to pay their fair share of taxes, but when it comes to the younger generation, he saying all the right things and making all the right mo

Many Officials Including Dr. Sergio Cortes Visits Xerem to Assess the Situation

Floods wrecked havoc in Xerem, Duque de Caxias. This situation prompted different officials to visit the area in order to assess the situation and provide humanitarian aid to the affected families. In attendance was Sergio Cortes. The State Secretary of Health made different recommendations in order to ensure that spread of varying diseases was contained. The officials also assessed the conditions of the shelters that were receiving the affected population. The Dengue Hydration Center was quite instrumental in handling the various health concerns of around 300 people in a given day.
Cortes was quite satisfied with the preparations asserting that he was hoping for the best as the center was designed to provide support to the functions undertaken by the municipality. Sergio was concerned about the increased garbage in the area, as this would have increased the number of dengue mosquito and created more problems for the populace of the area.
The state was requested to make more deliveries of calamity kits and antibiotic tablets for purposes of preventing against leptospirosis. This decision was reached in a meeting between the National Health Force Conception Mendonca’s coordinator and the secretary in charge of municipal health, Camillo Junqueira. The different government health agencies were working round the clock to prevent against proliferation of various water diseases such as diarrhea and hepatitis A. Other diseases such as meningitis and chicken pox were also put under control.
In order to deal with the issue of waterborne diseases, teams were dispatched to the area to disinfect water. The Department of Health urged people to purify water. In light of this initiative, the state department provided the area with 10,000 containers of sodium hypochlorite. People were asked to drink and cook using bottled water. People working in the shelters would be trained to comprehend how to identify symptoms of various diseases besides the use of febrile syndrome protocol. This information was originally reported on Extra as elucidated in the following link
Dr. Sergio Cortes asserted that the number of people on exame.abril affected with osteoporosis was worrying especially because many people do not know the severity of the disease and its prevention methods. Out of every five men, one has the diseases. Osteoporosis is quite prevalent among women given that every one out of three women is affected by the illness. Sergio asserted women were more affected because after a certain age, they experience a decline in the production of estrogen. Smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, history of the family, poor diet and sedentary lifestyle determines the development of osteopenia in an individual. Sergio asserts that physical exercises, proper diet and exposure to sunlight can help prevent osteoporosis. This information was reported on Sergio Cortes’s website as found in the following link.
Sergio Cortes can be followed through his Twitter account

Former US Mint Director Wants Pennies Destroyed

US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl recently said on Squawk Box, aired on CNBC, that the penny should no longer be circulated. In making his case, he points out that anyone that bends down to pick one up is not even making minimum wage anymore.
Answering opponents that argue that eliminating pennies would cause inflation, Phillip Diehl says that competition would keep prices about the same. In fact, he feels that many companies would lower prices to show good customer service. He also argues that on a wide scale basis, eliminating the penny would have very little effect on the economy because 75 percent of transactions are done electronically. He says that the only ones that support keeping the penny are zinc producers and penny bank manufacturers.
It now costs 9.7 cents to make a nickel while it is worth only five cents. He says that the cost of production for making nickels can be adjusted, however, based on changing the formula of its components.
Many people respect Philip Diehl’s opinion since he was once the United States Mint director. Now with US Money Reserves, he is proud to offer his customers coins that will retain their value. Some of those coins even have the full backing of the United States government.
The company is very proud of the customer service that they provide customers. Additionally, they are very proud of the community service that the company regularly performs including offering scholarships to Dallas area youth.If you want to discuss this issue further, they encourage you to call them or their staff today.


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George Soros Believes Market Conditions Reminiscent of 2008

George Soros is a billionaire who has been right time and time again regarding the current and future conditions of global capital markets. He made billions according to Fortune magazine making the right bets against currency fluctuations as well as smart investing in capital markets. His opinion is very well respected in financial and political circles. Currently he is of the opinion that our current financial status is very reminiscent of the time before the global financial crisis we faced in 2008. His opinion is taken very highly among traders on the street as well as the financial press.

The first thing that you need to know about George Soros is that he has a net works of upwards of 20 billion dollars. His hedge fund, Soros Fund Management has averaged returns of roughly 20 percent over the past 10 years which is an incredible return over time. His opinion is so valued by the global markets that after he made statements predicting hard times for the Russian economy he was actually banned from the country, according to Fortune Magazine, which is a very well respect financial paper. < a href = http://fortune.com/2015/11/30/russia-bans-george-soros-foundation-as-state-security-threat/ > Fortune Magazine < / a >

While many financial advisers and wealth creators predict doom for the markets on a daily basis very few of them have reputation and respect that George Soros commands. This is why many involved in financial markets are so worried that he is predicting hard times ahead for markets. His prediction starts with the Chinese market. For the past 10 years Chinese industry has been one of the drivers of global growth. Chinese industry purchases a massive amount of commodities that it turns into finish products that are exported all over the globe. The decrease in Chinese manufacturing is very likely to have a cascading effect on markets worldwide as commodities producers are unable to sell their resources.

This means that less goods are being consumed and produced which leads to a total global slowdown. Decreased demand means decreased commerce activity which can be terrible for markets as a whole. The Chinese stock market is also crumbling- they actually had to close the markets 3 times recently because trading was going so poorly. This is not a good sign. The global volatility index is also going out of control with no rhyme or reason. This affects everything from currency values to manufacturing output.

These commodity issues affect more than the Chinese domestic markets. Stock exchanges across the global are feeling the burn and over the past month aggregate global stock exchanges have been down more than 14$ and show no signs of abating. While nothing is certain in financial markets decreased consumption always leads to decreased production which means to loss of jobs. This creates a spiral effect that means consumers have less money to spend which decreases demand even more. Now nothing in financial markets is set in stone but all of these indicators have led George Soros to believe that we are in a repeat for the troubles that markets faced in 2008.