Jose Henrique Borghi; Taking the Advertising Industry By Storm

The success of any advertisement is solely dependent on the creativity and ability of the advert to capture prospective clients through addressing their needs and offering a workable solution, through the product being advertised. This has and continues to be the major driving force of the Brazilian advertising industry. Today, Brazil boasts of having the most creative advertising industry. This is evidenced by the numerous companies eg; American express, Honda, Unilever; outsourcing the expertise of Brazilian citizens.

José Henrique is one of those individuals solely responsible for the growth of the advertising industry in Brazil. Henrique graduated from PUC Campinas, started his career in 1989. Full of Business ideas while lacking financial muscle, Henrique sought employment and landed it at the Standard Ogivly where he worked in the capacity of an editor. Henrique met Erh Ray while working

at the Talent & Leo, upon exposing ideas the brainchild of what is today known as the Borghierh advertising agency. 2006 was an iconic year for the advertising agency, having lacked financial help from credit giving institutions, Jose sought to bring in Lowe as a partner, thus creating Borghi Lowe. This partnership offered the much needed financial muscle, since then then the advertising agency grew like a wild fire, receiving numerous accolades.In a bid to conquer the global advertising industry, Borghi Lowe has recently partnered with Mullen and Lowe agency giving it new name Mullen Lowe. Jose Borghi and Andre Lowe serve in the capacities of CEO’s in the company. Jose who is a firm believer in hard work has his sights set on making the best advertising agency in the world.

Which Company will Benefit Next from the Creative mind of Lori Senecal?

Lori Senecal, Global CEO of CP+D since March 2015, is about to reach another milestone in her impressive Marketing career. She will be stepping down from her current position at the end of this year and leave the ad business. This will be a planned exit, one that Lori and CP+D mapped out as she accepted her position as the agency’s first global CEO, and as such she’ll have a say in which her successor could be. Though Lori is retiring from the industry, with the inspiring and progressive mindset that she brings to the table and with her successful past as a leader who bolsters those around her, don’t be surprised if she turns up in the upper management frontline of another company. You can visit Crunchbase to know more.

To paint the picture of Lori’s current success, consider that in a setting where losing clientele is sometimes just as likely as gaining it Lori stands out for not losing a single client, while in her current position, while adding to the impressive list of fortune 500 companies that have chosen CP+B as their Marketing representative. Lori Senecal has advanced her company’s presence within their industry with a creative and innovative approach to each of her client’s individual needs. She has also focused on improving and advancing talent within the company to ensure that fresh ideas and deserving people are always able to contribute to the success of the collaborative environment she encourages so that imaginative and artistic results are consistently forthcoming. By doing this she was able to get her company recognized by Advertising Age as one the “Creativity Innovators of the Year” while she was one of only four “Agency Executives to Watch” in 2016. This shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone who knows her since she’s one of those executives who balances her personal and work life and who, by understanding her weaknesses and strengths, is able to leverage her abilities to their greatest potential. It’ll be exciting to see what the future holds in store for this top tier leader.

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