Sujit Choudry On the Troubled Affair of Democracy

Sujit Choudhry is a well-known professor who deals with the topic of constitutional law. This can be used in a wide range of cases. For example, constitutional law can be used in order to help a government transition from one governing party to another. It can help a government devise laws with regards to human rights, as well as legal laws as they regard to the power of the courts. Constitutional law is important and plays a large role in every democracy that has a constitution.

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Sujit Choudhry is warning that the democracy that we have today is disintegrating. Choudhry has written about this in a chapter he is releasing for Constitutional Democracies in Crisis. In the article, he discusses a tweet that was put out by Eric Holder (  Eric Holder is the former Attorney General. He served under Barack Obama. A few months ago, while Trump was already President for almost two years, Eric Holder put out a tweet saying that if Trump were to fire the Special Counsel Investigator Robert Mueller, it would have crossed an absolute red line. Eric Holder went on to say that if that were to happen, people should demonstrate and protest it in a peaceful manner. Eric Holder said that the American people will have to make themselves heard. He said that there must be mass and popular support for Robert Mueller and the Special Investigation if something were to go wrong and Trump were to fire him.

What is the problem with this? According to Sujit Choudhry, Eric Holder did not even suggest that there may be an alternative to dealing with the problem. The alternative would be to challenge the termination and firing of Robert Mueller from a legal point of view. It could be challenged in the court. Eric Holder makes it seems as if the only way to deal with it is through protests, which Sujit Choudhry calls self-enforcement democracy. This is surprising because Eric Holder was once the chief law enforcement officer in the United States.

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