Active Girl Tests Wen by Chaz

Wen by Chaz Dean has reputation on for working magic on women’s hair. The tale says that women who use WEN hair will transform her hair from bland to beautiful. The Chaz products are usually three-in-one items that consist of a shampoo, conditioner and styling aid. Emily Mcclure decided that she would put the product to the test for seven days. She used the Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner on her hair and put it through an extensive exam.

After seven days, the experimented concluded that the product was strong in certain areas and not as helpful in others. More specifically, it is a spectacular product for women who remember to wash their hair every day, but it doesn’t work as well for the forgetful types or women who are constantly on the go. Such women would most likely be more successful using this product as a shine supplement. Women with fine hair cannot skip days of washing their hair if they desire to have success with Wen.

The experimenter still gave the QVC advertised product a high rating and said that when she used it properly, it gave her hair the most glorious appeal. However, because of her habits, she could not recommend it as an everyday product for herself. She did say that she would use the product again in the future.

Chaz Dean offers an extensive line of products that put the nourishment back in women’s hair that they lose just by living life. The Wen line of products has sold more than 40 million bottles since the company started selling hair care products. No one ever has to worry because all Wen products come with a 60-day guarantee. If anyone is dissatisfied, that person can receive his or her money back ASAP. Consumer reviews tell a story of many happy customers, however.

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Using The Wrong Emoji Design

The emoji is a fun design that many use when texting or sending messages on social media. There are a few emojis that you might be using wrong, so you need to follow a few tips that Wengie offers so that you use them the right way. The sassy hair flick is a picture of a girl with her hand flicking her hair behind her shoulder. This is actually a desk girl who offers information.


There are emoji designs that look like a crying face, but there is one difference. One has a tear with the eyebrows curved down, and the other has the eyebrows curved upward. The one with them down is crying while the other is being disappointed. One of the emojis that you would think you’re using right looks like a hospital with a heart on top. It’s not a heart to wish someone to get well soon. It’s a love hotel.


A girl that has her hands on top of her head while smiling means okay. A face with a large frown that has an open mouth and eyes that are drawn down might make you think that you’re sad or guilty. It’s actually a design that stands for yawning. There is a face that has what looks like a tear drop coming from the mouth. Some think it’s because you’re starving, but it’s really to be used for snoring. A surprised face with the letter “X” for eyes and an open mouth with a tooth is astonished. One without a tooth means dizzy.