Uncovering Potential You Didn’t Know You Had

Jeunesse was fired up in 2009 to help people everywhere find a life beyond the one that they’ve always known. When you thought your prime was past and life is just a downhill cruise from here on out, leave it to one of the most rapidly developing wellness companies out there to find the solution that draws out more of your deep-down potential. This is all thanks to Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, the two entrepreneurs who gave Jeunesse its pulse in the beginning and have entrenched their soles into the philosophy of all-natural self-repair.

The idea behind Jeunesse’s products is that medical industries are too focused on trying to fix the symptoms; worse, they don’t use natural methods of ingredients of doing so. In fact, other companies are so fixated on making things look normal that they seem to forget about the body’s own self-healing factor. The whole reason this factor doesn’t correct your aging complications is usually due to a lack of the right nutrients and treatment to kick it into gear. Jeunesse’s unwavering abidance by this philosophy has led to a great following of clientele, the Jeunesse Family, which stands tall as a testament to their success.

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The Youth Enhancement System

Dubbed Y.E.S., the Youth Enhancement System is Jeunesse’s answer to your age-related complications. Keep in mind that these products don’t promise to cure or directly solve any of your conditions; they merely provide the body with time-and-again proven nutrients that just might surprise you with the outcome. Y.E.S. is divided into nine categories that each have a different and uniquely optimized means of administration into the body to improve your mood, focus and well-being both day and night.

Some products occur as pills, powders and drinks; others are topical applications that resolve minor skin conditions within minutes. Altogether, the singular problem that’s addressed by Jeunesse’s expansive selection is that of age-accelerating breakdown resulting from free radicals, dietary deficiencies and perpetual stress in the contemporary lifestyles of our world now. Since the ingredients and their application are natural, you can rest easy with the results.


How EOS Grew to Become Second Leading Provider of Lip Balm

EOS joined the lip balm market at a time when innovation was scarce. The team ended up growing the company from a small startup to become the second leading seller of lip balm nationwide. EOS lip balm, or the Evolution of Smooth, strategically remained quiet about their business strategies and secrets in order to remain focused on more important things, such as developing and marketing their products. After seven years of rocking the market, EOS finally decided it was time to sit down for an interview with Fast Company to discuss what they did to make it big.

For the founders of EOS, the unchanging nature of the lip balm industry provided an excellent opportunity on which they were set on taking advantage of. EOS was founded by Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller. Mehra had a background in the consumer goods industry while Teller had previously been involved in startup incubators. The duo decided to spice up the market by completely rethinking the design and function of traditional lip balm. Having conducted intensive research, EOS lip balm decided to market their products exclusively to women who comprised a majority of the markets consumers.

The design of the new EOS product had to be functional and practical, yet appealing and easy to use. EOS decided on their now trademark orb shape container. Understanding that the product had to be appealing to all five senses, the team added multiple different flavors and colors. The next step was to get their new product into stores. After a successful purchase from Walgreens, several online stores like eBay ecame interested in the new, stylish lip balm. To keep up with the growing demand, EOS built their own manufacturing facilities that are almost fully automated from start to finish. Finally, the team used their aggressive and effective marketing techniques to generate widespread interest in their new lip balm. Check out the brand’s Facebook page and website https://evolutionofsmooth.com/ for more information.


Wen By Chaz Dean Can Transform Women’s Hair Into Perfection

For most people, perfect hair doesn’t come easily or naturally. Emily McClure, a blogger for Bustle magazine, generally has issues with her fine hair and breakage. It can be frustrating to have issues with hair when other people are getting the kind of hair they want. Because of this, Emily decided she would give something else a try, she chose the Wen hair care line from Chaz Dean, the celebrity hairstylist, because she had heard good things about it.

The Wen hair care products are free of harsh chemicals that plague many normal shampoos and conditioners. They also come in a rich texture that has no lather when using. The all natural ingredients in the Wen products bring life back into the hair and gives women the beautiful locks they crave. Regardless of hair type, Wen products can work for anyone.

Emily bought it from Ebay and decided to try out the product and then write up a review based on her results using Wen. She was delighted after a week of use to give her readers a good review on the product, show both before and after pictures to flaunt her results. She had noticed that her hair took to the product well without using the recommended amount, and saw results in less than a week. Finally her hair was feeling more glamorous rather than thin and breaking.

She even wanted to test out the product in different ways by changing up her routine, but she found it was best not to stray to far from her original plan as it received the best results with the product.

In the end, Emily was happy with her experience using the product, and she is sure to bring it into her pile of hair care products. For those who are worried about how to use Wen, the products come with instructions for how much should be use for different hair types and lengths.

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A Hair Breakthrough With Wen by Chaz

Some of us just aren’t blessed with perfect hair. That’s a reality that some of us just have to face, and I faced it long ago. My hair is flat and very oily, and it just resists every attempt I’ve made over the years to manage it. I thought I’d totally given up, but hope surged again when I heard about a product called WEN by Chaz Dean that has given some people real results with problem hair. I decided to give it a try.
This product line, which uses all natural ingredients in its shampoo/conditioner, was developed by hair stylist Chaz Dean when he realized how many of his salon clients were looking for a product that would really clean their hair and give it more body. I chose the Amazon best selling Sweet Almond Mint product, and it has a very delicious scent.

I used Wen for a week, using a large amount (a palm full) every day. Within a short time my hair felt lighter and bouncier, and friends started to notice and really compliment me. I started to style my hair more, and it made me feel so good to feel like I had hair with life in it that I could swing around. Feeling so much better about my hair made me feel prettier in every way, and on top of it, my hair smells great.

I really love this Sephora endorsed product and I look forward to using it regularly. Having pretty, clean and manageable hair is amazing! Visit the website http://www.wenhaircare.com/ for more info on this brand.