Lime Crime Has Some Spring Beauty Trend Ideas For You

There are a lot of great beauty trends right now that can really elevate the feeling of spring. Inspiration can be seen everywhere from nature to department stores, to fashion magazines. Pairing these trends with this spring season can have a positive affect on your mood and make you feel your best. Some of these beauty trends can be hard to master even if you are a seasoned pro. Here’s some tips on how to incorporate them this season and make them look flawless according the Lime Crime, the colorful makeup line that is cruelty-free and vegan.

Applying lipstick all day day long can be a real hassle. Every time you eat or drink your lipstick wears away and could look a little off. Thanks to modern day inventions there is now long wear lipstick that lasts all day. Forget having to reapply it every couple of hours and just get yourself some long lasting lipstick in a swoonworthy spring color. The next trend is super hot right now and it’s long lashes. This can not only be achieved with mascara but with fake eyelash strips, lash extensions you get at a salon, special serum to make them grow longer, and so much more. Lime Crime experts suggest taking biotin, which is a necessary vitamin to make lashes grow long and healthy. The bonus is your hair, nails, and skin will also greatly benefit from it too.

Matte lipstick is sensational right now and creates a pair of lips to die for. It’s not sparkly, or glossy, or even shiny for that matter. It’s understated and gives way to let your other makeup do the talking. Pair this wonderful trend with a spring worthy color like peach, rose gold, purple, or whatever inspires you this season. Having an everyday eye palette is a trend, but also a crucial element to any makeup lover’s beauty routine. Since spring is in full swing try one of Lime Crime’s everyday eye color palette like their Pink Lemonade Pocket Candy Palette. It features five different spring inspired colors to get you feeling light and happy.