20,000 Euro Donation to Change Benefits Amateur Boxing Club for the Better with greater support and Financing

Lee May is a boxing fan who works for Beamridge limited company as a managing director. With his work there they typically focus on construction and its industry and how they can possibly create new ideas to make the work alone for its workers and clients that much easier. But with his passion for boxing he has taken on a new initiative and is currently trying to raise over €20 000 for young boxers that are part of the program called Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club.


This organization is extremely important as it takes young boxers who have the passion and the drive to train and compete and gives them an opportunity to test their skills and fight in tournaments. These boxers are given opportunities to train and opportunities to grow their skills as they compete in tournaments that are in Europe and domestic areas. Aside from the obvious boxing training also happens in Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club is the young boxers are able to learn the true value of family and are given a sense of morale and integrity from its instructors that are not good only just for boxing but also for as they age and in the real world nemesis amateur boxing club offers and provides way more then physical training but also social and emotional training as well.


The form in which Lee May would like to donate to the nemesis image of boxing club a donation of€20000 that will help them purchase a new mini bus. With this mini bus they’ll now be able to travel more spread the good will and information and values that they have as well as help their young boxers travel to other areas developing their fighting. The work being done at Nemesis ABC is something that truly needs to be invested in which is why he started his fundraiser in the first place. Beamridge is a corporation that’s strongly trying to impact those in its circle of influence. Lee wants Nemesis ABC to have that same effect in that their sphere of influence will increase and hopefully they will create a greater impact on the world with their new financed minibus and donated investment.

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