Hussain Sajwani Is Named ‘Real Estate Legend’ To Commemorate His Career

The term “Real Estate Legend” is usually reserved for icons like Warren Buffet, Stan Kroenke and even current US President Donald Trump. But now one of President Trump’s friends holds that title, and that’s DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani in the UAE. The title was given to Sajwani at a business awards ceremony in Dubai this last April because for more than 15 years he’s been bringing in big business to Dubai through commercial developments and his five-star hotels. He’s turned DAMAC Properties into a billion-dollar plus revenue company and has built up its cash reserves over the years so that it’s been virtually debt-free while operating. The designs of his properties’ buildings have been breathtaking and have been featured in many business magazines.

Hussain Sajwani founded a catering company after graduating from college and then working a few years at the GASCO company under Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. This catering company was ranked as one of the world’s top food services and served clients all over the world both in government and private sector positions. Sajwani made millions in profits from this company, and he used it to purchase Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles, an insurance company and eventually to start DAMAC Properties. Sajwani began his first property investment in 2003 at Marina Terrace and officially opened the property in 2006.

Describing the beauty of Hussain Sajwani’s buildings really doesn’t do them justice as every single one of them stand out in the middle of Dubai. Notable properties completed by DAMAC are the Park Towers, DAMAC Tower, DAMAC Maison in AYKON City, AYKON in London, AKOYA Oxygen which is also known as DAMAC Hills, and there are several new resorts on the way in Maldives. Sajwani had to make a few hard choices such as cutting back employees and slowing construction on a few sites when the market crash of 2008 hit the UAE, but his shrewd business acumen helped bring DAMAC out of that hardship. Sajwani also took the company public in 2013 and founded a private equity firm that’s increased its capital intake. He’s also a founding member of the One Million Arab Coders foundation.

See Why Medical Research Has Become A Dear Subject To Tony Petrello

Oil drilling is among the most lucrative investment opportunities in any part of the country today. Whenever the great investors are thinking about an investment venture, they cannot help think about oil drilling. Nabors Industries has become a tech titan in the oil drilling sector. The firm’s CEO and President, Tony Petrello has even helped the company to gain global recognition in oil drilling services.

Actually, Tony is known to be one of the wealthiest executives the country has today. If you happen to talk about the CEOs who are highly paid in the country today, you cannot miss Tony on that list. For over 20 years now, Tony has relentlessly spearheaded the growth and leadership of Nabors Industries.

This contract driller and oilfield service company has grown to the best levels it could manage. It is one of the largest businesses in the world today and its name has really stood out amid competition from other companies. It has managed to have drilling rigs in hundreds in about 25 countries now. That is why the company doesn’t struggle to make Tony one of the highest Chief Executive Officers the country has today. Nonetheless, this kind of CEO is more than what his earnings are. Tony is not just a successful leader but also a serious philanthropist. The charitable causes he promotes indicate the kind of unstoppable passion he has for the charity works.

His charitable giving is highly motivated by the passion he has for patient care and medical research. Tony and his wife, Cynthia, have managed to give a donation of about $7 million to the Neurological Research Institute found at the Children’s Hospital in Texas. The neurological institute is greatly devoted to finding out why children suffer from the neurological issues and the treatments that could be availed. Tony is aware that many youths with damaged brain struggle to overcome their mental and physical disabilities.

Tony Petrello relates so well to this feeling because his daughter, Carena is a victim of brain damage problem. Actually, she suffers from a neurological disease the scientists refer to as periventricular leukomalacia. Children who are born before their time and with very low weight suffer from the neurological condition. Symptoms of children with this condition include difficulty feeding on their own, walking problems, speech issues, and delayed motor skills. With the kind of business endeavors Tony is undoubtedly pursuing, it indicates he will contribute a lot to the local community and help the local realize the opportunities they need to seize.


Boraie And The Future Of Atlantic City

Common mythology says that Atlantic City is a city with its best years behind it. Between population decline and economic issues many assume the city has no chance of becoming something greater than it is today. That’s exactly why Boraie Development is trying so hard to prove them wrong with its recent efforts to revive the city. This revival has lead to new ideas about the future of the city and where it will head in the near future. Nobody can predict the future but it seems that Boraie is going to bring new life into this city and kick start its renewal.

The renewal of Atlantic City is going to have to happen in phases, but it’s clear that people are tired of the old buildings and everything they represent. They represent a very difficult time for Atlantic City which ended in the city becoming the disaster that it is today. Erasing them from our minds is exactly what the new apartment complex from Boraie is going to do. Instead of thinking about all of the urban decay of the past, they will think about the renovation that Boraie is going to bring and what that is going to mean.

According to WSJ, Boraie is a housing developer well known for its ability to turn a city around. New Jersey has obviously seen great time before, but with the work of Boraie it is headed towards an entirely new age which is going to bring things previously unseen for the city. Bringing in new people and giving them something else beyond what they have previously thought of is exactly what this developer does. They are slowly but surely taking every city of New Jersey and bringing them back to their former glory. It won’t take long to see the differences realized. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.

Other New Jersey cities that have seen these policies in work are making their own comebacks. It seems that whole entire state is going to be completely different after Omar Boraie is done with it. Many New Jersey residents want to see their state restore its urban areas and give the state new energy. This is all going to fall on the hands of housing developers. They are the ones who can bring in new residents and those new residents will bring commerce with them. If that happens the future is going to be very bright for just about everyone living there.

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Julia Jackson Startling Achievements in the Wine Industry

Julia JacksonJulia Jackson is a proprietor at Jackson Family Wines. She was born in the year 1988 in San Francisco, California. She is the youngest daughter of Barbara Banke and Jess Jackson who are the founder members and owners of the winery. It has now been existence for more than three decades. Her interest for wines started when she was still young since she has been surrounded by wine drinking endeavors and winemaking activities since she was a juvenile. Her father, Jess Jackson, made them pick and sort grapes for winemaking. Julia Jackson works in the renowned Julia Family Wines company. She works in the marketing department whereby she is also a member of the winery’s international sales team that is in an effort of introducing the company’s wine to drinkers all over the world.

Moreover, Julia Jackson works in Cambria Estate Winery which is a non-profit organization that empowers women globJulia Jacksonally. She currently works as the spokesperson for the organization. The organization provides financial support in efforts to support women. Julia Jackson believes that the organization success is based on the production of quality products. Based on the initiatives of the organization, women pull their efforts together for a common goal. She attended school at Scripps College where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in arts from the year 2006 to 2010. She later on attended the summer institute of general management in the year 2010 where she graduated with a summer certificate in General Management in the business school in the same year.Having been in occurrence for 30 years, The Jackson Family Wines produces several brands of wine, and Anakota wine is one of the brands generated by the winery. On the other hand, Cambria Estate Winery majors on the production of Cambria wine.

Gregory Aziz, a Successful Businessman and CEO at National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz serves as the chair and chief executive officer at National Industries, Inc. Greg is also the chairman and chief executive officer at National Steel Car Limited. National Steel Car is a prominent railroad freight company that offers several services in manufacturing and car engineering. The company was first established in 1949 in London, Ontario.

National Steel Car is internationally reputable in railroad freight car manufacturing. The company has consistently offered high-class services to its customers in North America for the past ten decades. The company’s primary focus is mainly centered on the production of quality engineering products. National Steel Car is profound in its niche of operation and has successfully sustained its portfolio in manufacturing under the leadership of Greg Aziz. The company is globally recognized for its high-quality products. Further, National Steel Car has gained a strong customer base. Gregory recently expressed his gratitude for the success that the company has gained in its operations.

James Greg first worked in their family business that mainly sold wholesale food products. Because of his commitment, this business grew and gained international standards over a span of 16 years. The company is now one of the leading global fresh food importers from Europe, South and Central America. The firm also distributes fresh foods to various vibrant markets in Eastern Canada and the United States of America.

Early in his career, Greg James Aziz worked with a number of investment banks in New York. These experiences enabled him to organize the acquisition of National Steel Car in 1994. His primary goal was to transform this company to a prominent railroad car manufacturer. Eventually, National Steel Car managed to set up strong engineering capabilities through extensive human and capital investments. For the record, the company increased its volume of annual production from 3,500 cars to 12,000 cars by 1999. Employment opportunities in the company also increased from 600 to 3,000 within the same period. See This Page for more information.


Greg is highly experienced in manufacturing innovations, and as a result, National Steel Car builds new railroad cars every year. The company is ISO certified and has consistently won this honor for the past 18 years. Similarly, the company has regularly received TTX SECO award for its high-quality products and services for the last two decades. Finally, Gregory J Aziz is a successful business person and kind in nature. He sponsors Theatre Aquarius, the United Way, and the Hamilton Opera among other local charities.


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Gregory Aziz: ‘Train Of Thought’

Native Canadian Gregory (“Greg”) James Aziz is a known businessman who was born in London, Ontario on April 30, 1939. He is knowledgeable on American passenger and freight carriers. He is presently the chairman, president, chairman, and CEO (chief executive officer) of National Steel Car. NSC is a business that specializes in the manufacturing and engineering of freight cars. Well-known in the railroad industry, the company is based out of Hamilton, Ontario.

Background And Education

Little of the Aziz’ family background is readily available to the public. Greg Aziz himself chose to continue his education following secondary school. He attended Ridley College.


Aziz also studied at the University of Western Ontario. His major was Economics. After completing his degree in 1971, he was employed by the Affiliated Foods Company. AFC was founded in 1968. The company offers wholesale groceries and is currently a major importer of fresh food. AFC imports food from South America, Europe, and Central America.

Aziz moved to New York sometime in the late 1980s. He worked as an investment banker. Before the close of 1994, he had amassed great wealth.


Greg Aziz bought National Steel Car from the Dofasco company. He wanted to make the business North America’s leading manufacturer of railroad freight car. He wanted to make NSC famous.


The company’s engineering efforts grew under his leadership. He invested the bulk of his assets into his workforce and increasing the business’ manufacturing capabilities. By 2000, the company was constructing 8,500 more freight cars than before he acquired it.


Gregory J Aziz is reportedly a perfectionist. Sources indicate that he is responsible for National Steel Car garnering numerous awards over the years. National Steel Car is reportedly the only freight car company in North America to be ISO-certified. Since 1996 the company has won the TTX SECO annual award for “highest quality.”


While Aziz and his team presently employ some comparatively futuristic ideas, they continue to remain steadfast to the time-honored values of staying loyal to their customer base, maintaining good working relationships with their suppliers, and recognizing the true value of the business’ 2000-plus employees who build the quality railway cars that the venture prides. See This Article for additional info.


Gregory Aziz and NSC are also active in the community. Aziz and National Steel Car are currently sponsoring numerous charity efforts and community-centered projects. They contribute to the likes of the Salvation Army, Theater Aquarius, and the Hamilton Opera.



Gregory James Aziz’s Focus On Quality Has Led To The Success Of The National Steel Car

The importance of doing quality work

Companies that thrive today have realized that providing quality work is the only way to keep the customers. Nothing can be used to replace quality in a world that competition has become very high. Quality work keeps the company away from several unnecessary penalties. The operations will be handled smoothly without the need to struggle with them. The customers will be satisfied with the operations, and the employees will have an easier time dealing with the customers. The fact that doing a quality work is possible makes it the best choice yet many companies try to avoid it.

Gregory James Aziz understands quality work

While at the University of Western Ontario, Gregory James gave all his efforts and energy to studies and helping other people go through life successfully. He dedicated his time and invested in his future. Four years later, Greg Aziz graduated with a first-class degree in Economics where very few got to achieve this during his year of study. His performance gave him a new definition of providing quality work.

The results of his exemplary performance

After graduating from the University, Gregory J Aziz received several job offers from different companies both within Canada and from the United States. These offers were lucrative, and Gregory understood that the offers were as a result of a good performance at the university. After turning out these job offers, Gregory James Aziz went to the family food import business where he sought to change the operations. His efforts were successful. In his career as the General Manager of the company, Greg James focused on the quality of production and timeliness in reaching the clients. The efficiency of operations helped in the growth of the family business and the success of which it came.

Focusing on quality at the National Steel Car

Quality of work is one of the most important changes that Gregory James Aziz ensured when he took over as the CEO. The production style that he desired was not the one based on the quantity of production but quality. He had understood all the benefits of quality work. Currently, the National Steel Car is one of the largest railroad manufacturing industries in the world. The company has received its ISO certification of 9001:2008 for quality products for the last 20 years continually. The success that the company has registered over the last few years is directly attributed to the quality of railroad manufacturing.


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How Gregory Aziz Managed To Quadruple The Manufacturing Capacity Of National Steel Car

The Hamilton region of Ontario, USA prides itself as the home of one of the most acclaimed rail-road freight car manufacturer, National Steel Car. The enterprise has employed a lot of individuals from the community of Hamilton and continues to provide freight car solutions to various industries across the globe. Greg Aziz is the man behind the manufacturing powerhouse that is National Steel Car. Greg Aziz is a qualified economist from the University of Western Ontario. Before he began working for National Steel Car, Greg was involved in the running of their family business called Affiliated Foods. The enterprise focused in wholesaling fresh produce. Thanks to Greg Aziz’s shrewdness, he was able to turn around the profits of the family business when he held the role of the manager in the firm. Greg was also responsible for the diversification of the enterprise’s products portfolio and its subsequent expansion into several foreign markets such as South Africa and Europe.


At the height of the success of the family business, Gregory decided to become his own man by leaving the enterprise and venturing into the financial services sector in New York. It was at this time that Gregory Aziz made a name for himself. He started off as an investment consultant, but over time he made a shift into entrepreneurship by acquiring National Steel Car. The businessman bought National Steel Car from Dofasco and had over time grown the business by leaps and bounds.


When Gregory Aziz acquired National Steel Car, the company had limited manufacturing capacity that could not enable it to compete effectively with other big players in the market. Greg’s commitment has allowed the enterprise to quadruple its annual output while maintaining the quality of the freight cars. National Steel Car’s innovative cargo vehicles solutions have enabled the firm to attract customers from various global destinations. The engineering designs of National Steel Car’s vehicles are second to none with an irrefutably long lifespan. See More Information here.


One of the strategies that Gregory J Aziz employed when he took over National Steel Car was injecting more capital into the company to facilitate an increase in the manufacturing capacity of the firm. The enterprise has also invested in qualified personnel who ensure that the vehicles manufactured to meet the highest standard. The Hamilton communities in Ontario are greatly indebted to the generosity of Greg Aziz given the philanthropic initiatives that National Steel Car has pioneered in the region.


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Daniel Mark Harrison, a Star on the Rise

Daniel Mark Harrison’s name is known for people who are interested in Blockchain networks and different altcoins. He is a writer and knows a thing or two about media. As a CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison and Co., he works internationally because the family business has offices in Singapore and Hong Kong as well as Bangkok. He works as a manager of the business while growing personal assets as well as his family’s wealth.

Daniel Mark Harrison also works at Monkey Capital, which is a Blockchain funding company. It is a corporation people know because it is a decentralized hedge fund investing in different and bold contracts. Daniel Mark Harrison knows that if people want to be successful, they have to take risks.

Monkey Capital has some of the best managers in the business and individuals who are genuinely interested in Ethereum gains and crypto currencies. Their style is to be smart but acts quickly to succeed. Competitors and market experts love the company exactly because of the amount of talent it has in the human resources pool.

Daniel Mark Harrison wanted the company to become the first in the world raising a billion dollars in a crowdfunding campaign, and they recently succeeded. Creating the COEVAL tokens and spreading them to friends was just the first step. COEVAL tokens can buy MNY tokens, and the trade takes off. People are interested in crypto currencies, so Monkey is using this interest to generate a buzz about their project.

Daniel Mark Harrison is also an author and published his first book not long ago. He also knows the job of an editor quite well having worked as one. He currently writes about the different cryptocurrencies in the market and the new market trends where crypto currencies are involved.

His writing is regularly seen in the Coin Speaker where he analyses the ups and downs of the currency network and comments on his predictions for the future. His name appears in prominent journals which are curious about the guy who snatches the smartest people out of the workforce pool and is not afraid to make bold decisions.

Louis Chenevert’s Achievements at UTC

Most recent innovation speculations by an organization give it a focused edge in the cutting edge business division. With this respect, Louis Chenevert, who was the previous CEO of UTC, together with the present CEO Gregory Hayes have a solid faith in it. They practice stewardship as a commitment of their parts as pioneers. They run business that spotlights on the future and puts resources into the most exceptional innovation.

To their organization, stewardship infers interests in imaginative systems and additionally in individuals. Hayes needs to construct his inheritance by influencing changes to improve the organization to than it was. He has faith in the hypothesis that the general population make advancements and not the organization. Hayes refers to the representative researcher program that pays for the laborers the bill to take them through their level of decision as an approach to outline UTC’s theory.

Joined Technologies put resources into the advancement of the GTF motor by Pratt and Whitney. It cost the $10 billion and a time of over 20 years as indicated by Chenevert. Chenevert, after joining the UTC Pratt and Whitney motor business, he brought out approaches to produce benefit to the organization through pieces of the pie. He drove the organization to more noteworthy accomplishments as the CEO in the year 2006 when the American economy was waning. The organization even outperformed the once effective enterprises, for example, Bethlehem Steel, RCA, and Zenith.

UTC gathers a standout among the most progressive stream motors on the planet under Chenevert’s authority. Also, it commands in the warming and refrigeration and ventilating and assembles helicopters more than some other organization in the U.S. The scope of hardware delivered by the aviation unit incorporate brakes and actuators, sensors, flight controls, landing gears among others

GFT motor innovation accompanies more upgrades and an enormous leap forward as it is 16 percent more proficient in fuel utilization than the current motors. It besides delivers 75 percent less commotion than current motors and creates 50 percent less discharge.

Chenevert displayed enormous achievements as the CEO of the United Technologies Corporation and as the general generation chief of the General Motors, St. Therese operation. Of French Canadian origin, Louis achieved his unhitched male of business in University de Montréal where he majored underway administration.