Bustling NYC Life; One Agency Ready for the Job

Due to the bustling life found in the city, people rarely understand the time and effort necessary to contribute to that fast-paced atmosphere with the addition of buildings. From the proposals to the blueprints, to the permits and to the final construction, the addition of office buildings, grocery stores, and even residential areas is a lengthy process worthy of recognition. Currently undergoing this extensive operation is New York City. The proposals were requested in June; the permits have been obtained, and construction is set to take place at the following addresses:

  • 28-10 Owens Plaza South, Queens
  • 270 Richards Street, Brooklyn
  • 21 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn
  • 22 Chapel Street, Brooklyn
  • 2956 Park Avenue, Bronx
  • 413 West 18th Street, Manhattan
  • 12 East 48th Street, Manhattan

The biggest project is the one million square foot Tishman Speyer’s Property due to take place in Long Island City, and will be the largest project to ever fill the area.

With such large projects underway, it is important to understand the professionals who will help abate some of the load. TOWN Residential is one of the many names who will be incredibly busy for the next few years on the NYC real estate scene.

This luxury, New York real estate agency has made a name for itself in less than a decade. Noted for having stellar customer service and an attention to detail, the persistence of this company is something crucial for bustling NYC life. With specialities, including marketing, leasing, and sales, TOWN Residential has knowledge in a vast array of areas that has allowed them to grasp and retain the attention of thousands of clients across America’s favorite city.

An impressive team that is not only knowledgeable about the industry but has the experience to boot has altered the NYC real estate industry drastically. Recognized for their services, TOWN Residential has earned many awards, including the Top 50 Places to Work in NYC. Conclusively, this is an agency well equipped for the job, so such an extensive upcoming project will be an easy feat for the team.

Bob Reina of Talk Fusion

Bob Reina, CEO and creative visionary of Talk Fusion, leads one of the fastest growing video services in the world. Currently, Talk Fusion holds the position as 7th largest communications company in the world, but with recent business developments, seems poised to quickly move further up the ranks.

Bob Reina aims to make peoples dreams a reality. Through his high quality video marketing services, Talk Fusion sits as one of the top 50 companies in the DSA-Direct Selling Association. This means that not only is Talk Fusion innovative in the products it produces, but it is also reliable and efficient.

With the release of many products, such as Video Email, Video Chat, and Video Blog services, Talk Fusion aims to connect customers to businesses in ways that they have never been able to before. Clients are able to have virtual speaking time with the providers of the service they are paying for.

The ability to increase sales by allowing for more coherent customer-provider relations is what makes Talk Fusion so special. All who correctly utilize the product are satisfied with the gains of the purchase. Luckily, Talk Fusion recently released a 30 day free trial that enables people to try their services before they purchase them. With just a name and an email address, you can be on your way to utilizing the line of products made by Talk Fusion.

Aside from Talk Fusion, Bob Reina has other passions. For example, one of the main reasons Bob Reina aims to raise the brand of Talk Fusion is also to raise awareness for issues he is passionate about such as animal homelessness and cruelty.

Bob Reina often dedicates huge portions of his time and talent to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. He has used him business as a platform to further the agenda of the organization to help animals in his local area.

His clear vision and purpose within Talk Fusion has catapulted the company into success. Using the company’s success has allowed Bob Reina to further the ideals of organizations he is passionate about such as Floridas Humane Societies

Know more: http://jimmyezzell.com/who-is-bob-reina/

Incredible Achievements of Don Ressler

Don Ressler is a well known entrepreneur behind several successful investments like Intelligent Beauty, JustFab, Intermix and FitnessHeaven.com. His first start-up, which was FitnessHeaven.com, was bought by Intermix Media in the year 2001. Ressler, with the partnership of Adam Goldenberg who was the Intermix CEO, formed Alena Media. Alena Media, which was an ecommerce and advertising division, turned out to be the only Intermix’ profit center that was generating hundreds of millions in revenue. Intermix was later bought by News Corps in 2005 and this gave Don the opportunity to explore new business ideas.

With the help of former Alena team members, Ressler and Goldenberg were able to start up another company, Brands Ideas, that later came to be known as Intelligent Beauty. The brand building business first created DERMSTORE which was an online skincare and cosmetic marketplace. They then launched SENSA, a weight loss system, after two years, bringing in Intermix founder Brett Brewer as the CEO. Intelligent Beauty got a major boost when they got $43 million in funding from Technology Crossover Ventures in the year 2008.

In 2010, Ressler and Goldberg launched a third company under Intelligent Beauty. The company was a subscription e-commerce fashion retailer known as JustFab. JustFab received a major boost when they received $33 million in funding from Matrix Partners. JustFab had over 4 million subscribers by the end of 2011, and Lee Simmons gladly joined the company as its President and Creative Director. By April 2012, the company had over six million members. In June the same year, JustFab received funding worth $76 million from its co-founders.

The first two years of JustFab was of total success and the company was able to generate millions in revenue. In order to expand its market, JustFab purchased FabKid, a children’s fashion subscription service on January was reported in 2013 on Forbes. JustFab later acquired The Fab Shoes, which is an European fashion e-commerce site. This was in May 2013. Acquiring The Fab Shoes helped JustFab gain a lot of members especially from Spain and France. By the end of 2013, JustFab had over 3 million members in Europe.

In October 2013, JustFab launched Fabletics, an athletic wear site, in collaboration with Kate Hudson. This was after completing a $40 million Series C funding round. In August 2013, the company acquired a shoe subscription service, ShoeDazzle. In September 2013, JustFab opened their flagship store thus taking their services offline. In August 2014, JustFab received a funding worth $85 million from Passport Special Opportunity Fund and its existing investors, thus bringing the company’s total capitalization to $250 million.

Reference: http://brandettes.com/interviews/don-ressler-of-fabletics/

Fabletics is reported to be the fastest growing JustFab label. Fabletics announced their plan to open over 75 more stores in the next five years.

Desiree Perez The Perfect Fit For Bringing Tidal Back On Top


In an article posted on hitsdailydouble.com, it was stated that the company Tidal is set to be bailed out by Samsung. According to several sources, Samsung has restarted talks with Jay-Z buy him out of Tidal. In its launch in 2013, the Korea-based electronics company teamed up with Jay-Z.

Samsung is said to be working on something re-engaging and big. For fear of it being leaked, they’re keeping it quiet.

It is said that Tidal is heading north of $10 million a year debt. Recent exclusives from Rihanna, Kanye and Beyonce haven’t generated any new subscribers.

Google and Spotify have been eyeing Tidal as well. They believe that Tidal can give them a boost with their companies.

Jay-Z definitely doesn’t want to see Tidal go under, he’s been going into his own pocket to keep the subscription service going. At the time of Tidal’s launch, it was believed to be worth at $250 million and it is now worth $100 million. Click here to read more.

Jay-Z has worked with Desiree Perez for about 20 years and has an excellent track record for running SC Enterprises with her husband – Juan Perez – who also manages Roc Nation Sports.

She is popular for her tough negotiation skills and mastery of the streets. Not even Empire’s ‘Cookie‘ can challenge her skills. The N.Y. Daily News has branded Des as ‘Babe Ruthless‘ on occasions. She is a boss known for negotiating for the formation stadium tour for Beyonce. Rihanna also had her play a big role in her deal with Samsung. Click here to read more.

She is a member of Hova Circle of Influence. Also members – her husband, TyTy Smith, Chaka Pilgrim, and Jana Fleischman – are a team that oversees the operation of Roc Nation and its management wings, publishing, and label operation.

Darius Fisher Talks Success

Success is not always easy to achieve. Even those who work very hard find success elusive. Learning from those who are successful, consistently successful, sheds a little light on what is necessary rise above the crowd. The Small Business Forum at Web.com serves up interesting interviews with people who have succeeded. A recent interview with Status Labs President Darius Fisher raises awareness on Fisher, his company Status Labs, and the very important job of keeping one’s reputation pristine.


Fisher pointed out he went into entrepreneurship to better control his own destiny. Co-founding the reputation management firm Status Labs helped with this goal. Fisher approached managing the company from a variety of overlooked perspectives. Doing so has helped him grow the company quickly and significantly. One area Fisher put a lot of emphasis on was human resources. Fisher knew a company is only as good as the talent working for it.


Darius Fisher understood the necessity of making sure employees remained loyal to the fold. Employee retention is critical to keeping a company on solid, stable footing. Status Labs is not excluded from this very basic component of running a successful business. In a very detailed article published on Forbes’ website, Fisher went into quite a bit of depth about the things necessary to retain employees. At Status Labs, Fisher implemented a host of new human resources policies to make the company as employee friendly as possible. Doing so helps boost retention which effectively aids all clients to the company.


According to an interview with the Daily Beast, Fisher suggests small business owners and entrepreneurs should always focus on sales and not nonsense that won’t help a business. Sales and promotions are few factors in Status Labs’ success.


Darius Fisher has done a lot to draw attention to Status Labs. In addition to seeking publicity to boost business, he has sought publicity to raise awareness about the vital help reputation management work can do. One of the more interesting ideas Fisher came up with was to provide free crisis counseling to those persons horrifically impacted by the cruel Ashley Madison hacking attack. Both Fisher and Status Labs both received a great deal of publicity thanks to the media coverage of the free crisis counseling. Many people who never heard of reputation management discovered it through this unique marketing approach.
Look for more success from Fisher and Status Labs in 2016 and beyond.

Find more about Darius here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/darius-fisher/how-our-company-status-la_b_9752658.html


Fabletics Athleisure Wear Takes on the Little Black Dress

Today’s designers and retailers seem obsessed with athleisure clothing, or clothing that’s suitable for leisure pursuits, athletic pursuits or a combination of the two. This type of clothing can include anything from designer leggings to stylish gym clothes and owes some of its origin to people who love to wear yoga pants everywhere they go and for all types of occasions.

Functional, fashionable clothing for healthy lifestyles

Athleisure appears to be more than a trend as an increasing number of companies have announced that they’re entering the market with their own versions of chic sportswear. People who embark on healthier lifestyles want more options in fashionable, functional and comfortable clothing that can transition from work to the gym.

Fabletics fashion

One of the most popular brands offering such items is Fabletics, co-founded by actress and busy mom, Kate Hudson.  Fabletics commercials featuring Kate Hudson wearing stylish workout wear have made everyone aware that they can receive their first outfit for $25 with free shipping. Now she and Fabletics are taking stylish comfort even further.

Rethinking the little black dress

After a day spent in confining work clothes or even in comfortable workout attire, the idea of putting on a sexy, yet movement restrictive little black dress lacks appeal for many women. Marie Claire exclusively reported that Fabletics offers exactly what these women need with their new line of athleisure dresses introduced this spring.

The development of dresses in the Fabletics line followed the natural progression of the brand that focuses on the needs of today’s active women who want to enjoy a night out while looking and feeling beautiful in “casual” clothing.

Some of the dresses have bras built in for convenience and comfort but even those that don’t, have designs meant to be easy to put on. Although not intended for exercise such as aerobics, the dresses consist of the same performance materials that move with and shape a woman’s body with the perfect level of comfort and style.

Read more at Elite Daily and WWD

All You Need to Know About Sanjay Shah

Autism Rocks is one of the most popular international charitable organizations in the world. It was started by Sanjay Shah several years ago with the main aim of helping children suffering from autism. Sanjay Shah recently got an interview from the entrepreneurial podcast network enterprise radio. The radio show is very popular, and it is mainly dedicated to helping businessmen get business advice, motivation, inspiration, and information. The show is also known for covering live events from the businesspeople from all over the world.

Not long ago, the Solo Capital founder was interviewed. In the interview, several topics concerning the British millionaire were discussed. His creation of Solo Capital was discussed, his motivation to start Autism Rocks and several other topics too were also discussed. He also advised entrepreneurs on how to become successful businessmen, and he ended the interview by telling them what they should expect in the year 2016 during the Autism Rocks Charity Concert.

Sanjay Shah is very popular in the world. He is respected for his philanthropic actions, especially towards children. Apart from his donations, he is a very successful businessman, owning over thirty companies that are located in different parts of the world. Most of his donations are given through the organization he started several years ago, known as Autism Rocks. The charitable organization was formed after his youngest son was discovered to have the serious medical condition.

Solo Capital is a boutique brokerage company that is also located in London. The organization was incorporated in the year 2011, and it has managed to become very successful. Shah started the company after he moved from being employed as an accountant. He worked very hard to build the company from scratch, and this explains why the company is so successful. The United Kingdom regulates the company.

After Solo Capital was successful, Shah managed to acquire and start several other companies, and they have managed to be successful too. His experience in the business world has earned him a special place in the society, and he advises people how to become successful like him. He is currently retired, and his offices are found in London.

Investment Banking Analysts and Directors like Martin Lustgarten

The Investment bankers are usually located at specific locations due to many reasons such as status, career progression and exit options. However, if you money really motivates you then one of the best places you can be for both your junior and senior bankers is Hong Kong. The Hong Kong state is known to provide its analysts with an after tax which is almost equivalent to the highest paying location which is the New York City. It also exceeds the post-tax income for most of the directors whenever it is compared to other cities. This is in regard to the figures from Emolument, the salary benchmarking site.
According to Mercer, Hong Kong is considered to be the second most expensive cities in the world. This means that the net compensation and the high gross might be eaten away by the living costs. According to the latest Emolument calculations, Singapore is considered to be the highest paying cities for the directors.
New York tops the analysts pay with approximately $115k in compensation and it still ranks first for the junior pay with the heavy and the Big Apple taxes. Despite the London pay being competitive, the high tax rate weighs heavy for both the director and junior level recruits.
Though money is one of the main things, there are still far more opportunities for most of the financial services professionals in London when compared to Hong Kong and Singapore even as the large firms continue to drop back.
About Martin Lustgarten.
Martin Lustgarten is rated among some of the best investment bankers America has ever produced. Martin owns and manages the Martin investment firm which is based in Florida. The firm has managed to make lots of great business deals for most of the top firms in America. Martin investment firm is one of the top sought firms.
Martin Lustgarten has vast experience working in the investment banking industry and also possesses lots of experience in exchange of security and equity trades. Martin has managed to receive lots of awards and recognition in his career as an investment banker. Martin has always been aiming to expand his career and company.

Eucatex Has A Growing Story

Meet The President Of Eucatex
Every good company has a great leader. Meet Flavio Maluf, he is the president of this growing family company. Mr. Maluf has been involved with this impressive company for approximately 30 years. It was 1987 that Flavio began working within the trade aspect of the Eucatex group. He wears the title of a mechanical engineer. He also has a background in law. Success, intelligence, ethics, and education are included in this respected president of this fine company called Eucatex.  Flavio also remains a popular Twitter follow for his views on business, and the burgeoning Brazil economy.

Eucatex Had A Beginning
Eucatex is a company that has a rich history behind it. It has an interesting story that has continued to grow through the years. The very beginning of Eucatex was November 23, 1951. This company had stood out from the very start. Eucatex stood out and paved the way to a clean environment. This company ought to take pride because this is the very first Brazilian company who had placed consideration into the future of our environment. This company had the goal to make certain that the sustainable production of wood was incorporated. This company ensured that advocating the use of the overall forestry resources and the conservation of natural ecosystems was enforced within the manufacturing of products. Sustainability and action that are for the good of the environment have played a big and impressive role within Eucatex. A solid and firm ethical standard was intertwined within the team members from the beginning of the Eucatex story. This is a company that has remained transparent right from the start. This company has been around since 1951 for many good reasons. A concern for the environment, high ethics, and a solid code of conduct had set the tone for a thriving business that has proven to be trustworthy in every way. The story of Eucatex seems to continue to grow and expand. This might prove to be a story that will never end.

Background Information About Flavio Maluf
Flavio Maluf is a businessman. He is the son of a politician, and a writer in his own right as Flavio covers corporate mergers for many publications. He is an educated man who graduated from FAAP. This is a school that has around 8000 students currently. It has a fine reputation. This college was founded in the year 1947. It is a school that provides a superior education to every student. Mr. Maluf also includes entrepreneur in his broad range of titles. He is a talented individual who possess many skills and strategies that lead to success.

The President Of HCRC: Brian Torchin

In the world of healthcare, there are staffing agencies to help people find jobs in the field. These agencies can often make the process of finding a healthcare job far easier. These staffing agencies are also great for businesses in the healthcare industry, because they can effectively bring in people qualified for the job. Brian Torchin is the president of the successful staffing agency, HCRC. HCRC is an extremely large staffing agency, and their services are available over a very broad area. In fact, LinkedIn for one shows the services of Brian Torchin’s company are even available internationally. His services are available for people who are looking to go into all different areas of the healthcare industry. The services of this company are excellent, because Brian Torchin has a great deal of experience in the healthcare industry. He has also managed and started healthcare businesses himself, so he knows what healthcare businesses are looking for in applicants.

Brian Torchin is very experienced in the healthcare industry. He possessed numerous years of experience working in the healthcare industry, and that inspired him to work on staffing. Prior to being the president of his staffing company, HCRC, he ran healthcare businesses in three different states. These businesses were located in different parts of Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Florida. He was able to do an excellent job at managing these healthcare businesses. This means that when you use his services to get a job, he will know how to market your application to businesses successfully. Furthermore, for people who run healthcare businesses, he will know what your company is looking for.

Furthermore, you can actually contact Brian Torchin himself on Twitter. A lot of health care staffing agencies do not offer this benefit. Many of them simply have such a large bureaucracy that it is impossible to talk directly with the person in charge. However, the contact information of Brian Torchin is listed. Furthermore, the company is set up in such a way that you will readily be able to talk with him in a timely fashion.

If you are looking to get a good job in the healthcare industry, HCRC is the right staffing agency to get in touch with. They are very skilled at getting people good jobs in the healthcare industry. Additionally, Brian Torchin and the professionals at HCRC have expertise in all areas of the healthcare field. You can use the services of HCRC to get traditional healthcare jobs, such as in nursing or as a physician. However, you can also use the services of HCRC to get jobs as a physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, or even as a chiropractor. Find more about Brian on About.me, and it has his full career history.