United Technologies Corporation and Louis Chenevert

According to many CEOs, the most difficult part of the job is determining how you want your legacy to be remembered. However, an effective CEO is the one who understands that he/she is the steward of the company. In that case, he/she must leave the company in a better state than the way it was. This means that the CEO must show commitment for future growth.

At the United Technologies Corporation, or UTC, the top management believes in investing in innovation and people. According to United Technologies Corporation, the CEO cannot ignore the demands of the company because he/she is holding an office for a short term. The CEO must comply with the demands because the company depends on his/her service delivery for future growth. In that case, investing in the future always start with the person who is currently holding the big office. For example, Pratt & Whitney Company invested in the production of a Geared Turbofan Engine more than twenty years ago. The amount invested in the design of the engine was $10 billion. The jet engine is currently changing the industry of aerospace. It can reduce emission by 50%, fuel burn by 16%, and the footprint of noise by 75%. The engine was introduced in the market last year, and it is currently used by 14 airlines in more than 72 aircraft.
About Louis Chenevert
Mr. Louis Chenevert is a businessman from Canada. He previously worked as the CEO and Chairman of UTC (United Technologies Corporation). Louis also served as the President of Pratt & Whitney Company. Louis Chenevert was brought up in Quebec and attended the University of Montreal, from where he received his Bachelor Degree in Production Management. After completing his studies, Louis started his career journey with General Motors, a company where he gained 14 years of experience in production management.
Louis joined Pratt & Whitney Company in 1993 as a production manager. He held the position for six years before he was appointed as the company’s president in 1999. He left Pratt & Whitney in 2006 to become the CEO and President of United Technologies Corporation. Mr. Louis also worked for The Canadian Business Council as the Executive Committee and Vice-Chairman for one year. This was from 2011 to 2012.
In 2009, Louis was honored by National Building Museum with the Honor Award. He was also awarded a doctorate honoris by HEC Montréal in 2011.
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Tony Petrello: A Leader in Business That Gets Results

Anyone that has been paying attention to the oil and gas drilling industries has surely heard the name of Anthony “Tony” Petrello. He is currently serving as the Chief Executive Office and President of Nabor Industires LLC.

Nabors Industries LLC is the global success leader in oil and gas drilling equipment, specialty rigs, offshore drilling and more. Although the company’s equipment is second to none, what they are most known for is a dedicated niche they have successfully carved out under Petrello’s business leadership and his prized business acumen. Nabors offers the most well trained employees available that are highly qualified and well practiced in running and operating oil and gas drilling equipment. The company prides itself on ensuring each employee they bring on that will eventually work on one of its clients rigs is qualified above the threshold to gain that cutting edge. Additionally, Petrello is very adept at the growth of technology in any and all markets and has ensured that be adapted to Nabors Industries. He makes sure that the equipment, the workers and the technology utilized to find and cpature oil is extremely precise. While many companies in the field of oil drilling are dragging behind, Petrello has ensured that when people who are forward minded look for a company to utilize oil and gas drilling equipment, Nabors is as the forefront of their minds.

This feat is not easy. However, Petrello is not a fan of things that are easy. His college roommate wrote a “tell all” article in which he explained and demonstrated Tony Petrello’s extreme commitment to any and everything he was working on. He succeeded at Yale with a bachelors degree and then a masters degree in Mathematics. From there, he went on to Harvard to succeed and gain his J.D. which he would later put to use at the elite firm he managed in New York City before joining forces with Nabors.

Even today, he is called on for his leadership and business strategy for not only Nabors but many other companies. He holds several boards seats and on each is known as a mover and a shaker.

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Marc Sparks Makes a Bold Move To Optimize State-of-the-art Partnership

Marc is a time-proven business magnate possessing incredible experience. The founder of Timber Creek Capital, LP serves a great purpose to the upcoming entrepreneurs. We know how it gets him delighted at seeing the small ventures blossom into huge companies, with the capacity to generate significant revenues. His move to transform his offices into a startup incubation surprised many people. However, as Marc explains, when running a business you must have reasonable models. As well, during the initiation process, you should be ready not only with business concepts but also possess the required resources. He boasts of his establishment having the capacity to host three different ventures and provide them an extensive evolution period.



Marc Develops a Program to Uplift Entrepreneurs



Sparks’ heart is sold out to the upcoming investors. As such, he launched a new program, Marketing Sparks, whose prime objective is to link up the startup entrepreneurs with the experts. When such a plan materializes, we know that the involved small businesspersons will trail in the development process successfully. Holding the sessions will significantly foster chances of success. The courses are meant to open a platform for the like-minded people to share tactical and strategic marketing ideas. To enhance relevance, Marc has employed a pool of professionals from diverse fields. They work in close collaboration with the starters to impact them and show them the way up.



Lessons to Pick From Marc Spark’s Initiatives



Sparks says that he has witnessed several ventures collapse. It takes passion and tenacity for one to thrive in business. For Marc to get refined into the great mentor he is, it took him to sacrifice and exercise patience. Throughout his period in business, he has seen the rise and fall of many enterprises. Every experience leaves him a honed entrepreneur. For that reason, transforming people’s ideas into prosperous businesses becomes quite easy for him.






Despite the significant milestones that Marc has crossed, he still describes himself as a candidate of what it takes to attain success in the world. There are rules to observe in business. Marc has learned most of them through experience. Most of us recognize the author, philanthropist, and mentor as a passionate builder of dreams.

Having Success With Eucatex: What Flavio Maluf is Doing Differently

When he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Flavio Maluf had no idea of what his future in business would resemble. Flavio Maluf had his bachelor’s degree education attended in the Penteado Fundacao Foundation University based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This was one of the best universities in the land offering choices of career paths in the country. Because he had his career elevated and worked towards perfection at all costs in life, his career bloom was a success right from the start. Flavio Maluf was an extremely eventful and creative person. While he was still in school, everyone knew his abilities to be great.

Flavio decided to further his education. When he looked at the business environment in the country, there was nothing to attract him at any moment of his life. Because of this, he decided to put aside his Mechanical Engineering degree and start a new life in business studies on econoinfo.com.br. He went on to the United States and commenced a certification education in Business Management at New York University. For more than one year, he studied and worked in abroad giving him more experience in whatever he came to do. For this reason, he felt like he had all it takes to counter the business world in the country.

In 1987, Flavio Maluf became one of the most innovative business people in the country. When he entered his family business, he was asked to commence his work from the trading section of the company where his prowess in business and marketing was seen. It was during this time when Eucatex started exporting their products to other markets in abroad sought by Flavio Maluf. According to maringa.odiario.com, this was one of the best things to do in return for the opportunity to work in the company. He never viewed the family business as his own. Rather, he worked to make it more profitable on a daily basis on dino.com.br.

Flavio Maluf became the president of the company in 1997. During this time, he commenced his management plan by modernising the business setup of the company at https://twitter.com/fmalufc?lang=pt. According to him, nothing is more attractive than a profitable company.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez and His Venezuela Business

When it comes to running a great business in Venezuela, you might find that this country, in particular, is very difficult to own a business in. This is why many people are turning to a man known as Jose Manuel Gonzalez, since this is a person who is a professional businessman in the area and can help people to run their own companies as well. This is a professional you can trust and who will do their very best to ensure they are helping you to be an entrepreneur and to know exactly what needs to be done when it comes to running and creating a business that works well for you and others.

Now that you know a little bit about Jose Manuel Gonzalez, you might want to know about his background and to learn more about what he is up to at the current moment. For one, you will find that Jose Manuel Gonzalez has a lot of experience and education in the business Market. Because of this, he will be able to help people run their own companies and allow people to have amazing business advice that you simply will not be able to get anywhere else. Besides his education and experience, you can also find Jose Manuel Gonzalez on social media accounts across the internet so that you are able to learn more about him and his practice is.

There’s nothing better than working with a professional with whom you know is going to help you out run the company that you can feel proud of in the future. This professional is known as Jose Manuel Gonzalez and he has helped thousands of other businessmen in the area so that they are able to have the best companies that they could possibly dream of owning. This is why does a good idea for you to check out social media sites like Facebook and Twitter so that you were able to learn more about Jose Manuel Gonzalez and what he is up to at the current moment. Lots of people have had success with working with Jose Manuel Gonzalez.

The Life and Contributions of Shaygan Kheradpir in the Cooperate World


Shaygan Kheradpir is a figure to reckon with in the cooperate world. His career in the business world can be traced from high-ranking positions in various companies including Juniper Networks, GTE, Barclays, and Verizon. Consequently, he boasts of outstanding experience in helping companies achieve their desired objectives, especially in the management and technology areas.

Kheradpir began his outstanding cooperate career at GTE in 1987 where he worked as an engineer. After working in network routing division for some time, he was promoted to management and control. In this division, Kheradpir was charged with overseeing the software systems. Later on, he was promoted to GTE headquarters, which are situated in Dallas as the Chief Information Officer.

Upon the merger of Bell Atlantic and GTE, Verizon Communications was established followed by Kheradpir assuming the position of president for the e-business division. At Verizon, he served as the first Chief Information Officer as well as Chief Technology Officer. In his role in the company, he managed to lead Verizon to greater expansion of its telecommunication services.

Later in 2011, Kheradpir made a transition from Verizon to Barclays as its Chief Operating Officer. Subsequently, he was promoted to the Chief Technology Officer. In his new role, he was tasked with managing the automation of the bank’s global credit card, retail, wealth management, business and investment banking activities.

Juniper Networks
After working for Barclays for about three years, he moved to Jupiter networks to become the company’s Chief Executive Officer. At Juniper, he helped initiate a restructuring and cost-cutting strategy.

His current position is at Coriant, where he is the chairperson of the board as well as is CEO. This was after a short duration of working as an Operating Partner of the Marlin Equity Partners, which created Coriant.
In-Depth Look at Shaygan

Shaygan’s birth can be traced in 1960 from London, England. However, he did not grow up in England since his father relocated the family back to their native country, Iran. Later on, Shaygan moved to the United States to pursue college or university education at the Cornell University. At Cornell, he attained a Bachelor, Master and doctoral degree in electrical engineering.

Due to Kheradpir’s remarkable academic record, he was made a member of the Engineering Council at Cornell University. Not only has he served in various companies as a top executive but also as a member of numerous boards including the YMCA of the Greater New York, United States National Institute of Standards and Technology.


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Fabletics Athleisure Wear Takes on the Little Black Dress

Today’s designers and retailers seem obsessed with athleisure clothing, or clothing that’s suitable for leisure pursuits, athletic pursuits or a combination of the two. This type of clothing can include anything from designer leggings to stylish gym clothes and owes some of its origin to people who love to wear yoga pants everywhere they go and for all types of occasions.

Functional, fashionable clothing for healthy lifestyles

Athleisure appears to be more than a trend as an increasing number of companies have announced that they’re entering the market with their own versions of chic sportswear. People who embark on healthier lifestyles want more options in fashionable, functional and comfortable clothing that can transition from work to the gym.

Fabletics fashion

One of the most popular brands offering such items is Fabletics, co-founded by actress and busy mom, Kate Hudson.  Fabletics commercials featuring Kate Hudson wearing stylish workout wear have made everyone aware that they can receive their first outfit for $25 with free shipping. Now she and Fabletics are taking stylish comfort even further.

Rethinking the little black dress

After a day spent in confining work clothes or even in comfortable workout attire, the idea of putting on a sexy, yet movement restrictive little black dress lacks appeal for many women. Marie Claire exclusively reported that Fabletics offers exactly what these women need with their new line of athleisure dresses introduced this spring.

The development of dresses in the Fabletics line followed the natural progression of the brand that focuses on the needs of today’s active women who want to enjoy a night out while looking and feeling beautiful in “casual” clothing.

Some of the dresses have bras built in for convenience and comfort but even those that don’t, have designs meant to be easy to put on. Although not intended for exercise such as aerobics, the dresses consist of the same performance materials that move with and shape a woman’s body with the perfect level of comfort and style.

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All You Need to Know About Sanjay Shah

Autism Rocks is one of the most popular international charitable organizations in the world. It was started by Sanjay Shah several years ago with the main aim of helping children suffering from autism. Sanjay Shah recently got an interview from the entrepreneurial podcast network enterprise radio. The radio show is very popular, and it is mainly dedicated to helping businessmen get business advice, motivation, inspiration, and information. The show is also known for covering live events from the businesspeople from all over the world.

Not long ago, the Solo Capital founder was interviewed. In the interview, several topics concerning the British millionaire were discussed. His creation of Solo Capital was discussed, his motivation to start Autism Rocks and several other topics too were also discussed. He also advised entrepreneurs on how to become successful businessmen, and he ended the interview by telling them what they should expect in the year 2016 during the Autism Rocks Charity Concert.

Sanjay Shah is very popular in the world. He is respected for his philanthropic actions, especially towards children. Apart from his donations, he is a very successful businessman, owning over thirty companies that are located in different parts of the world. Most of his donations are given through the organization he started several years ago, known as Autism Rocks. The charitable organization was formed after his youngest son was discovered to have the serious medical condition.

Solo Capital is a boutique brokerage company that is also located in London. The organization was incorporated in the year 2011, and it has managed to become very successful. Shah started the company after he moved from being employed as an accountant. He worked very hard to build the company from scratch, and this explains why the company is so successful. The United Kingdom regulates the company.

After Solo Capital was successful, Shah managed to acquire and start several other companies, and they have managed to be successful too. His experience in the business world has earned him a special place in the society, and he advises people how to become successful like him. He is currently retired, and his offices are found in London.