Science & Innovation: The Clay Siegall Way

Science and innovation goes hand-to-hand. When you combine these two extraordinary components, great things are on the verge of happening. This is the case when it comes to cancer research. Every tip, every trick and every technique has been used in the fight against cancer. This deadly disease is no joke and if left untreated, its sickening conditions can be fatal. There are a number of high-tech institutions that thrive in this business, but none of these high-tech institutions are outperforming Seattle Genetics. This Washington-based company has set the precedent for all others to follow. Seattle Genetics is being led by George Washington University graduate Clay Siegall.

Clay Siegall is more than a cancer-research specialist, he is a scientist, a businessman and an entrepreneur. He has helped to turn Seattle Genetics into a huge success via scientific innovation. In addition to the scientific research, Siegall incorporates drug development to the highest degree. Of course, there are tons and tons of research that goes into each and every product that this company produces. Siegall is from the old school thanks to being an old guard. In 2011, he played a massive role in getting the company’s premier drug approved by the FDA. ADCETRIS has become one of the best cancer fighting drugs of all-time. It attacks cancerous cells with efficiency, and it gives the cancerous cells a dose of its own medicine in a sense. Proficiency like this has helped Siegall and has helped Seattle Genetics earn many awards.

Restoring the people’s health is the end-goal. Yes, you can make a boat-load of money in this business, but if you’re not making a different then you should choose a new path. Thanks to the effectiveness of Seattle Genetics’ advanced medications, amputations and radical surgeries will soon be a thing of the past.