Terry Baltes is Changing Hotel Customer Expectations

The world of real estate highly favors agents and other industry players who focus mainly on attaining customer satisfaction. Terry Baltes happens to be among the most successful real estate experts of the 21st century. He was a successful sole real estate agent before 1997 when he founded Baltes Commercial Realty, Ltd.
As the founder and owner of the real estate giant, Terry Baltes has made sure that the company majors in a wide range of property sales. He has accrued vast knowledge on many real estate fields such as self-storage facilities and the hotel industry. Through his years of experience, detailed explication of the development the hotel industry can be derived.
The hotel industry can be classified into these categories:
1. Luxury
2. Upper upscale
3. Upscale
4. Upper mid scale
5. Mid scale
6. Economy
7. Upper extended scale
8. Extended scale
Many distinctions between these categories used to exist in past years with customer expectations varying for the different levels. Certain amenities that were considered luxurious have chronologically grown into basic requirements of any hotel. Such are
1. Wi-Fi
2. Prestigious bedding
3. Complimentary breakfast in bed
Details that are now used to set these categories apart continually continue to diversify regarding the creativity of hotel managements. To continue being a luxury hotel that can charge ostentatiously has become an uphill task due to these factors
• Underscored importance of hotel brands
More youths afford to travel and accommodation than previous times. Companies, firms and family businesses send the young adults on executive trips more than before. The youths have high regard to value-cost analysis and will not prefer to pay big brands for the value they can get for less. Customer referrals beat branding.
• Plateau of customer expectation
Customers expect pretty much the same thing all across the categories. Wi-Fi is considered most important followed by contemporary breakfast, free parking then luxurious bedding.
• Social media
People are willing to pay good money for services of hotels with overwhelming customer referrals on social media. Over 75 percent of comments on social media over hotel services are positive.

The best way any hotel can maintain its status or rise to a higher one is by making customers feel like their money cannot buy the caliber of services offered anywhere else. Service by hotel personnel should toil to make clients feel special and appreciated.

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