The Crisis of an Online Reputation Management Company

Status Labs has recently suffered its own crisis because of some controversy that has become widely covered by press. A former executive has stepped outside of his role and has done something that was rather controversial. This has brought a lot of bad press to Status Labs. The company started losing customers. At this point, they have decided on a plan of action which included getting rid of the executive and getting more involved in the community so that they could show a better side of the company. They also provided some new content for the search engines so that people will see good news about the company.

In order to present a good image, it is important for one to have a lot of skills when it comes to search engine optimization. For one thing, it is important to know what sites rank high that a user can post content on. A lot of specialists have done the necessary work to remove all of the bad press from the front page of the search results. Eventually, they have not only regained their reputation and image, they have also have gained the trust of new clients. They have been able to successfully manage their reputation since then.

Status Labs has gone on to serve more than 1,000 clients. They have also changed their behavior so that they can be more accessible. Another thing that they have done was change their behavior towards their employees. Darius Fisher, the president and owner of Status Labs understands that employee satisfaction is very important to the success of a business. Among the ways to satisfy an employee is to recognize when he is doing a lot of work. This allows the employee to know that he is appreciated and is not going to lose his job. Employees that feel that they are not appreciated are going to start looking elsewhere for work. Visit their website for more information about their services.

Darius Fisher Talks Success

Success is not always easy to achieve. Even those who work very hard find success elusive. Learning from those who are successful, consistently successful, sheds a little light on what is necessary rise above the crowd. The Small Business Forum at serves up interesting interviews with people who have succeeded. A recent interview with Status Labs President Darius Fisher raises awareness on Fisher, his company Status Labs, and the very important job of keeping one’s reputation pristine.


Fisher pointed out he went into entrepreneurship to better control his own destiny. Co-founding the reputation management firm Status Labs helped with this goal. Fisher approached managing the company from a variety of overlooked perspectives. Doing so has helped him grow the company quickly and significantly. One area Fisher put a lot of emphasis on was human resources. Fisher knew a company is only as good as the talent working for it.


Darius Fisher understood the necessity of making sure employees remained loyal to the fold. Employee retention is critical to keeping a company on solid, stable footing. Status Labs is not excluded from this very basic component of running a successful business. In a very detailed article published on Forbes’ website, Fisher went into quite a bit of depth about the things necessary to retain employees. At Status Labs, Fisher implemented a host of new human resources policies to make the company as employee friendly as possible. Doing so helps boost retention which effectively aids all clients to the company.


According to an interview with the Daily Beast, Fisher suggests small business owners and entrepreneurs should always focus on sales and not nonsense that won’t help a business. Sales and promotions are few factors in Status Labs’ success.


Darius Fisher has done a lot to draw attention to Status Labs. In addition to seeking publicity to boost business, he has sought publicity to raise awareness about the vital help reputation management work can do. One of the more interesting ideas Fisher came up with was to provide free crisis counseling to those persons horrifically impacted by the cruel Ashley Madison hacking attack. Both Fisher and Status Labs both received a great deal of publicity thanks to the media coverage of the free crisis counseling. Many people who never heard of reputation management discovered it through this unique marketing approach.
Look for more success from Fisher and Status Labs in 2016 and beyond.

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Mike Paul Joins Up With Austin’s Top Reputation Management Firm

A person is nothing without his or her reputation. Neither is a business. The minute something, anything, drags down a reputation, a crisis may follow. Contacting a reputation management firm is advisable when bad reviews, legal woes, or personal mishaps have created serious hassles. Status Labs of Austin, TX, is a firm more than capable of helping those in need.

Status Labs is about to receive some help. Mike Paul, The Reputation Doctor, is lending support to the company. Paul is slated to become part of Status Labs’ advisory board. This is a big coup for Status Labs. Paul has many years of experience is public relations-related crisis management work.

Mike Paul runs his own firm, and he has invested a great deal of time and effort working of behalf of many clients. A number of those clients are celebrities who could choose virtually anyone they wish to handle their PR work. They went with Mike Paul for a reason. He understands reputation management quite well.

The media definitely has a high opinion of Mike Paul. He is brought on many major cable channels to discuss his work. Mike Paul does possess significant expertise on the subject of reputation management. That is why talk and news shows like him as a guest. Paul also knows how to run a reputation management business, and this is why he will make a solid strategic advisor to Status Labs.

Status Labs has grown tremendously since the company was co-founded by Darius Fisher (the current president) in 2012. Revenues have increased massively, and the company has moved to newer offices in the prestigious business district in Austin. New York City and San Paulo offices have opened as well. The client roster is huge, and people from all walks of life and professions are accounted for on it. Look for great things from Status Labs in the near future.