Rocketship Education: helping our young achieve Educational Goals:

*Taking an interest in our children’s future:

Rocketship Education is a network of public schools that generally work with low income students who reside in areas that do not have access to good schools as well as a decent educational system.

Rocketship Education believes that schools not only provide much needed education but they also keep parents informed as well as keep local communities engaged. Apparently, this network has already inspired a great many people. In addition, the network has taught many the real importance of a good education and a bright future.

Rocketship Education has a staff of professionals that stress the importance of educated teachers and leaders as well as personalized learning techniques for young children seeking a good education. Children are most impressionable especially when it comes to learning. Therefore, the network tries to make children realize the value of education and how it can ultimately affect their entire life.

The Rocketship Model was designed to better organize the school system to better meet the individual needs of each student. The model is basically a teaching tool which consists of the following:

*Excellent Teachers and Role Models.

*Meeting the needs of each child.

*Getting parents involved.

*Eliminating any existing achievement gaps between parent and child.

Parents and teachers must work together to help the child achieve their full potential. The program teaches that parents must become equally involved along with the teachers in order to properly educate our children. In addition, that discipline and learning must also occur within the home as well as the classroom.

The web site provides a wealth of information for teachers, parents, communities as well as the children. The web site may be accessed by logging on to It is time to become more involved with the education of our children. Helping shape a bright and happy future for our young is the greatest contribution that one can possible give.