Rocklage but Not Rock N’ Roll

Our world’s now is globally connected, something that has never been achieved in the entire history of mankind and perhaps will never be again. Only time will tell, will it not? The 80s were also a time in which many heavy metal rock bands had a strong influence on a teenager’s mindset, will and emotions, ultimately affecting the educational experience as well. Learn more about Scott Rocklage: and

People should decide the books and often paid more attention to Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Van Halen and others like them. They would also prefer to watch movies like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off rather than study for that American Revolution test quiz, which they thought would be irrelevant to them to know about.

Drugs, sex and rock ‘n roll were also prevailing but not at the level they are today. In fact, condoms are handed out in most schools today and are even made available in public restrooms. In some states, girls are allowed to enter boys’ restrooms and vice versa.

5AM Ventures leader Scott Rocklage recalls a time in which he went to school in the ’80s, when things were “way different than they are now”, at least according to him. He has written and talked about many such topics just recently, including the many changes that advancement and modern technology, as well as overall human progression and a solid learning from our past mistakes as a society, have now made available to us – with biotechnology and healthcare pharmaceuticals specifically in mind.

Yes, he is beyond an expert. He is, in fact, a healthcare executive manager of 30 years and can attest to all the wonderful changes in medicine and education that have become available over the last 30 years, giving thanks to God for all that has become possible. Read more: Scott Racklage | Crunchbase

According to him, 5AM Ventures has also seen the best of the business as it now sells and patents to millions in the U.S. and abroad, if not billions. Rocklage has also gotten the chance to work with a Nobel Prize winner on a project. He projects greater things to come as well.