On the Rise of Transparent & Efficient Healthcare Programs

On a world wide scale, today, the Healthcare industry is larger the the banking sector. During the past decade or so, it has gone through many developments and technological advancements, transforming itself into a revitalized entity which many individuals rely upon (for everyday occurrences and life threatening situations). However, this widening and improvement has become available for the general public after much hard work towards the pursuit of the three must haves check points for a successful health care coverage:
– Reduction of costs, per capita.
– Enhancing the “care” experience.
– Improving the overall health of a population.
Aiming to properly implement prevention, care continuity, precision, wellness, and personalization in a consumer centric plan is no easy task for health care providers. However, companies like Nobilis Health Corp. (previously known as Northstar Healthcare Inc.) have managed to do so in a swift manner. By implementing “direct to patient marketing” they have grown their acute and ambulatory health facilities in Texas and Arizona. These include a surgical hospital based in Houston, two MRI centers, six ambulatory surgery facilities, and an urgent care center. Stanley from Mackie Research Capital conducted a thorough report on the top picks for Q4, where Nobilis Health Corp. came out on top. Pointing out the company’s acquisition of their first hospital in 2014 for $7.5 million in cash, showed a clearly strong record in regards to M&A.
Harry Fleming, Nobilis’ President, has also cleared up the name changes that recently occurred within the company, stating: “This change is necessary as part of our expansion into the U.S. capital markets. By changing to ‘Nobilis’ we will avoid potential confusion with companies and funds using the ‘Northstar’ name on exchanges in the United States. We have a registration statement currently pending with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and Google Finance we expect to obtain a dual listing on a notable United States exchange in early 2015. Nobilis will continue to trade on the TSX under the symbol ‘NHC.’”
A class of companies resisting the status quo have surged in the demand for a flat fee based health care that provides mobile health, on demand services, and data transparency.  Thus, Fleming also addressed the individuals who are looking to join Nobilis, “We are happy to introduce our patients, physician-partners, and investors to Nobilis Health Corp.”