Ross Abelow Sets Up Go Fund Me Campaign to Help Homeless Animals in New York City

Homeless animals in New York City are getting help through a new campaign launched with Go Fund Me. The campaign began in January and is set up to provide homeless animals in New York City through the animal shelter system. Attention to the animals became a concern when January experienced bitterly cold weather. New York City attorney, Ross Abelow has been elected to head the campaign.

Money raised is to go towards animal shelters providing; medical care, blankets, food and vaccines for the growing number of animals that were distressed with the harsh weather conditions. The animal shelters in New York City are over-crowded and under-funded, the Go Fund Me campaign is set up to ease the financial hardship they are facing so the vulnerable animals have a place to receive care.

The campaign will help animals that have been left out in the cold because shelters have not had the room to take them in by providing financial resources to the shelters. Mr. Abelow set up this fund to prevent more animals from dying because they are sick, hungry or cold.

Ross Abelow is an attorney with the law firm, Abelow & Cassandro LLP and specializes in family law. He also practices entertainment law and commercial litigation and actively writes legal blogs. He received his education from NYU and the Brooklyn College of Law and has been in practice for over 20 years. Lawyers in New York City respect Abelow for his ability to work in more than one area of the law. Abelow has proven he can work with various people across many different fields.

Abelow has helped many entertainers in the New York area and also spent time with divorcing couples who need help finishing the process. He is known as a very versatile lawyer in the City. Entertainment law can be very complex and Alelow knows how to handle the documents necessary to be in this business. He is able to handle contracts to legal disputes; it is his belief every entertainer should have an attorney at their side.

Ross Abelow is the kind of attorney who welcomes a challenge. The Go Fund Me campaign will be the sort of challenge he can meet head on personally just as he often does in his professional career. Just as he has helped countless people in their darkest hours; Ross Abelow will now help the homeless animals in New York City through theirs.