Advancement Of Technology Helps Wedding Industry

Preparing for a wedding can be stressful for everyone involved even if you aren’t the one actually getting married. There are so many minute details to go over, outfits to prepare, and not to mention travel and gift expenses.

Wedding Registries

Main issues for to-be newlyweds is creating a gift registry that is accessible to all guests, in attendance or not. This accessibility can be a number of things from price range to store location. Some items may only be bought online or they may only carry an item in the local store but it is currently out of stock.

Couples have stated their frustration with gift registries but these mishaps occurred when registries were in their infancy. Now that technology has evolved so have the gift registries. There are definitely far more sites and stores to choose from but the best advancement yet is sites that allow you to create a registry with items from multiple stores. MyRegistry is one of the sites that allows you to do this and it has been quite the life saver. No longer do couples have to sigh in defeat when a store is out of the stand up mixer they so desperately wanted, they can always check another store.

Although, the fun does not stop there now that visual search technologies like Slyce are being made available. Couples could be out for a simple dinner at a friends house, the bride sees a vase that she loves and with one quick photo snap of the vase she can instantly view that vase and others like it, along with their price tags, and add her favorite to the registry.

Wedding Attire

If the couple is to have bridesmaids and groomsmen the frustration and embarrassment goes far beyond just selecting a few special people out of your group of friends. Bridesmaid dresses are usually only worn once so asking even your best of friends to shell out a huge chunk of change for a one time dress can be headache inducing. Tuxedos were usually rented but this doesn’t mean it was a one stop shop for the groomsmen. Tailoring and fitting still needs to be accounted for and with large wedding parties this can be difficult since everyone has their own lives and schedules.

Once again, Slyce is one of the front runners for changing the wedding industry. Their image recognition software is available on mobile phones and paired with some amazing name brands. Soon there will be no need to worry that your dream wedding dress is out of your budget, one picture of the dress and you will find something you can fall in love with without going bankrupt.

Bridesmaids dresses and even wedding dresses can now be rented for a fraction of the cost of buying the dress outright. There is even an app from Men’s Warehouse to help the fellas out. Wedding Tuxedo Group Manager allows anyone in the wedding party to keep tabs on the tuxedo sizes and most importantly rental status. A notification is sent out when the rented tuxedos have been returned.

Wedding Websites

Invitations and save the dates are so passé. It’s truly up to the couple if they want to keep up with traditions but where is the fun in that when you can create your very own wedding website. It is way easier to update, add links to your registry, keep track of RSVPs, and not to mention accessible twenty four hours a day. Invitations can be lost or people can forget to write it down on their calendar but with a permanent website link there will be no more excuses.

Websites used to be only available to those who had some kind of know how with HTML and other computer programming knowledge. That is no longer the case and the future is definitely here. Websites like Wix, Weebly, and of course SquareSpace make it so that anyone who is technology disadvantaged can create a website.

These websites are going to become game changers as they are exceptional when it comes to reliability and the fact that anyone with computer or mobile phone access can instantly check to see if there have been any updates like venue location or dinner menu. Invitations and save the dates will possibly stick around, newspapers didn’t exactly phase out when the television was in over 60% of households. There will still be some couples who will stand strong with tradition and send out envelopes with decorative embossing but websites will eventually become the common way to organize a wedding.