Handy New Age Cleaning Service

Choosing the right cleaning service can be a daunting experience. Yes, there are lots of excellent home cleaning services available. However, many times rooms are left uncleaned, clients overcharged for the work done, and in extreme cases, they don’t show up at the appointed hour, if at all. Recently we had an occasion to hire a cleaning service, and the woman arrived with her children and spent more time looking after her kids than she did cleaning. For residents in many parts of the country, there is a new cleaning service that will take the guesswork out of choosing someone to clean their house.

Handy is a cleaning service, which operates somewhat like the very successful, Uber transportation service. Handy is a little over two years old and is already reporting weekly bookings of over $1 million. Handy will schedule your service, pay the people who do the work and offer a money back guarantee. Scheduling a cleaning using your mobile phone or by using the company website only takes minutes.

Handy members like the convenience, reliability, and peace of mind they get from this service. The client enters their zip code, the number of rooms they want to be cleaned and the time and date you would like to have the cleaning done. You will soon get a price quote, including all taxes and gratuities. If you agree to the terms of the offer, they will charge the card on file. Handy has a lot of happy customers, eighty percent of their bookings are from existing customers.

Being accepted by Handy as one of their service professionals is not easy. According Bigcitylittleblog.com, Handy will check references conduct a personal interview and do a thorough background check. Only 3% of the people who apply are accepted. Once they are a member of the Handy team they receive an hourly wage. Earning between $15 and $22 per hour with the average being $18. Handy’s cleaning professionals like the option of being able to per-determine the number of hours and days of the week they can work. Handy takes 22% as compensation for handling the entire transaction.

Handy currently offers cleaning services in twenty-five U.S cities, London and, two in Canada. Handy plans to at least double the number of cities served in the next twelve months. The next time you are searching for a reliable cleaning service, try Handy.