Securus Technologies Is Working To Help Out By Acquiring GovPayNet

The company who is known for the assistance of corrections agencies and helping inmates to be prepared to return to life on the outside. While they are on the inside however, Securus Technologies is working to help keep them safe and helping to keep those who supervise them safe as well.


While Securus has been working to help inmates and help those who provide care for them while on the inside, they are also the ones who are in the right position to help put an end into contraband within the jails and access to the contraband by inmates. How are they able to do this you ask? They employ the help of former employees who have been in the business of government held jobs in the past.


One of the best things that Securus has created which helps to keep those safe on the inside and outside is, the creation of the tool used to prevent contraband calls from being made in prison. During a previous period of time, a employee of the corrections department had intercepted a package that would nearly cost him his life.


Since this time period, they have decided to expand even further with GovPayNet. The venture is going to prove to be quite the deal for Securus Technologies. Since the acquisition has occurred, they are used to process payments for 40 million dollars.


Securus will be working with GovPayNet to assist in payments surrounding various fees and fines associated with court hearings and cases against the inmates currently serving time or who have been previously convicted and are responsible for the fees associated with the case. This can include the costs associated with bail, fines, traffic fines, probation fees and much more.


Before GovPayNet was acquired, Securus was already an established name and company. Now they are just bigger and provide more services.