Securus Technologies to Reveal the Nefarious Practices of GTL

In a series of reports, Securus Technologies will release wrong-doing reports by GTL to educate public of the unlawful activities carried by Global Tel Link. According to PR Newswire‘s interview on Richard A. “Rick” Smith, GTL has tarnished the reputation of the entire criminal justice industry by over-charging outbound calls when working on a contract for Louisiana Department of Correction. It is only after 18 years that the the Louisiana Public Service Commission has formally indicted GTL for their unlawful activities. As such, the 17-page report by the Commission will be released by Securus Technologies as a part of the series of reports on GTL and its nefarious practices. The CEO of Securus Technologies has vowed to educate public on the issue because Mr. Smith is determined to highlight such criminal practices by one of the most prominent communication provider in the criminal justice system.
GTL is a communication provider, which primarily offers communication service for the criminal justice department. In 1998, the company intentionally clocked the timings of outbound calls from prison facilities in an efforts to inflate the final call times. The report released by Louisiana Public Service Commission reveals that GTL benefited by overcharging taxpayers more than $1.2 Million.

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It was noticed that GTL would program the clocks in their telephones to add 15 or 36 seconds to the original call. As a result, the final time stamp on calls would show extended call times. As such, GTL took full reimbursement from the government for call charges that it was not entitled to. In addition, the telephone hardware of GTL was also programmed to charge rates that were over the limit of call rates prescribed by the regulatory authorities. In fact, the act was so blatant that GTL even charged more than the call rates that were publicly displayed on the call-rate sheet.