US Money Reserve Puts Out Its “2017 War Of Nerves” Book

The “2017 War of Nerves” is an ebook you can find on the US Money Reserve’s website that talks about saving your assets from global economic crises through protecting it in precious metals.

US Money Reserve sells precious metals, especially in the form of gold and silver commemorative coins and as part of a discount on limited-time 1/10 ounce gold coins, this ebook provides extra information on storing wealth the same way the Wall Street elite do.  US Money Reserve believes anyone can understand gold and its uses, and this ebook is just part of its latest 16-year effort to lead the way in the gold-buying industry.

US Money Reserve generates most of its sales through its much improved website.  The website was renovated just this last year it make it easier to navigate on mobile devices and tablets, and users can now see more photos of its precious metal inventory.

US Money Reserve wants customers understand why they should buy gold and silver, and it’s because when global conflicts and economic problems arise, precious metals always rise in local currency value.  Gold also cannot have a value of zero and has been in demand as long as the world has existed.  Paper currency and federal interest rates can always be regulated, but gold and silver cannot.

When customers buy gold and silver with US Money Reserve, they have the privilege of hearing from known experts in the field who are working to uphold the company’s solid reputation.  A model of leadership in numismatics and best business practices is US Money Reserve Philip N. Diehl. Learn more about Orange Coast College:

Diehl is better known for his role as the 35th US Mint Director where he transformed it into one of the top government agencies.  Diehl helped bring in high tech operational equipment and also had a high quality website designed that drove in sales and made the US Mint profit in over $2 billion.

Diehl has an introductory message for customers at US Money Reserve that lets them know what doing business with the company is like.  For customers that want live support for their purchases, they can use Client-Connect Advantage to have live support assistants communicate with them.

For those who have an IRA and want to have it protected in precious metals, US Money Reserve has a booklet on how they can transfer it into gold or silver coins available at