Marco Antonio Marques da Silva Acknowledged for Hard Work and Efforts

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva is a professor of Criminal Law at Perdizes Campus in Sao Paulo Brazil. In the beginning of the ceremony that was held, Dirceu de Mello, the president of Perdizes University Campus, also known as PUC, glorified Marco Antonio’s efforts in helping to ensure the construction of the new auditoriums at the institution. Therefore, one of the new auditoriums at Perdizes University Campus was named after the professor/judge. Dirceu de Mello stated that Marco Antonio is always ready to help with everything. Marco Antonio’s work and efforts are very much appreciated and were honored. Marco Antonio was also acknowledged by Ricardo Sayeg, a lawyer at Perdizes University Campus-Sao Paulo. Ricardo talked about Marco Antonio’s career in his speech. Marco Antonio Marques da Silva was born in 1958 in the city of Itapetininga. He already had his mind made up to pursue a career in Law at the age of 15. In 1977, Marco Antonio began his legal studies at Perdizes University Campus and graduated 4 years later. He also pursued degrees, including masters and doctorate, at the Pontifical Catholic University. He earned his tenure in 2003 at Perdizes University Campus, where he currently teaches.


Ricardo Sayeg also spoke about Marco Antonio’s scholarly work. Marco Antonio is the author of 40 articles and 13 books. Marco edited “Luso-Brazilizn Treaty on Human Dignity”, mutually with Jorge Miranda, a European Constitutional Law Professor. Sayeg also included, in his speech, that Marco Antonio is a good man who is honest, loyal, and dedicated. Marco Antonio gave an emotional speech as he gave thanks to his family and friends who were present in the ceremony. He also said, in his speech, he is a man who values education, family, friends and justice. Marco Antonio Marques da Silva closed his speech by saying, with the same excitement and humanitarianism when he enrolled at Perdizes University Campus, “I keep my restless spirit longing for change.”