An Insight into Management of Stock Options

Several companies have decided to deny their employees the right of buying company shares as it was in the past. Company Stock option plans allowed the employees to purchase the company shares at a given price. An employee who has stayed for a given period had the privilege of buying the shares.  Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

There are several reasons for denying employees this privilege such as protection of employees from losses associated with the drop in stock value in the market. Additionally, employees have lost trust in the company’s compensation, and staff preferred this benefit being replaced by higher salaries.

Stock options brought with it some advantages, one of them being that it was understood easily by employees. It also brought significant value regarding compensation to the employees. It ensured that the employees put more effort in their work to ensure the company’s value never dropped. There is also an increase in tax whenever shares are given to employees as compared to options.

A guide to successful award of stock options

Companies need to adopt useful strategies for them to continue awarding stock plans. They must minimize potential dilution of stocks. The knockout barrier needs to be approved. Shares that are bought during a knock out may drop in value within a period. Employees should eliminate these options in cases where the value drops for a given number of days. The best thing to do is to cancel them till the market price gets back to their desired price.

About Jeremy

Jeremy L. Goldstein founded Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC in 2004. For three years this law firm has been on the forefront in providing companies with compensation guidance. Their services are directed towards CEOs, compensation committees, executives, and management. Jeremy has been at the forefront of guiding this law firm.

Mr. Goldstein is a law graduate from New York School of Law.

Jeremy is a successful lawyer who has been part of several transactions in the cooperate world. He is a writer of Executive Compensation and Cooperates governance.

How Thor Halvorssen Makes a Difference

Standing Up For Human Rights

Human rights are taken for granted in the Western world, but for many they are under attack by oppressive governments. There are many who ismply don’t believe there is a reason for anyone to speak out against this oppression, but Thor Halvorssen has made it his life mission to expose this oppression once and for all. Through his work at the Human Rights Foundation he has helped to expose countless oppressive regimes across the world and build a world of open societies.

A Family Of Freedom Fighters

He isn’t the only freedom fighter in his family. On both his mother’s and father’s side people have taken up action against oppressive regimes and sought to create a freer world. On his mother’s side Halvorssen is related to the freedom fighter Simon Bolivar and the first president of Venezuela Cristal Mendoza. His father’s Norwegian family has done plenty to fight against oppression going all the way back to World War 2 when they helped direct European refugees to South America where they were able to escape the dangers of life in war torn Europe.

Thor Halvorssen In Action

To accomplish his goals he uses a variety of methods. Some days he does this through simple actions like sending balloons into North Korea, but at times he employs more complicated campaigns to promote open societies. Frequently, Halvorssen finds himself filming documentaries in order to expose corruption and oppression in developing countries by taking trips to these countries for himself. His work in these countries is often treacherous, but he understands there is simply no other way to go about exposing the truth. Sometimes he even faces dangers such as violence and arrests, but he sees this as necessary to accomplish his goals.

Towards Open Societies

The ultimate goal of Thor Halvorssen is to do everything he can in order to promote the creation of open societies. One of the biggest problems we see in the world today are countries were people are unable to choose their own path in life and are forced into social roles they did not choose. In an open society everyone decides their fate regardless.

The Development And Modern Application Of Comparative Law

Law is a wide area that calls for professional interpretation. There are many sections of law and different professionals specialize on specific types of laws because it can be overwhelming to work on the entire subject. One of the areas of law that has grown over the years to rise in appreciation is comparative law. The specialty has seen massive changes since its introduction in the early 18th century. Many government institutions use comparative law while developing new laws or correcting existing legislation to fit within the uses of the organization.

In the 18th century, scholars from Europe set out on a journey that saw them explore the subject of comparative law and this marked the beginning of this section of law. They toured several places to understand and borrow the laws that were applied to make it easy to administer justice. It is evident that an institution may not fully have perfect structures and laws to govern the procedures that occur in each day. Developing laws to serve different purposes can take time since there is need for research to understand how some pieces of legislation are likely to affect the lives of those being governed.

Comparative law is a field that helps while developing constitutions and important laws to govern individuals and institutions. Government agencies move to other governments to learn about the types of laws applied to solve problems and it is through this process that they are able to understand the flaws that exist in the laws they use in their country. Comparative law is a growing field and in the past century, many of the laws used across the world were developed after comparative studies were conducted to allow universal application of some laws.

About Sujit Choudhry

Proffessor Sujit Choudhry is a law professor who is internationally recognized for his contribution in the development of comparative law. He has been working with government institutions from different countries to help them in constitutional development and gathering research data to help in decision making processes. His effort in the constitution building process has helped to build several countries like Jordan, Nepal, Libya and Sri Lanka,

His research covers a wide variety of issues in comparative law, which includes constitutional design and development as a tool to enhance smooth transition from conflict. Sujit Choudhry is the founder and director of Center for Constitutional Transitions, an organization that mobilizes knowledge to support constitution building.

Comparative Law Expert Sujit Choudhry

Comparative law is one of the more intriguing and significant aspects of the legal field. It entails the study of legal systems in a number of different countries. During the process of studying comparative law, individuals will go over a number of law fields such as criminal law, family law, business law and the constitution of various nations. Studying comparative law gives people the opportunity to learn more about different legal systems and also provide them with beneficial knowledge. Anyone who is looking to participate in legal, political and business activities in foreign countries will greatly benefit by learning more about comparative law. It will give them valuable information that they can apply to any situation where knowledge of the law is useful.

When studying comparative law, one of the first things you will want to learn about is the constitutional law of a given nation. This will allow you to learn more about the legal foundation of the country and its policies regarding human rights, economics, basic laws and also its political philosophy. Along with constitutional law, you will also learn about things such as tax law and criminal law. The field of tax law will inform you about how the country taxes individuals and businesses. With criminal law, you will learn about a nation’s policies on social conduct and how it punishes violations of basic laws. Therefore, comparative law provides individuals with very useful knowledge about how other nations function.

One of the top experts in comparative law is Sujit Choudhry. For many years he has studied and taught comparative law. He has also studied constitutional law and taught this for a number of years as well. Over the course of his career, Choudhry has held a number of prestigious positions at some of the top law schools. Between the years 2014 and 2016, he was the Dean of the University of California Berkeley School of Law. When he held this position he became the first individual of Indian origin to be dean of a top law school in the United States. Prior to his tenure as the dean of the Berkeley School of Law, Sujit was a professor at the New York University School of Law.

Sujit Choudhry has accomplished a lot during his career. Some of these accomplishments have been in the form of awards. One of his most notable awards as a Rhodes Scholarship which is one of the top forms of educational recognition you can get. He has also been appointed to various fellowships such as the William Taylor Memorial Fellowship and the Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship. Choudhry has also attained some very impressive educational credentials as well. He finished law degrees at the University of Toronto and Harvard Law School.

Why Sujit Choudhry is a Colossus in the Academic World

Sujit Choudhry is one of the most recognizable legal experts. He is the faculty director and founder of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. This is one of the first university-based legal institutions. Its role is to generate and mobilize knowledge to support constitutional building across the globe. Under his leadership, the organization has become globally renowned as an advocate of legal reform.

Choudhry is also a globally recognized expert on matters pertaining to comparative constitutional development, and comparative constitutional law. His works mainly focus on the methodologies that can be used to facilitate the transition from political instability to peaceful democratic politics in ethnically divided countries. He has published nearly 100 articles, papers and reports, and book chapters.

Notable Publications

Choudhry’s most notable publications include The Migration of Constitutional Ideas, and Constitutional Design for Divided Societies: Integration or Accommodation. Currently, he is editing The Oxford Handbook of Indian Constitutional Law, and the Constitution Making. Choudhry has participated in the publication of the International Journal of Constitutional Law, the South Africa’s Constitutional Court Review, and the Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law.

Board Membership

Choudhry holds high-profile board memberships in notable global organizations. He is affiliated to the United Nations Mediation Roster. Besides this, he has widely consulted for the World Bank Institute, which is an organ of the World Bank. He mainly offers services about streamlining the international legal banking system. He has similarly partnered with the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance to implement constitutional reform in Tunisia, Libya, Jordan, and Egypt.

Sujit has also served on the Governing Toronto Advisory Panel, which formulated major legal reforms in the leadership structure of Toronto’s municipal government. He acted as a counsel of record, and even made a presentation at the Supreme Court of Canada. His success in streamlining Toronto’s municipality saw him named Legal Practitioner of the Year by Toronto’s South Asian Bar Association in 2011.

Education Background and Legal Practice

Sujit earned his law degree from Oxford University. He holds postdoctoral degrees in law from the University of Toronto and Harvard University where he was a Rhodes Scholar. Besides this, he worked as a law clerk of Chief Justice Antonio Lamer of Canada’s Supreme Court. Before his appointment at Berkeley Law, Sujit was a law professor at the New York University, and the University of Toronto. He was among the four Canadians who received the prestigious Trudeau Fellowship, which is the Canadian version of the MacArthur awards.

SEC Whistleblower Attorney Help People Break Their Silence

Modern day society depends on the ability of people to speak out when they witness any form of wrongdoing. People must feel confident they can say something if they see that something is wrong. This is why many government officials have offered rewards for those who do so. They know how important it is for people to be able to speak out confidently should they spot something that went wrong. One law firm has stepped forward to help make sure that people all over the world can speak out and speak about a problem they might have noticed in their workplace. They know that it is useful to have counsel on their side during the process of speaking out.


Advocating For SEC Whistleblowers


Those at the law firm of Labaton Sucharow have established a practice that allows anyone who sees a problem that needs to be corrected to get access to skilled legal counsel. With the help of an SEC whistleblower attorney, they know that any worker need not fear problems should they alert the world to an issue that might break the law at their workplace. They also know that it is much easier for someone to step forward and alert the authorities when they have an SEC whistleblower lawyer with them during the entire process. The lawyers at their firms can offer them legal advice during the process of filing a claim and then testifying about the problems they have seen in front of them.


Monetary Rewards


At Labaton Sucharow, they know that Congress has provided for fiscal compensation for anyone who makes those in power aware of a problem that may exist. With their help, any person who is bringing attention to a problem may be eligible for hundreds and even thousands of dollars in compensation. Laws passed allow for someone blowing the whistle on a problem to claim between ten and thirty percent of any financial yield from their decision to alert the authorities about problems they note. Collecting such funding is now easier than ever before with their help. They will make sure that anyone who is reporting this problem is now able to get the funds that are due to them under the laws that have been passed. This means that anyone working with the firm can be assured of having someone on their side who will fight for their rightful and appropriate compensation.


Ross Abelow Sets Up Go Fund Me Campaign to Help Homeless Animals in New York City

Homeless animals in New York City are getting help through a new campaign launched with Go Fund Me. The campaign began in January and is set up to provide homeless animals in New York City through the animal shelter system. Attention to the animals became a concern when January experienced bitterly cold weather. New York City attorney, Ross Abelow has been elected to head the campaign.

Money raised is to go towards animal shelters providing; medical care, blankets, food and vaccines for the growing number of animals that were distressed with the harsh weather conditions. The animal shelters in New York City are over-crowded and under-funded, the Go Fund Me campaign is set up to ease the financial hardship they are facing so the vulnerable animals have a place to receive care.

The campaign will help animals that have been left out in the cold because shelters have not had the room to take them in by providing financial resources to the shelters. Mr. Abelow set up this fund to prevent more animals from dying because they are sick, hungry or cold.

Ross Abelow is an attorney with the law firm, Abelow & Cassandro LLP and specializes in family law. He also practices entertainment law and commercial litigation and actively writes legal blogs. He received his education from NYU and the Brooklyn College of Law and has been in practice for over 20 years. Lawyers in New York City respect Abelow for his ability to work in more than one area of the law. Abelow has proven he can work with various people across many different fields.

Abelow has helped many entertainers in the New York area and also spent time with divorcing couples who need help finishing the process. He is known as a very versatile lawyer in the City. Entertainment law can be very complex and Alelow knows how to handle the documents necessary to be in this business. He is able to handle contracts to legal disputes; it is his belief every entertainer should have an attorney at their side.

Ross Abelow is the kind of attorney who welcomes a challenge. The Go Fund Me campaign will be the sort of challenge he can meet head on personally just as he often does in his professional career. Just as he has helped countless people in their darkest hours; Ross Abelow will now help the homeless animals in New York City through theirs.

Brenda Wardle And The Analysis Of The Oscar Pistorius Trial

On Valentine’s Day 2013, the world was stunned by the news of Oscar Pistorius shooting and killing his girlfriend and model, Reeva Steenkamp. He admitted to the shooting death of his girlfriend, but Oscar Pistorius denied murdering Reeva Steenkamp. Oscar Pistorius was charged with her murder and a weapons charge the day after it happened while in police custody. The incident drew the attention of the media from around the world, and the media was focused on this interesting case in South Africa. Cases involving celebrities or athletes can take a long time in the United States, but South Africa finished the case rather quickly considering his fame and how peculiar the case was. In October of 2014, a judge ruled Oscar Pistorius was not guilty of murder, however, Oscar Pistorius was found guilty for his girlfriend’s culpable homicide and a weapons charge.

The global media was eating this case up because Oscar Pistorius was an Olympic runner, and he was also a double amputee and missing both of his legs. In 2012, he was a media darling for his underdog story in the Olympics. Anyone who watched the Olympics or even the news about the Olympics knew about the guy with prosthetic legs competing in races. Oscar Pistorius was the ultimate underdog, and in 2013 he admitted to killing his girlfriend by accident inside his own home.

A case like this in South Africa had a lot of people wondering about the legal process there, and Brenda Wardle was the analyst media outlets expected to explain to South Africa and the rest of the world. She is more than qualified to offer her expert legal analysis on any case in South Africa, and she took a particular interest in the case of Oscar Pistorius. Despite reaching a verdict in less than two years, the case had many component, and Brenda Wardle’s breakdown of these components was vital to the media.

Brenda Wardle was born in South Africa, and she also lives there. She has an extensive education and plenty of experience in law. She appeared on major media outlets such as the BBC and Fox news during the sentencing of Oscar Pistorius and for his appeal. In addition to her work with courts and offering analysis for the Oscar Pistorius trial, Wardle is also a renowned author in the legal field. No one was more qualified to cover the Oscar Pistorius trial than Brenda Wardle.

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Protecting Your Rights With Lawyer Ross Abelow

Just because you have been arrested and have a pending court date for driving under the influence, you should never accept the penalty without a fight. There are many circumstances that happen during the arrest that could affect the punishment handed down. If you are going to try and go to court on your own without an attorney because you simply want to put this behind you, expect the judge to not have any pity on you and hand down as harsh a sentence as they can. Trying to save money on hiring a professional attorney could cost you more in the long run.

Understanding Your Rights
When you are pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving, the arresting officer must conduct themselves in a certain manner. In addition to reading you your rights, they must conduct field tests that follow the letter of the law. While there are a number of field tests at the discretion of the officer, the reason that they chose or didn’t choose a field test can also come under scrutiny.

Local lawyer Ross Abelow will be able to access the police dash camera and get a better understanding as to why the arrest proceeded as it did. This skilled lawyer understands that the police officer has the ability to choose a variety of field tests, and the reasons for choosing or not choosing one can significantly impact the outcome of your case.

Avoiding the Severe Penalties
The judge will carefully look at the evidence in your case and hand down one of many different penalties. The first will be community service and possibly mandatory community service. Fines of different lengths and amounts will also be part of your penalty, not to mention losing your drivers license.

The judge can also hand down a severe jail sentence if you are a repeat offender or you possibly injured another person because of your driving. This is when it is important to have an experienced lawyer like Ross Abelow in your corner. He will be in the best position to plea bargain with the court so you are not paying a harsh price for a mistake that you made. In addition to a lighter penalty, Ross can negotiate with the judge on getting you a temporary license that will allow you to work.

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