Live Out Loud With Lime Crime Makeup

Lime Crime makeup is not for the timid of heart. Makeup lovers, creative types, and outgoing individuals can let their personality shine with this vegan brand of makeup. This is a makeup company that prides itself on promoting individualism, fierceness, and being colorful without fear.

The makeup company was started by Unicorn Queen Doe Deere, an internet sensation who was looking for makeup that was cruelty-free. Doe Deere is quite the colorful lady. She was dismayed at how difficult it was to find a makeup that was vegan and matched her colorful personality and style. As fate would have it, Doe Deere remedied the problem by creating her own unique line of fashionable, eye-catching, colorful vegan makeup.

According to Glambot, The Lime Crime makeup company offers a wonderful selection of makeups for their avid cosmetic fans. There are cute tins with rose imagery on the top that contain luscious lip liners. Eyeshadow is marketed in trendy containers with colors such as The Grunge Palette. Doe Deere stands out amongst the makeup competition, not only for being very reachable via online but by listening to the fans of her cosmetic lines.

The company has a vibrant energy that reaches out to its audience, listens to them, and makes them feel included in the development process all the way. The vegan makeup company has a wide presence on online spots such as Instagram, their online blog, Facebook, and more. People just can’t seem to get enough of Doe Deere’s fashionable makeups.

Living out loud, showing yourself to the world as you are, and embracing positivity have never been more in trend than now. Finding a cruelty-free vegan makeup line that is trendy, affordable, and fashionable is easier than ever thanks to Lime Crime. Artistic creative types, club kids, internet famous, and everyday fashionista alike can rejoice with the artful color selections of this hot cosmetic company.