Freedompop Offers Free Service And New Equipment

It is a rare thing to get anything for free. Freedompop is a phone service company that provides customers with free service if they purchase a phone from the company. The way this works is the customer goes online to the Freedom Pop website. The customer will scroll through several choices in phones and tablets. The customer will find the phone they want and can pay for it on the website. After paying for the phone, the customer will set up for the service. They can choose from free service or get the unlimited service for less than 20 dollars.


The Freedompop review helps people to understand that it is true, there are the free phone and internet service available. Anyone that chooses the free service will receive 500 texts free. They will also receive 200 minutes free where they can call anyone they wish and talk for up to 200 minutes. A person with this free service can go online and has the ability to use up to 500 MB of data for free. At any time, it is possible for the customer to change their service to the unlimited plan.


Freedom pop offers great coverage and wonderful access most anywhere in the United States. Freedompop uses the Sprint towers and offers a 4G LTE experience if the 4G is in close range. One of the things people appreciate is the free shipping on new phones. The website offers several different choices for phones and tablets. Some of the most popular phones that are available are Blackberry phones, iPhones, Google phones, and Apple phones. There are also tablets sold on the site such as Ipads and the HTC LG. Any of these devices will do well with the free service of Freedompop.


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