Talkspace Helping People Get Professional Therapy for Less

The lives of people continue to get hectic and stressful due to various personal and professional lives, and the age from which such predicament starts occurring has been nearing teens or even earlier these days. The counseling and therapy sessions can be exceedingly helpful in relieving people from such stress and can help get them that much-needed clarity to lead a life correctly, free of stress and anxiety. At least, the therapy sessions would assist people in coping with the stress they face without breaking down. However, many of the people who are suffering such mental health issues can’t afford therapy sessions, and many others just don’t have time for therapy or are too ignorant to realize they need therapy.

It is where Talkspace, an online and mobile therapy app that can be downloaded on mobile, comes to your rescue. It has over a thousand licensed and professional therapists who the users can contact anytime of the day or night. The members of Talkspace can contact their assigned therapist via voice call, text, or even video call. As per the recent report, Oren Frank, who is one of the co-founders at Talkspace, said that the number of people joining Talkspace had increased drastically since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. The number of people from minorities like Jews, Muslims, and LGBTI community, joining Talkspace has also increased drastically. However, he also added that it is not yet certain as to whether the increase in the number of people joining is due to Trumps’ election win or something else.

Talkspace is a place where people can come online to share what they feel and get a professional consultation done in complete privacy. The cost at which one can have therapy at Talkspace is far less than what one would end up giving at the therapist’ office for face to face counseling.