George Gascon Promises to Clean the Police Officers Department

George Gascon has been in cross with words with the rest of the law enforcement agencies in San Francisco. He has an experience in the police department whereby he served as a chief police in Los Angeles. He has been an active member of the force until he was promoted to be the District Attorney of San Francisco. Currently he is trying to mend and clean the mess that is happening at the police department.
There has been various accusation of the police officers being accused of brutality and affecting the lives of other individuals. His work as a DA has however been restricted by such allegations but the rest of the residents and people who knows him are not convinced with the allegations. He has appointed a task force that is currently investigating the conduct of the police officers who were alleged of racism and homophobia in the force. In his conquest of the vices it seems police are not happy with him at all lengths and they may be fearing of being implicated in the cases.
Gascon is a strong believer in reforms even if the accusations have been labeled at him. It is true that he would have not set up a task force if he was a racist and make it investigate racism acts in the force. Such allegations may be not welcoming but the force will not stop to perform its duties. Among the issues that have been cited as being rampant in the police force are corruption, racism and brutality among the police officers. His leadership skills are being featured as being straight to the point and open minded when tackling such issues.
Gary Delagnes when he faced the blue ribbon panel that was commissioned by DA had a lot to say about Gascon. He oversaw the presidency of the Police Officers Association for more than 25 years, and he had negative memories about Gascon. He recalls of Gascon has been drunk when they had a dinner in August 2010 and went on to make remarks that offended an African America reveler who was sitting next to him with his family.


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