Venezuela Farms And Factories Are Struggling Because Of Leftist Politics According To Gubernatorial Candidate José Manuel González

Hugo Chavez ruled Venezuela with a firm socialist fist for more than 13 years. He had the oil gods on his side. Venezuela has more crude oil than any other OPEC nation. Chavez used the proceeds from oil exports to help the poor in his country, and he became the champion of uneducated, low-income people. He was a savior, but in reality, he was a fiscal nightmare. When he died in 2013, his vice-president Nicolas Maduro stepped in as president, and the country began a downhill economic journey.

Maduro has managed to reduce domestic food production down to a trickle, and according to one of the top agriculture entrepreneurs in Venezuela, José Manuel González, it will take years for the farms to recover unless they get real help from the government. José Manuel González is one of the Deputies of the National Assembly. Mr. González is from one of the largest states in the country, Guárico. Guárico is primarily an agriculture state.

José Manuel González and several members of the National Assembly have been trying to come to an agreement with Maduro for months, but the former bus driver is not listening. In the meantime, the people are starving, Caracas has turned into a violent city, and there’s not enough medicine to treat the sick and the children.  Maduro has fired government employees that signed the petition to remove him, and he has sent the military to the ports to control them. Venezuela has turned into a disaster area, and the recent “Taking Caracas” demonstration proves that the people want Maduro to leave office. More than a million people filled the streets of cities across the country to demand that Maduro leaves office. Maduro calls the demonstration an imperialistic maneuver to undermine his authority.

But the will of the people will endure, according to González. Maduro has hurt the country, and it’s time Venezuela follows the other South American countries.