End Citizens United Coming to the Aid of the Johnson Amendment

The Johnson Amendment, a law that was enacted in 1954, and one of the laws that keep the citizens safe is in danger, as it was recently announced at the End Citizens United’s news page. The End Citizens United group, one of the grassroots groups responsible for raising awareness of the problematic effects of the Citizens United landmark and fighting against them, are doing their very best to prevent this fundamental law from getting repealed.

The Johnson Amendment is a law that keeps religious money out of politics. If this law is repealed, churches can be used as a tool for secret campaign spending. The End Citizens United Political Action Committee believes that if this happens, it would be a major catastrophe for American democracy. The law is very important in keeping apart businesses and corporative interests from the delicate rules of Democracy and politics. This is why End Citizens United is focusing all their resources into preventing the repeal of this law, especially as the political landscape in America has changed so drastically, with the President himself, Donald J Trump, declaring in 2016 that he would work hard to repeal the Johnson Amendment. Both forces are working against each other, but the End Citizens United PAC is not backing off.

In fact, there are thousands and hundreds of members and donors backing the plans of the End Citizens United Group. Since the creation of the group, they have multiplied the number of Americans who are aware of the problematic effects of the Citizens United landmark, and have incentivized citizens to fight for freedom of speech and for equality, as well as fight for the future of the nation.

End Citizens United and other groups must be vigilant and relentless in this fight. Because of how this fight is preventing the Johnson Amendment from being repealed, it is also one way of preventing dark and corrupted money from entering our politics. The Republicans will do everything to repeal this law with the help of Trump, and this is exactly why being vigilant all the time is crucial.

The End Citizens United was initially created by people who wanted to see the monetization of campaigns, something that started with the acceptance of the Citizens United landmark, go away. They have had successes since their foundation, but the fight is far from over. The group believes that 2018 will be a big year for their cause.

Most of their successes have been electing pro-reform Democrats by using the corrupted system that started with the Citizens United: The funding of the campaigns of your favorite candidates. As many billionaires and magnates do because of corporative interests, the End Citizens United group uses the broken system of this political mess to show how much it can be controlled with money, something that shouldn’t happen in politics.

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End Citizens United opposes Donald Trump, Supports Johnson Amendment.

The Johnson Amendment is, perhaps, one of the most important pieces of legislation to be attacked by the current presidential regime of Donald Trump. The Johnson Amendment was a bipartisan piece of legislation that was created in order to give religious institutions tax-free status in exchange for preventing them from becoming political piggybanks via their donation system. The Johnson Amendment was instituted in 1954 but over the past decade or so, dating back to the Citizens United decision in the Supreme, it has become increasingly under attack by members of the right. Donald Trump campaigned on the idea of bringing religion back into the focal point of politics so it should surprise nobody that he is trying to worm another way to exploit religion for political gain. Thankfully, there are certain groups that are functioning to try and push back against his dangerous regime — such as End Citizens United.

End Citizens United is a grassroots political action committee that has been working to engineer a movement by the people and for the people. The goal of End Citizens United has been simple, their entire existence was predicated on bringing campaign finance reform to Washington D.C. We mentioned the disastrous Supreme Court ruling in 2010, which opened the doors for dark money and crony-lobbyists, and the goal of End Citizens United is to repeal that dangerous piece of legislation. By attacking the Johnson Amendment, Donald Trump is also attacking the promise of campaign finance reform — thus the inclusion of End Citizens United.

Tiffany Muller is the president of End Citizens United and she has been particularly vocal about her support for the Johnson Amendment. Muller took aim at House Republicans as well as Donald Trump when the GOP Tax Plan was proposed which would take the teeth out of the Johnson Amendment. Muller understood immediately that by taking away consequence for the Johnson Amendment, Republicans were simply opening up another backdoor to start funneling money into politics. Muller pointed out that by allowing churches to donate to political campaigns, a new door is opening for mega-donors to give away their money while also getting a tax write off. The outcome of such a system would further pervert the will of the American people, thus putting even more power into the hands of the political lobbyists that already control our country.

We saw in early Fall that Donald Trump was willing to put the Johnson Amendment on notice. By way of an executive order, Trump put the IRS in the crosshairs of his own agenda. Trump ordered the IRS to quit prosecuting religious institutions that broke the Johnson Amendment, thus effectively telling the IRS to ignore the law. It’s easy to see that Trump won’t rest until he has manipulated the law to his advantage. That is why End Citizens United is getting so active in the fight for campaign finance reform.

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The End Citizens United Group Fights For The Laws Introduced By Lyndon B. Johnson


During the 2016 U.S. Presidential election cycle, now-President Donald Trump made a number of controversial comments and promises but one meeting with little press attention was his promise to overturn Johnson’s Amendment. This piece of legislation was brought into law in 1954 when then-Senator Lyndon B. Johnson introduced a piece of legislation dedicated to keeping charitable organizations out of the U.S. political process; becoming known as the Johnson Amendment, the law threatened the tax-exempt status of charitable groups such as Churches, Charities, and schools if they provided funding for political parties and candidates across election cycles. This piece of legislation is now being fought for by End Citizens United even though it has been in place without controversy since 1954 and is now being threatened by an Executive Order from the President.

Republicans have been fighting to overturn Johnson’s Amendment using stealth tactics for a number of years and now hope to overturn the law by including an exemption for religious groups in the recently introduced tax reform bill. The biggest threat to JOhnson’s Amendment and the one being fought against hardest is that posed by President Trump’s Executive Order which calls on the IRS not to enforce the rule of law when it comes to the Johnson Amendment. End Citizens United states the battle for Johnson’s Amendment is far from over and states the fact Republican politicians are not brave enough to bring a vote to Congress which would repeal Johnson’s Amendment shows their understanding of the public feeling against any further softening of campaign financing rules. Visit facebook to know more about end citizen united.

End Citizens United was formed in 2015 as a reaction to the 2010 Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United which gave major corporations similar rights to those awarded to the citizens of the U.S. to fund political campaigns. The group announced in the buildup to the 2016 election it would be supporting Democrats in their pursuit of power in the coming elections as they were the most sympathetic to the cause of overturning Citizens United; in the buildup to the 2016 Presidential election cycle, End Citizens United raised $25 million in funding and is hoping to raise around $35 million in funds by the 2018 midterm elections.

End Citizens United revealed the attempts to reduce the powers of Congress to enforce campaign financing rules had only just begun as big business and billionaire donors are having a much larger say in the way U.S. politics are run at all levels. The PAC has recently vowed to maintain its support of the fight against further campaign election funding rules being softened as these rights are bound to be threatened in the coming years. Check more:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/End_Citizens_United