Jose Auriemo Neto: How to Change the Skyline of Brazil

Jose Auriemo Neto presently serves as the CEO of JHSF Participacoes, a Brazilian company focusing on the development of luxury real estate and highly-rated properties all throughout the country. He has been serving the position as the CEO of the company since 2006, shortly after his grandfather stepped down from the position. JHSF Participacoes was established in 1972, and Jose Auriemo Neto became an active member of the establishment in the 1990s. He was given the task before to look after some of their projects, and he is effective in taking charge. He was later on promoted into higher positions until he became the CEO in 2006.

He has a unique approach to leading the company. Jose Auriemo Neto is adamant in keeping the company on top, and as a result, they have engaged themselves to create multiple projects all throughout the country. They have also focused lately on building gigantic shopping malls and other commercial centers. JHSF Participacoes has also ventured into the hospitality sector, being able to open up new hotels and restaurants in key cities across Brazil. Jose Auriemo Neto also directed the company to build new residential areas that are affordable, which would create a new market for them to serve the middle class.

For Jose Auriemo Neto, he always wanted to turn the company into a powerhouse, and his approach seems to be effective as the value of JHSF Participacoes rose to $1.2 billion recently.More people have trusted the leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto, and they are buying the shares from the company. Jose Auriemo Neto has expressed his gratitude to the public for trusting his business. JSHF Participacoes is planning to expand internationally, and they have begun their operations in the United States and Uruguay, building new projects that will be used by the people shortly. Learn More.

Construcap the Leading Brazilian Real Estate Firm

Construcap is one of the top ten largest Brazilian construction firms founded in 1944. The company ensures there is a commitment to its customers. Roberto Ribeiro Capobianco heads Construcap as the President of the enterprise. The company specializes in comprehensive construction services to its customers that include commercial buildings, industrial buildings, sanitation, road, railway, and airport infrastructure. Their clients are of three categories on, namely; private entities, government departments and individuals.

People contract the firm to construct residential apartments, housing complexes, and condominiums. Private entities contract On the company for the construction of garages, parking lots, offices, medical clinics and hospitals, educational institutions, commercial garallies and shopping centers. The government departments contract them to build a station for trains and subways, multi-sport gyms, sports courts and stadiums, sports and recreational areas.

Due to the quality services delivered to its clients, Construcap received an award in 2015 the ENR Global Awards 2015 from the Engineering News Record Magazine. Currently, the company has enormously expanded to services like the demolition of buildings and other structure, drilling and boring, electrical installations and maintenance, hydraulic and gas installations.

Cyrela Brazil Reality is the top finest real estate firm in Brazil regarding revenue and market value on The company was founded by Elie Horn in 1962 with its headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It’s two co-Chief Executive Officers are Raphael Horn and Efraim Horn. The company has expanded its wings to the extent of operating 16 states and 64 cities in Brazil. The business success is through the firm’s quality and reliable services brought about by real leadership.

Brazilian leading industries are the Real Estate Industries having grown tremendously for the past years. The property in Brazil at is advantageous because of its stability when compared to other platforms of investments, leading to an overflow of foreign investment in Brazil.

New Projects Poised to Change NYC Real Estate Market


The New York City real estate market is a very competitive market that is tough to operate in, unless you have experience. Because of this, the city’s real estate market is led by a number of different developers that have a long history of developing and bringing to market some of the city’s top projects. This past week several of the top developers discussed their latest projects and their outlook for the city’s real estate future.


Jeff Blau, who is the CEO of Related Companies, a major developer in NYC discussed their latest project the Hudson Yards. Hudson Yards is a unique master-planned development that will be built on 28 acres in Manhattan. The community will contain hundreds of condos and single-family homes, high-end retail and restaurant space, hotels, and office buildings. He believes that this project, and other projects coming online in the next year will give a major boost to the NYC real estate market.


Arthur and William Zeckendorf, who are the principals and founders of Zeckendorf Development, LLC are among the most successful developers in NYC. The brothers have built some of the most dynamic buildings in the city and are currently working on 520 Park Avenue, which will be a luxurious condo development. The project is expected to boast the best floor plans in the city, offer stunning city views for those on the higher floors, and come loaded with amenities. They believe that the project will likely have 85% local buyers and 15% foreign investors, which is a trend that they have continued to see during their lengthy careers.


If you were looking for NYC apartments for rent in one of these projects or elsewhere, a great place to start would be Town Residential. Town Residential is a leading broker, leasing agent, and sales company for a variety of the top developments in the city. The company also is well known for having a top market research group, which helps to ensure that you get the most accurate information and are aware of all NYC apartments for sale during the buying process.

TOWN Releases Quarterly Residential Market Report

New York City remains one of the premier places to buy real estate in the entire nation. People around the world continue to want to buy here, according to officials at TOWN Real Estate. The firm, one of the leading real estate firms in the luxury high end market in all of the world, talks real estate results in a recent article for Virtual Strategy Marketing. Firm officials report that NYC luxury real estate prices continue to rise as people want to buy here. This has led to increasing prices for housing that continues to make buying here a good investment for all concerned.

Staffers here report gains for the last quarter of the previous year were up quite significantly. This is a trend that is fully expected to continue in the future. It is also in line with the increases that were seen in the rest of the New York City area for much of the entire year. As 2015 came to a close, the price per square foot in this area have continued to reach impressive levels. This is shown by clear trends which resulted in a more than six percent higher price per square food than were seen a year ago.

As officials point out, prices for Manhattan apartments have soared more than twenty percent over the previous year. The sale price for condos was over a million last year while the sales price for co-opts also came in at over a million here. This was true for all condos including those with one bedrooms as well as such apartments with as many as four bedrooms. Both new construction and resales have seen a great deal of growth in price in the last few years. Buyers know what they want here and then tend to be willing and happy to pay for it.  Many buyers and sellers alike have found that it helps to turn to skilled real agents who know the market well.

Town Residential Can Offer The Guidance Needed When Dealing With Real Estate In The Growing And Changing Markets Of Manhattan And Brooklyn

New reports recently in November 2015, in an article of market analysis reported by Real Deal, has much to say about the state of residential and commercial real estate in New York City, especially Manhattan and Brooklyn. To summarize briefly before trying to solve the confusing statistics, it focuses on residents of Manhattan, Midtown and Midtown East them. Brooklyn is also seeing rent increases along with the other burrows, and both burrows are full of some of the safest places in the city of New York, and Manhattan, the ritziest, is considered the richest of all the dens of the city of New York. Due to growth, the increase in rent may not be bad.

According to statistic, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Real estate experts will agree the increase in rental prices are completely natural based on the Real Deal analysis, and many probably agree placing importance on these analysis is critical. The complicated analysis in the article of the residential and commercial burrows can be reviewed by reading this link, and on closer inspection it is easy to increase rent due to the healthy growth and demand because property values have increased, and many residents will agree and state, “Now I’m living in better areas.”

There are many skilled and experienced real estate experts equipped to handle the needs of potential residents of New York City at Town Residential, and the citizens who have already been inhabitants. Town Residential exists to help New York’s Manhattan, Brooklyn and many other wonderful, historical burrows. They are also trained to support the purchase of commercial properties as well.

If the trend of growth continues, then many people who want to move to New York, buying residential or commercial property will need some form of assistance that a company like Town Residential is equipped to assist with using highly trained personnel. Town Residential is a real estate company with a focus on luxury rental and commercial properties in areas such as Manhattan and Brooklyn, and those burrows are seeing incredible growth and demand. If there is anyone interested in renting or buying residential or commercial property in New York City, then they are strongly urged to partner up with the experts at Town Residential.