Jeff Herman making a difference through his firm

Jeff Herman founded Herman Law that making him the managing partner. He has committed the professional life that he has to ensure that the victims that have faced sexual assault, abuse, rape and sexual exploitation will get the justice that they deserve. There was a case that he was represented in 1990 from a woman who had a son that was abused by his pre-school teacher. After investigations were carried, it was discovered that it was not the first time the abuser was accused of such a case because he was convicted once for a pedophile case. Because the school did not carry the necessary background check it resulted in him getting the job and another opportunity of repeating his action. That is when things changed for Jeff Herman because he recognized that as his calling and that lead to him shifting his practice to deal with the sexual abuse cases.

With the experience that Jeff had from his previous posts, it has helped Herman to be able to grow the firm to become the nation’s leading law company that will deal with sexual nature cases. By using his firm he has offered the victims, families, and the survivors with the closure, justice and with that they have been able to regain their life back because they are at peace. Herman will offer the clients with the life-changing result that has helped him in achieving the success and satisfaction that he needed, that’s why he ensure that he will handle any case with integrity and a moral compass that is strong.

That has helped Herman Law firm to be able to have cases that are on the National level. Because in any case, they will offer the needed time, effort and services to ensure that the victims will get the justice. They have worked hard in providing the community with the required knowledge on the ways they can prevent abuse and how to go about it if it happened. Jeff Herman will offer the victims with all that is needed to cope with the situation so that to trust again and get the required confidence.

Bruno Fagali Provides Clients With Excellent Service

If you are going through a legal problem in Brazil, you need to contact Bruno Fagali. Are you searching for one of the best Regulatory Law or Administrative Law attorneys in Brazil? Then Bruno is your clear choice.

Bruno Fagali is a renowned and reliable lawyer. Although there are many attorneys and law groups to choose from you need someone who has an established history of obtaining a great outcome for his clients.

Bruno advises and represents entrepreneurs, corporate executives and organizations and is well known in the industry. Anyone who truly wants to have a good lawyer by his side, should get in touch with Bruno right away.

It is important that you consult with a lawyer before you ultimately decide to hire them. Don’t waste time and money enlisting the services of a lawyer who is not the right advisor for you. You need to be sure that the lawyer you’re considering, is well versed in the type of legal situation you’re dealing with.

During a consultation with a lawyer, you will have a chance to ask your questions, or present any concerns you have. Whether you’re dealing with a personal legal matter or you are encountering a business or corporate issue, Bruno will take the time to understand your expectations and goal.

Legal issues such as dispute with a partner or breach of contract, require the expertise of an experienced attorney like Bruno. No matter how tough or complex the situation may be, it’s crucial that you get in touch with a competent attorney like Bruno Fagali.

Before addressing a legal matter, Bruno Fagali strives to have a good understanding of his client’s business or background, to help him determine the best legal approach for the issue. As a competent attorney, Bruno takes the necessary steps to ensure the full protection of his clients’ business or organization.

If you want to obtain the best possible outcome in your situation, you should try to find an attorney that has a proven track record. Bruno works hard for his clients, and he will fight for you.


The End Citizen United Group Contributes to Democrats Elections Campaigns

     End citizen United was founded in March 2015 by former Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee members. The main reason for its launch was to fight political funding groups that corrupt the elections to get their way. The Supreme Court decided on Citizen United vs. Federal Election Commission. The Federal Election Commission holds corporate funding for independent political parties. The committee has supported and contributed to the Democratic candidates. The prime role of the movement is to dismantle manipulated and rigged political systems.

The group has also been raising money to fund its initiatives. In 2017, they collected more than 4 million dollars and invested in projects that would boost their income to 35 million dollars. The money will then be used for 2018 midterm elections of the Congress. According to Tiffany Muller, the PACs president and the executive director, about 10,000 people have made their contributions. The movement received a total of 12 million dollars in 2017. The group has come up with strategies that would help in its mission, which include electing pro-reform candidates using the grassroots membership to dictate political power, and raising money issues in national politics.

The End Citizens United PAC is a substantial contributor to the Democratic candidates’ election campaigns. In 2016, the committee donated a total amount of 685 million dollars to support both the U.S House of Representatives and the U.S Senate Seat democrat’s candidates. The movement spent 941,974 dollars during the 2016 Campaign season.

In May 2017, they supported Rob Quist on his special election for Montana’s Congressional District Seat. The group’s main aim was to provide maximum cooperation of all members of the Quist’s campaign to make sure there was sustainable and steady support. The group had a pool of 3 million people in the nation and 350 donors. The End Citizen United had also supported Jon Ossoff with a sum of 825,000 dollars for his campaign for Georgia District Elections.

The End Citizens United has a website that shows all the activities they are involved in and posts their latest news. The group has endorsed many democratic candidates. In 2016, it supported Hillary Clinton for her campaigns in the presidential race. For the House of Representatives, they have promoted Julia Browny, Matt Cartwright, Reuben Kihuen and Ben Ray Lujan. For the U.S Senate race, they endorsed Tammy Baldwin, Jon Tester and Sherrod Brown.

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End Citizens United Announces Endorsement for Conor Lamb of Pennsylvania

     End Citizens United is a well-known democratic political action committee that is located in the United States. This group puts a large focus on removing large money companies and individuals from government. They believe in a level playing field in politics and raise money to help underdog candidates. End Citizens United was founded in 2015 and focused its operations on the 2016 election cycle. They were successfully able to raise more than $7.5 million for the 2016 election year and had an ambitious goal of raising thirty five million dollars for the 2018 election year. Out of the donations raised they contributed $4.4 million during the 2016 election cycle. One key factor about End Citizens United is that they do not accept large monetary donations. They will not accept donations larger than five thousand dollars. There are over three million members of this action committee and these members make small monetary donations towards election causes that End Citizens United deems worthy.


Conor Lamb is currently running to represent his Pennsylvania district in congress. He is from the southwestern corner of Pennsylvania in a region where Trump won by only twenty percent. There are many lifelong democrats in this region who are blue collar workers that have slowly turned republican in the surrounding suburbs and mill towns. This special election does have republicans on edge. Lamb is a democrat who is competing against Rick Saccone a republican. Rick previously held a position as a state representative and he was a military intelligence officer. Lamb is a marine veteran and a former federal prosecutor. This region has become slightly more republican over the past few years but many veterans rallied around Lamb. He is considered the first viable Democratic congressional candidate that the region has had in nearly two decades. Over 85 people braved the snowy roads and frigid temperature to hear Lamb speak at a local VFW hall. This is one of the largest crowds the region has seen rally behind a candidate in quite some time. End Citizens United announced their endorsement for Conor Lamb but has not disclosed the amount of money they plan to donate towards his special election.

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Matt Badiali: Influencing Investment in Metals and Other Natural Resources

     Matt Badiali has extensive knowledge of metals and investment in natural resources. Having studied a BS in Earth Sciences and a Masters in geology, he has acquired skills and expertise in the field. Matt has worked in the oil and investment industry for over twenty years. In his work as a geologist, he has gained respect and admiration among industry experts and recognized as a leading natural resources expert.

Matt has grown into a well-established writer on investment and acquired a large reader’s base across the globe. His training in geology has played an important role in his writing since it exposes him to great information and interactions with other individuals in the industry. Matt kick started his career as a geologist for an oil drilling company where he supervised teams. He undertook his role with great precision to ensure the crew observed all the laid out procedures in oil drilling to reduce accidents.

Matt is known for his belief in gathering ground information by being present during mining and oil drilling activities. He is a strong believer in getting firsthand information by being on the sites and observing the processes. This belief has led to his vast travels in various countries as he seeks to gather data for research on metals, oil, and gas. He has contributed greatly to knowledge in geology and natural resources. He is a passionate researcher who has dedicated his career to gaining more expertise that will influence the future of the oil industry.

He offers investment advice to his readers through articles published by Banyan Hill Publishing. Matt also contributed to the Stansberry Resource Report since 2005 that provided him with an opportunity to travel to Hong Kong, Turkey, Switzerland among others to conduct research. His findings were documented on the monthly issue, which led to an increase in the subscribers to the articles. He has influenced investment decisions of individuals and companies in the industry.

Matt has great articles on investment at He wrote about the declining prices of corn in the United States in November 2017. He however asserts an increase in prices as the year ends and encourages readers to buy. In another article on copper, Matter encourages investment in the metal since it will be in high demand in a few years. He attributes this to an increase in electric vehicles in the market that rely on copper.

Matt Badiali and Five-Star Investment Savvy

     Matt Badiali is a man who has a zeal for agriculture, energy and mining that’s essentially unequaled. He researches all kinds of subjects that involve those industries. He’s been doing so for years and years as well. Badiali is an esteemed part of the team at Banyan Hill Publishing headquartered in warm and welcoming Delray Beach, Florida. Banyan Hill Publishing is a renowned American resource for people who want to strengthen their investment approaches. Badiali takes on the respected senior editor role at Banyan Hill Publishing. His colleagues include editorial director Jeff Yastine, editor Paul Mampilly and internal analyst Ian Dyer.

People who follow Banyan Hill Publishing are familiar with the “Real Wealth Strategist” column. Badiali is in charge of it. He’s a seasoned investor and geologist who has a knowledge of natural resource investments that’s both rare and exciting. Real Wealth Strategist can assist people who want to figure out how to deal with booms. It can help those who wish to learn how to steer clear of common pitfalls as well. Badiali’s objective in writing Real Wealth Strategist is clear. It’s to help investors get on the track to wealth and terrific results in general. Badiali dedicates a considerable amount of time to international travel. He’s perpetually researching interesting and promising investment opportunities located all around the globe. He’s set foot in diverse locations such as Singapore, Switzerland, Haiti, Papua New Guinea, Turkey, Hong Kong and Iraq. He regularly examines oil wells and mines. He frequently sets up meetings with CEOs (Chief Executive Officers) and asks them pressing questions as well. He likes to ask questions that involve upcoming resource opportunities. He revels in geological information evaluations of all kinds, too.

Badiali is also someone who knows how to teach others. He had a position instructing students at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. He is the kind of individual who gets joy out of learning. He’s a person who finds joy in sharing invaluable knowledge as well. People who want to know more about Badiali and how he operates can visit his user-friendly personal website. This website is home to his blog, too. His blogs cover all varieties of topics that inspire fascination. They cover Kobe steel matters. They even cover issues that relate to natural resource stock trading, market turning patterns, commodity stocks and more. Badiali has accounts on Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook.

There’s an old saying about copper being the metal with a Ph.D. in economics. What that means is that copper is…

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Sawyer Howitt Instructs Young Entrepreneurs

     Sawyer Howitt knows a thing or two about becoming an entrepreneur as his family has a strong tradition of excelling with new business endeavors. While he has extensive experience as an entrepreneur, he is still young and uniquely positioned to speak to his peers about the subject. He has articulated important areas that can help young entrepreneurs jump start their ideas.

Don’t wait for the perfect time is Howitt’s advice for those hoping to nurture a business idea. He urges them to just start as the right time never seems to come along and obstacles will always be in the way. Trying to learn more can be never ending and you risk never knowing enough. In Howitt’s experience right now is the best time to start.

Hiring the right employees is another way for entrepreneurs to short cut the process of launching a business. He recommends owners look for employees with the right skills who are also a good match for the business culture being set forth. The right temperament is very important to the success of the whole.

A strong focus is another imperative laid down by Howitt and he urges young entrepreneurs to focus on one great idea at a time and avoid distractions. An almost maniacal devotion is required to successfully launch a new business. Writing down ideas and saving them for later when the business is up and running is the best way.

The numbers matter to a ridiculously important extent in any business, but especially a new startup. Cash related numbers must be taken care of forthwith and in a most fastidious fashion. Inventory, payroll, and startup costs are essential figures for those hoping to take an idea to the big leagues. Key performance indicators are important data which entrepreneurs must keep uppermost in their minds. An excellent example of this is the conversion rate of website visitors to warm leads.

Cultivating excellent people skills is essential to a startup’s success. The need to pitch ideas and present business models is what could be the difference between success and failure.

Sawyer Howitt is a project manager with the Meriwether Group and has gained knowledge and experience in understanding the operational and financial needs of a business. His job comprises a variety of duties and his business skills continue to grow.

An Entrepreneurial Finance degree is what Howitt plans on pursuing when he enrolls in college. He has learned about becoming an entrepreneur from his father and many other business executives and founders.

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Bradesco And CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Banks across the world spend a careful amount of time trying to find the perfect president to run the establishment. Just like finding a leader for a country, finding a leader for the bank is important to the health and longevity of that bank. Bradesco, in Cidade de Deus, had just such issues recently while trying to find the best president to take over commander. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the man for the job it seems, and he has been leading the bank since March.

The Bank and Competition

Bradesco has been a thriving bank for many years, but they were beginning to take a tumble down a slippery slope. In fact, they began facing some hard times when the former president of the bank began to look for a successor. Many people that sat on the board of directors was skeptical, with good reason. However, the board of directors did not see their situation as a downhill slide until their rival bank, Itau-Unibanco, took the lead as the largest private bank in Brazil. This caused a change in leadership at a faster pace than had once been anticipated.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the successor to the president Lazaro Brandao, had been serving the bank Bradesco for forty years prior. Cappi has a broad smile that simply warms anyone’s heart. He has a fine sense of humor as well. Though he didn’t seem to follow in his predecessor’s footsteps in his schooling. In fact, no other leaders of the bank have studied the way Cappi has studied in his past. It appears that Cappi’s degree in philosophy and postgraduate studies in sociopsychology might be worth more in the long run. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will be able to provide a fresh look at the bank.


The Future

It seems that Cappi has been qualified for the job for years, but he might have some hard times ahead for the start of his presidency over the bank. His presidency will begin right in the midst of a difficult and unfavorable environment economically. The level of banking activity in Brazil has been slipping, and the loan growth has been slipping along with it. Only time will tell, but Bradesco is still the second-largest bank in the area, and will forever be a long-term name in the area.


Banks depend heavily on their customers, input, and output, but they also depend on quite a bit of their leadership. Good leadership can take an average bank to the top, and Bradesco seems to be attempting just that. Since they are sitting in second place, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will assume his presidency and try to bring the popular and competitive Bradesco bank back into the spotlight. His leadership will be one of the different means since he has a different educational background from his predecessors, but Cappi will continue to keep Bradesco on the map as a leading bank in the national and local sectors.

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Alexandre Gama Involvements outside the Advertisement Industry


The founder and CEO of Neogama, Alexandre Gama is a renowned publicist in Brazil and worldwide. At one point the Meio & Mensagem newspaper recognized him among the ten most influential personalities in the country’s advertising industry. In 2007, Gama earned the Cabore’s award of the Entrepreneur of the Year in the communications sector. Besides his tremendous personal contributions in the industry, he has also taken part in other areas as well.

Cannes Festivals

Alexandre Gama has won 23 Lions in the Cannes Festivals. In 2003 his agency, Neogama, won 2 Golden Lions at the same festivals. In 2008 and two other times, the accomplished publicist served as a Jury Member in the Media and Press in these awards. In 2015, Gama won another Golden Lion at the Cannes for his campaign on cultural and sexual diversity. Moreover, he became the first person from Latin America to be part of the International Film Jury of the British Foundation.


In 2014, Alexandre Gama set out to market Brazilian acoustic guitar players and musicians. As a result, he founded the VIOLAB project. It has a recording label, radio program, studio and YouTube channels. Besides this, he invested in Briggs Automotive. It is a Liverpool-based British luxury sports cars manufacturer.

Bruno Fagali – Authority Lawyer on Compliance and Administrative Law in Brazil

     There are many lawyers and law firms in Brazil, but Bruno Fagali is considered to be one of the legendary lawyers in the country, who has successfully fought and won some of the most complex cases in the country. Bruno Fagali is considered to be an expert lawyer when it comes to administrative law, corporate law, compliance law, mergers and acquisitions, risk management, and more. These are the fields that the business sector needs regular advisory on, and which the Bruno Fagali and his team provide expert advice on.

Bruno Fagali has completed his studies in the field of Law from Pontifical Catholic University and has worked as an intern and then an associate lawyer at the reputed law firms, including Manesco, Ramirez, Azevedo, and Marques Law Firm. Working at the top law firms in the country helped him develop fine skills and expertise in the field of law, which also inspired him to start a law firm. It is when he decided to start Fagali Advocacy. He faced many challenges initially when he started his law firm, but he managed to pull it up the ranks in the years to come.

Today, Fagali Advocacy is considered one of the top most law firms in the country and has a huge clientele, which consists of multi-national corporations, public figures, and political personalities. Fagali Advocacy has a team of legal experts, who ensure that the clients get the best advice always, which would help them get the desired result within the legal framework. Bruno Fagali has also attended Gertulio Vargas Foundation where he completed a diploma course on compliance and administrative law. It has helped him become an expert on compliance law. He also serves as the Business Integrity Officer of the popular marketing agency named Novo/SB Marketing Agency. He ensures that the company’s operations are as per the federal guidelines.