Sam Boraie And His Contributions In The Real Estate World

Sam Boraie is well-known in the business circles mostly because of his position as the Vice President of Boraie Development. His company majors in real estate development, and it has played a significant part in boosting the face of New Brunswick and New Jersey. The company was founded by Sam’s father, Omar Boraie, over four decades ago. Omar was originally from Egypt and harbored a vision of revolutionizing the real estate industry in America through his own venture.

Boraie Development hit the headlines of PR Newswire after partnering with a famous basketball star, Shaq, in an astounding project in Newark. The project was outstanding, and it was the only one of its kind. Shaq and Boraie Development invested a whopping $60 million to ensure Newark gets its first high-rise residential building in fifty years.

Sam is described by his colleagues as a visionary and skilled leader. According to NY Times, he has been in the real estate world for more than two decades, and he has vast expenses and knowledge on his side. Since he joined his father’s company, Sam has religiously worked to ensure it thrives in the ever-competitive real estate world. In fact, he is said to be the one behind the numerous recent acquisitions by Boraie Development.

Sam’s intellectual strategies have played a significant role in the successes of Boraie Development. He is a man who never hesitates to grab an opportunity when it arises. For instance, he saw an opportunity in the ever-mushrooming New Brunswick’s population and started projects to house the people in the city.

Boraie adventures in areas that others fear to pursue and never settles for ordinary ideas. Some of his notable projects like the five visions and the New Jersey today speak of his brilliance and prowess. Apart from construction, the company also offers property management and marketing service. Its team is very experienced in maintenance and marketing of properties within New Jersey.

Sam also engages in philanthropic endeavors that help the vulnerable in the community. He serves on the advisory board of a non-profit organization, Elijah’s Promise. The team in this organization strives to stand for the oppressed and eliminate hunger among the helpless in the society. Sam is also a member of State Theater a nonprofit venue that promotes art and entertainment.

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