John Goullet Is A Progressive Thinker

The backbone of all industries is staffing. It is extremely difficult to find talent and place it in the proper positions within an organization. Some of the largest companies in the world struggle to maintain a healthy source of manpower. That is why recruiting qualified individuals and placing them with the right job has become its own skill set. John Goullet recognized this immediately and decided to make his own mark in his chosen industry. IT is a highly technical field that requires specific types of people for certain job opportunities. John’s experience in this particular area allowed him to have great success.

John Goullet founded Info Technologies and quickly built it into a multi-million-dollar business. Within five years the company had Fortune 500 organizations as clients. John relied on his experience as a consultant within the industry. He recognized what companies needed and recommend the right technicians for there available employment opportunities. Most companies do not use a blanket employment strategy where they bring in as many people as possible to try and fill a handful of positions. Therefore they rarely post their openings on employment sites or use ads. This is where John Goullet and Info Technologies were able to make a major impact.

John saw an opportunity to take his business even further. He merged with the Diversant Inc, which soon became Diversant LLC. John was named Principal at the Diversant LLC and quickly began to bring his leadership and visionary talents to the new company. Diversant LLC has become a leader in the IT industry by providing staffing and consultation. It is a company that prides itself on having a progressive business model and developing the talents of each of its staff members. Diversant LLC was also named the largest African-American company in the country. It is a title that John Goullet and his partners take great pride in. Maintaining a diverse workforce is a sign of healthy growth within an organization. Diversant is able to set the example for its clients who look to them for their staffing needs. Outsiders are able to see firsthand how to build a healthy internal work structure.