Lime Crime Gets a Bigger Instagram Audience

The best way to advertise without breaking the bank is through social media. Doe Deere seems to know that better than anyone else. That is why she has taken to the world wide web to build a cosmetics empire. People love Lime Crime, and they adore what the brand represents. This is like the brand that is designed for all of those people that have become interested in rebelling against the tradition styles of makeup.

Lime Crime exceeds the expectations of a lot of people. So many people are crazy about the brand, and the love of the CEO – Doe Deere – is evident as well. Fans are connecting with Doe Deere through Twitter. They are following the Lime Crime page on Instagram on their account @limecrimemakeup. This is where they can see other girls wearing the new shades. This is also where they discover sales or any type of new products from Lime Crime.

This is important for Doe Deere because it gives an ideal of just how many people are interested in the Lime Crime brand. It is also something that shows a lot of people about the power of social media.

The average person has not seen any Lime Crime commercials in between their favorite shows. This is because Doe Deere doesn’t really see the need for any commercials. The same can be said for advertising on the radio. Doe Deere doesn’t engage because she feels like she doesn’t need to engage. It is easier for her to simply get on social media sites and connect with her fans for free through Instagram. That is the best thing about having a marketing platform like this. There is no wait time.

People can see the new shades that are posted right away. They don’t have to wait until a new magazine surfaces with a Lime Crime print ad. This is the beauty of social media and the smartphone technology that exists today. People can get instant access to everything that they want. People have constant access to any new Lime Crime information when they have the ability to utilize social media.  The best place to buy Velvetines is online.