Doe Deere: Never Abandoning Her Dreams

Are you looking for a makeup company that sells mint green hair dye, bright purple lipstick, and green face highlighter? In short, do you want a cosmetic that is as unique as you are? If you answered yes, then your best bet is to check out Lime Crime.



Believe it or not, there was a time where makeup was boring and natural. That was before 2008, where the makeup industry was clearly a snoozefest. Luckily for all makeup lovers out there, Doe Deere was able to set the bar for original cosmetic choices, and we now have exciting makeup options to choose from.



But who is this Doe Deere, and how did she come up with Lime Crime? In an article from Guest of a Guest, we are provided with answers to these questions and more.



Doe Deere is the creative genius behind Lime Crime. She started out as a musician in New York – Brooklyn, to be precise – which was her career for about nine years. During her time as a musician, Doe Deere learned practical and useful skills such as marketing. Aside from her excellent marketing skills, Doe Deere is also skilled at entrepreneurship.



In the Guest of a Guest article, Doe Deere remembers her very first business. She started a temporary tattoo business at the age of thirteen. Doe Deere was living in Russia at the time, which is where she was born and raised. Temporary tattoos were quite a novel thing at the time, and Doe Deere says in the interview that she made them seem cool by wearing them herself. Since Doe Deere is definitely a trendsetter, it was probably very easy for her to pull this off.



Doe Deere has continued on with her entrepreneurial spirit by founding and creating Lime Crime, which was her original Ebay handle when the website was first launched. Because of her passion for makeup, Doe Deere was determined to create an exciting brand for her fans. These days, you can depend on Lime Crime for high-quality cosmetic options that are vibrant, fun, and daring. Since Doe Deere is certainly a vibrant person, her makeup products echo the same personality traits.



You’re probably in love with your Lime Crime cosmetics because of their unique appeal. If that’s the case, then you have Doe Deere to thank for never abandoning her dreams and striving to create a colorful makeup company for all to enjoy! Learn more:

Passion, Prestige & Excellence: Cambria Estate Winery

Julia JacksonFounded by Barbara Banke, Cambria Estate Winery is an excellent addition to Jackson Family Wines, which was founded by her late husband Jess Jackson. The dream of running a successful business had finally come true and as of today, Cambria Estate Winery is Santa Maria’s premier winemaker thanks to its luscious farming environment. This is a family affair that consists of family members who own and operates the business. One of the most important figures with Cambria Estate Winery and Jackson Family Wines is Julia Jackson. Julia just so happen to be Jess and Barbara’s youngest daughter.Julia serves as a proprietor, a representative and a salesman. She has earned a B.A. in Studio Art from Scripps College, and she has completed the Summer Institute for General Management program at Stanford University.

Before all of this success, Julia was like any other young girl. She would help with the family chores of picking grapes as well as do a bit of modeling in Los Angeles. Julia’s love actually came from working at the company’s mJulia Jacksonany wineries. While in Bordeaux, France, she would immerse herself into the culture by studying French sales, distribution, sorting tables, push-downs and many more business related activity. Sometimes the work days were up to 14 hours. Julia came back home with an exceptional portfolio in a sense, and she was fluent in speaking French. Julia’s nonprofit organization known as Seeds of Empowerment is a reflection of herself. This organization is all about female empowerment, and it donates up to $100,000 on a yearly basis. With wineries in Chile, France, Oregon, California and Italy, Jackson Family Wines have gone international. Its Merlots, Chardonnays, Champagnes and Pinot Noirs are high quality wine beverages. Its Fog Tide Chardonnay gives you the perfect blend of white peach, tropical fruit and crème.

Top Secrets That Helped Doe Deere to Become a Successful-Entrepreneur

About Doe Deere

The now popular business-woman was born in 1981 in Izhevsk, Russia. Doe grew up in New York City. She founded Lime Crime in 2008 and became its immediate CEO and owner. As the owner of Lime Crime, she oversees the company’s products and other development-aspects. Learn more:

She is considered a great influence in the beauty-industry because of her determination to follow her dream. Doe Deere serves as a great source of inspiration to many upcoming female entrepreneurs globally.

The secrets behind her success

Here are the key secrets that have propelled Doe to the person she is currently:

Finding her passion

She was able to realize the overwhelming desire she had towards attaining her goals. She discovered the things that excited her and was passionate about attaining them. This has made her to consider her position as the CEO and owner of Lime Crime as a passion rather than work despite the demanding nature of the role. She has always been able to do more of what lights up her soul.

Tackling problems head on

She has always believed that the best way to tackle problems is to handle them as they arise. She believed that every career has challenges before success is seen and especially in its formative-stages. According to her breaking the problem in an effort to establish a solution is the best way to do about it.

Using and expanding her skill set

She acknowledges that whatever one chooses to do require growth and change towards stages of perfection. She has always struggled to make maximum-utilisation of her skills and this has enabled her to adjust to current-changes in business-sector.

Learning from others

Deere agrees that there have been many successful entrepreneurs before her and she feels humbled to have learnt from them. Their experiences of overcoming various issues have greatly inspired and guided her. She also accepts of listening to her employees which has greatly benefited the company and enhanced her success.

Ability to take risks

Doe Deere agrees that getting involved in the business-world is such a risky undertaking. She believes that a journey begins with a step and the same holds in the world-of-business. Her daring steps of undertaking risks, preparations and foresight have seen her through risky-ventures. Her careful decision-making when undertaking business-risks has enabled her succeed. She is a woman of her own words, true to her own unique-deals. Learn more:

Talking Fine Wine and Wine Trends with Julia Jackson

The Jackson’s have one thing in common: They are deeply obsessed with the topic of wines. Mention anything remotely related to the production of top-rated wines and you immediately have the complete undivided attention of any of the four siblings running and controlling the Jackson Family Winery in Santa Maria Valley, California. Julia appears in a recent online post conversing about her childhood adventures and experiences to the author. Visit Arcanum Wine for more info.

Art of the Craft

The meeting took place at one of the finest restaurants in Downers Grove, Illinois called Parker’s. Julia Jackson kicked off the conversation by reminding the table how she grew up deeply immersed in the culture of wines. Her father never used to give her a break talking on and on about the best ways to collect grapes. The senior Jackson would fill her daughter’s head with information about the neatest ideas when preserving wine in wooden oaks. Many years later, that wisdom would turn out to be a true blessing. The children running the global wine empire left behind by their folks would use their acquired and learned skills to keep the family’s heritage alive and well.

Choosing Your Wine Dealer

It’s always a reassuring thing when you get your wine from a brand which shows genuine passion and interest in producing world class bottles. That hard work pays off when you get to enjoy perfectly well-matured and smooth tasting champagne or any other fine wine. The Jackson Family takes great pride in having one of the world’s largest private collection of wines ever. This award-winning winery got started some 32 years back and it now has well over 50 retail outlets spread out all across the world.

About Julia Jackson

Julia Jackson, 29, is an art Major having a top honors degree in Studio Art. She used to work as a French tutor back in the day. She loves to tour and travel the world, mostly France. She’s remained forever in love with the French culture and heritage. Mostly, she’s wild about their wine industry. Julia Jackson is also very active on the philanthropy and charity scene.

Susan McGalla Brings Forth A Lot of Cultural Change

There are people who live through changes. Then there are people who bring about the changes that are positive. Among these people who have brought about positive changes in the industry she has worked in is Susan McGalla. She has started her career in a time when men were the predominant workers. This is especially the case on the board. However, Susan has joined the board for American Eagle Outfitters and she was very comfortable in her position as a board member. She was able to get along well with the other workers in the environment and contribute to a positive environment.

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Susan has used her creativity to not only bring about some good products to American Eagle, but change the culture of the company. Not only has American Eagle Outfitters opened up some new lines, but they have also allowed more women to be a part of the board because of the effect that they had on the company. The new lines have made it easier for the company to gain even more sales. Susan has shown that she is great for business. She has left American Eagle Outfitters with a great example to follow for leaders that come after.

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Susan McGalla is now a business owner and she enjoys the benefits that she gets from owning a business. She encourages others to look for opportunities to start a business. They get to have unlimited earning potential. Susan herself also has a lot of room to be creative in her pursuits. Therefore, she has been able to come up with a business that she enjoys and is able to serve customers in the capacity that she enjoys. The customers also enjoy the products that she sells to them. This is very important in that people will not buy from companies they don’t enjoy.  Follow McGalla on

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Recruiter Extraordinaire: Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg studied at City University of New York-Brooklyn College. From this school, she received a degree in Philosophy. She decided to continue her education, by studying Law at New York Law School. While she was busy attending college, she still had some spare time that allowed her to pursue some of her hobbies. Some of her hobbies include technology, running, and photography.


Once she got her Law Degree, Julie began working for Hudson as their Director of Candidate Placement. She worked to recruit attorneys, paralegals, and other support staff for various law firms in New York. Julie worked at Hudson for five years, before taking an Executive Recruiter for Citi Global Functions in New York. At this job, she helped advise management on different recruitment strategies, as well as compensation trends. Her expertise helped the company gain a competitive edge over their competition. In 2011, Julie became the Executive Recruiter for Citi Global Consumer Bank in New York. In this position, she gained exposure as well as learned more about the recruitment process. She worked alongside senior business leaders and advised them on recruiting strategies, competitive markets, and compensation trends. Julie also sourced talent globally and engaged potential candidates from various places all over the world. This also meant that she handled all international relocations, as well as the expatriate process. After working at Citi for three years, Julie decided to take a job with New York Life Insurance Company. At this company, she worked as an Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead and Corporate Vice President. At New York Life Insurance, Julie provided full recruiting support throughout the entire company. Her job also entailed creating business strategy planning and working with senior management. Julie oversaw the recruitment process outsourcing team at New York Life Insurance as well. Sadly, she only works at here for a short time before taking a different position at Deutsche Bank.


In 2014, Julie began working as the Executive Recruitment Lead at Deutsche Bank, a German global banking, and financial services company. Here she coaches and counsels other recruitment executive groups to make the recruiting process more efficient at the bank. Julie’s main task is to head the recruitment for MD level positions which involves various negotiation tactics that she has gained over the years. With more the 15 years of recruitment years, it is no surprise that Julie is considered to be one of the most prominent Human Resource specialists in New York.


A Business Model of Ingenuity

Doe Deere has certainly set the stage for other business entrepreneurs to follow, especially those working directly in e-commerce. From an early age, living in Russia before coming to New York, she started a small business selling goods to her friends at school. This propensity to engage in commerce and be successful as an entrepreneur began early on for Doe.


Doe now runs a very successful cosmetics business that produces products that are animal cruelty free and supportive of vegan ideals. Lime Crime has become popular not necessarily for its safe line of cosmetics, but more for the vibrant, magical and colorful options of cosmetics.


Lime Crime not only provides customers with an eclectic mix of cosmetics to help define a style or personality, but the company strives to keep its customers coming back for more. The Lime Crime customer service model was an important part of Doe’s mantra, to love and respect everyone. Though setting up a customer service department was one of Doe’s regrets, in not setting it up sooner to help assist all of her customers, or Unicorns as they like to call them.


Doe learned a lot early on, and after moving to New York, joined a band with her now husband. During this time she was able to experiment further in developing her entrepreneurial skills. This helped set the stage for her to launch Line Crime. In 2004 she did what most people could do at that time, sell items on Ebay. She sold her cosmetics under the name Lime Crime, and then in 2008 was able to fully realize her business dreams as she launched the company.


Doe credits her business acumen to two strong sources. The first is trusting your gut. She worked for various companies where she never felt comfortable, it was a measure of being true to yourself. The second was learning from experience. As Doe continued to trust her gut, she experimented with that notion on smaller projects to the point where that experience became second nature.


For Doe Deere, the continual growth and development of Lime Crime is an expression of one’s inner self. Doe prides her accomplishments on setting industry standards as the world evolves into the way e-commerce does business. This has been true in a couple of examples. Lime Crime set the standard on lipstick, showing shades of color on lips instead of crumpled dust on parchment. This approach led to the second big industry change, an online cosmetics company being successful through e-commerce.


One other aspect that Doe invites others to do is learn from her experience. She is open to working with other young entrepreneurs and sharing advice as they strive to become successful.

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Julie Zuckerberg – Top Notch Recruiter

Julie Zuckerberg is the Executive Recruiting Lead at Deutsche Bank, a position she has held since 2014. Deutsche Bank, originally founded in 1870 in Berlin, Germany, has put a plan in action to have at least 25 percent of their female employees in executive positions by 2018, and Julie Zuckerberg is one of the women leading the way. Zuckerberg had recruited top rated staff for Private Wealth and Commercial Clients, Asset Management, and Global Technology & Operations. Her hires are trained and coached in their leadership positions at Deutsche Bank‘s New York headquarters.


Prior to working at Deutsche Bank, Ms. Zuckerberg was an Executive Recruiter at Citi from 2007 to 2013. Ms. Zuckerberg also held an engagement at New York Life from November 2013 to February 2014. In 2002 to 2007, Julie Zuckerberg was the Director of Candidate Placement for Hudson, a recruiting firm.


Ms. Zuckerberg is a lifelong New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn with her two sisters. Julie Zuckerberg was educated at Brooklyn College as a philosophy major. Upon graduation, she then pursued legal studies at New York Law School.


Julie Zuckerberg is interested in animal rights. She owns a beautiful Persian cat. In addition to animal rights, she is interested in civil and human rights. She loves photography, taking photos of her pets, landscape shots of New York City, and the places she visits. She loves experimenting in the kitchen, and makes a mean cheesecake.