EU could be headed towards collapse says Soros


George Soros has never been one to keep his views to himself. There are things that he cares about deeply when it is an issue that he has taken on. Currently, he is warning that the EU is on the verge of a collapse. Why is he worried about this? For a number of reasons.

The migrant crisis is still going forward and Soros believes that many of the nations where the crisis is striking the hardest are simply ignoring the reality of what is going on all around them. He says that if they do not do something to stem the tide of migrants, it could cause more strain on currencies in the region as well as other political issues.

Germany has been the most open to accepting the migrants that have come across the border, but they have not necessarily weighed all of the factors that may have an impact on how this may change things for the EU as a whole. Germany must decide if they are willing to play the role of the dominant power in Europe or if they are going to make some changes to try to bring back some of the stability that they have lost.

The Euro as a currency is something else that Soros is worried about. While the dollar and a handful of other currencies have grown stronger in recent years, the Euro is not necessarily having the same results. In fact, the Euro has taken a tumble in value in comparison to some other currencies out there. It is worrying for those who are big holders of the Euro and a concern that it could bring down the entire European Union. After all, a lot of what the Union is based on has to do with the one currency that they all hold in common.

Soros believes that it would be a great disaster for the EU to collapse. He has stated as such to CNBC. However, with everything that is going on over there right now, he feels that there is little chance that things are going to work out for the better at the moment.

Soros is someone worth listening to on these issues as he has an eye and ear on what is happening. He has a lot of powerful connections that can get him information that others may not even be aware of. He has the ability to use those connections to formulate well based opinions on what is about to happen. If he says the EU is in trouble, it is probably because the EU is in some level of serious trouble. Those who have not already done so should prefer themselves for the reality of a possible EU collapse.