George Soros Believes The Global Markets Are Facing A Serious Crisis

George Soros isn’t the type of man who minces his words. When speaking at the economic forum in Sri Lanka’s capital, he made it very clear that he believes the global markets are heading for a crisis similar to what took place in 2008.

Right now China is really struggling on as far as a new growth model goes. No matter what they do they can’t seem to find one that works. On top of that, their currency devaluation issue is causing problems all throughout the world.

The challenge of returning to positive interest rates is one of the many reasons George Soros believes global markets are headed for a crisis.

The first week of the year was met with the global currency market, the stock market and the commodities market all being under fire. Additionally, the Yuan is still falling in value which brings into question the strength of the Chinese economy. Especially when you consider they are in the process of switching from investment and manufacturing to an economy that is driven by consumption and services.

During the first week of the year $2.5 trillion in global equities was completely wiped out. And with the losses in Asia deepening, things just aren’t looking that good for China.

George Soros was quoted as saying, “China has a major adjustment problem”. In his opinion, the challenges in the Chinese economy are very similar to the challenges that took place right before the 2008 collapse.

This isn’t the first time Soros has warned of a catastrophe on similar to that of 2008. In 2011 Soros served on a panel in Washington. While on that panel he discussed the European debt crunch and how he believes it is far more serious than what the world experienced in 2008.

The issue of volatility continued to surge as the world entered into a new year. The Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index was up 13 percent and the Nikkei Stock Average Volatility Index was up 43 percent. The price of Treasury bonds also rose as 2015 came to an end.

The reality is no one really knows what to do to fix the Chinese economy. However, that hasn’t stopped people from trying. China’s Communist Party agreed to increase the yuan’s convertibility within the next 4 years. They also agreed to slowly relinquish capital controls.

Read more about George at The New York Times.

Even though these are two big steps in the right direction, the world’s second-largest economy still shows signs of weakness due to the manufacturing sector showing very little progress.

Who Is George Soros?

George Soros is a hedge fund billionaire who made his claim to fame in 1992 after betting against the pound and netting $1 billion dollars in the process. He is currently worth over $27 billion and spends a great deal of his time giving back in any way he can.

He runs non profit organization Open Society Foundations which promotes human rights, transparency and the values of an open society. To learn more about George Soros and his various philanthropic endeavors, visit his website at

The Role of Laidlaw & Company

Laidlaw & Company has become one of the most successful investment banking businesses. This company has managed to help a lot of investors manage their portfolios. The company has also helped a lot of companies with mergers and acquisitions. This company according to a Wall Street Journal report  has more than 100 employees, and the business has been around long enough to have more than 170 years of experience. There are employees here with many different skills.

This business has been able to help a lot of investors build a much better investing plan. Wealth management is not something that people should put on auto pilot. It a job that has to be handled by the professionals in the financial consulting world, and this is where the bulk of revenue streams are produced by Laidlaw. This is an organization that has a bevy of financial consultants that are able to accurately help more people build their portfolios.

Laidlaw & Company has consultants that are working in multiple offices in the United States and beyond. This has allowed the company to become an international force that helps other businesses and individuals make the absolute most of their funds. This is the goal of this investment banking firm. It is designed to help people make maximize profits.

Laidlaw & Company is able to successfully maximize the profits of clients because the team has a grand amount of experience. There is also a great level of integrity that is instilled in the financial consultants that are part of the Laidlaw family. These individuals have made it their duty to uphold the financial standards that are put in place for investing banking firms. This company is also designed to help those that may not be aware of the rules and regulations that come with mergers and acquisitions.




Investment Banking Analysts and Directors like Martin Lustgarten

The Investment bankers are usually located at specific locations due to many reasons such as status, career progression and exit options. However, if you money really motivates you then one of the best places you can be for both your junior and senior bankers is Hong Kong. The Hong Kong state is known to provide its analysts with an after tax which is almost equivalent to the highest paying location which is the New York City. It also exceeds the post-tax income for most of the directors whenever it is compared to other cities. This is in regard to the figures from Emolument, the salary benchmarking site.
According to Mercer, Hong Kong is considered to be the second most expensive cities in the world. This means that the net compensation and the high gross might be eaten away by the living costs. According to the latest Emolument calculations, Singapore is considered to be the highest paying cities for the directors.
New York tops the analysts pay with approximately $115k in compensation and it still ranks first for the junior pay with the heavy and the Big Apple taxes. Despite the London pay being competitive, the high tax rate weighs heavy for both the director and junior level recruits.
Though money is one of the main things, there are still far more opportunities for most of the financial services professionals in London when compared to Hong Kong and Singapore even as the large firms continue to drop back.
About Martin Lustgarten.
Martin Lustgarten is rated among some of the best investment bankers America has ever produced. Martin owns and manages the Martin investment firm which is based in Florida. The firm has managed to make lots of great business deals for most of the top firms in America. Martin investment firm is one of the top sought firms.
Martin Lustgarten has vast experience working in the investment banking industry and also possesses lots of experience in exchange of security and equity trades. Martin has managed to receive lots of awards and recognition in his career as an investment banker. Martin has always been aiming to expand his career and company.

Thor Halvorssen Discuses Socialism

Thor Halvorssen was recently interviewed on Fox Business Network’s show “The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan” to discuss his unique perspective on socialism and its potential pitfalls when implemented by certain types of governments. Halvorssen is the president and face of the Human Rights Foundation, an organization dedicated to advocating for the protection of human rights all of the world and with headquarters in New York City. Halvorssen has a particularly unique perspective based on his professional and personal experiences with what has been a particularly hot topic in light of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign — democratic socialism.

Halvorssen was asked by Fox to break down the reality of how socialism is typically implemented around the world, as opposed to how the idea of socialism is presented in textbooks and discussed by academics. Halvorssen explains to viewers that socialism has the potential to be a worthy pursuit in principle, it has the danger to empower national governments to reach too far in taking away rights and properties from their citizens. Halvorssen says that the reason socialism tends to lead to the central government controlling too much is that it involves a type of redistribution of resources. If there are not adequate controls, such as checks and balances, a central government can turn into an authoritarian regime under the guise of adopting democratic socialist principles to apparently help the more underprivileged classes of society.

Halvorssen was also asked in the interview about which democratic candidate he intends to support for the U.S. presidential race. Given Thor Halvorssen’s inherent concerns about dangers of socialist principles, it may come as a bit of a surprise to viewers that he supports Senator Sanders for president. In fact, Halvorssen admitted that he contributed the maximum amount allowed under law to Senator Sanders’ presidential campaign. Halvorssen says that even though he may not be a strong advocate of socialism, he has grave concerns about Hillary Clinton and her ties to various dictators around the world personally and politically, which Halvorssen says could be a serious hurdle to his central mission of supporting international human rights.

FreedomPop’s President Reveals Plans for Global Success

Presidents of startup companies do enjoy making themselves available to the media. Interviews are publicity opportunities. When an executive is able to reveal wonderful news about a company, the interview could generate a solid buzz. FreedomPop’s president Nicholas Constantinopoulos gave an outstanding interview to Mobile World Live. Those who procured service from FreedomPop probably feel they made the right choice after listening to Constantinopoulos’ words.

FreedomPop has publicly revealed a massive new expansion that has the potential to completely shake up the telecommunications industry. Massive monthly fees combined with even more stratospheric roaming charge are obnoxious for travelers to deal with. Then again, even those whose don’t travel much at all like to save money. FreedomPop doesn’t require a huge budget to use. The initial service is totally free. Amazing deals on refurbished phones allow devices to be acquired at discounts upwards of 90%.

In the interview, Constantinopoulos discussed the biggest plans FreedomPop has in the works. The company is signing a deal to expand service in 25 countries. That is going to be a start. Plans are to keep going into new markets. And then there is the giant plan to launch a massive global Wi-Fi hotpot.

FreedomPop pushes itself as being a big success thanks to its innovative ability to provide free service. Questions surely arise as to how the company can make money. FreedomPop just raised $50 million in venture capital funds. How do the investors expect to see a return on their money? Constantinopoulos muses on the high numbers of subscribers who went from “free-only” service to expanded ones. The expanded service come with usually nominal fees.

Interviews such as these are helpful to the cause. FreedomPop keeps its costs low by avoiding spending huge sums on advertising. Attracting new clients relies on promotional activities. They are doing well.

FreedomPop’s CEO is very comfortable behind the camera and his recent interview has helped cast a light on how the company can best serve those interested in a solid budget mobile phone service. Word of mouth is among the best ways the company is able to capture the attention of the public.

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Advancement Of Technology Helps Wedding Industry

Preparing for a wedding can be stressful for everyone involved even if you aren’t the one actually getting married. There are so many minute details to go over, outfits to prepare, and not to mention travel and gift expenses.

Wedding Registries

Main issues for to-be newlyweds is creating a gift registry that is accessible to all guests, in attendance or not. This accessibility can be a number of things from price range to store location. Some items may only be bought online or they may only carry an item in the local store but it is currently out of stock.

Couples have stated their frustration with gift registries but these mishaps occurred when registries were in their infancy. Now that technology has evolved so have the gift registries. There are definitely far more sites and stores to choose from but the best advancement yet is sites that allow you to create a registry with items from multiple stores. MyRegistry is one of the sites that allows you to do this and it has been quite the life saver. No longer do couples have to sigh in defeat when a store is out of the stand up mixer they so desperately wanted, they can always check another store.

Although, the fun does not stop there now that visual search technologies like Slyce are being made available. Couples could be out for a simple dinner at a friends house, the bride sees a vase that she loves and with one quick photo snap of the vase she can instantly view that vase and others like it, along with their price tags, and add her favorite to the registry.

Wedding Attire

If the couple is to have bridesmaids and groomsmen the frustration and embarrassment goes far beyond just selecting a few special people out of your group of friends. Bridesmaid dresses are usually only worn once so asking even your best of friends to shell out a huge chunk of change for a one time dress can be headache inducing. Tuxedos were usually rented but this doesn’t mean it was a one stop shop for the groomsmen. Tailoring and fitting still needs to be accounted for and with large wedding parties this can be difficult since everyone has their own lives and schedules.

Once again, Slyce is one of the front runners for changing the wedding industry. Their image recognition software is available on mobile phones and paired with some amazing name brands. Soon there will be no need to worry that your dream wedding dress is out of your budget, one picture of the dress and you will find something you can fall in love with without going bankrupt.

Bridesmaids dresses and even wedding dresses can now be rented for a fraction of the cost of buying the dress outright. There is even an app from Men’s Warehouse to help the fellas out. Wedding Tuxedo Group Manager allows anyone in the wedding party to keep tabs on the tuxedo sizes and most importantly rental status. A notification is sent out when the rented tuxedos have been returned.

Wedding Websites

Invitations and save the dates are so passé. It’s truly up to the couple if they want to keep up with traditions but where is the fun in that when you can create your very own wedding website. It is way easier to update, add links to your registry, keep track of RSVPs, and not to mention accessible twenty four hours a day. Invitations can be lost or people can forget to write it down on their calendar but with a permanent website link there will be no more excuses.

Websites used to be only available to those who had some kind of know how with HTML and other computer programming knowledge. That is no longer the case and the future is definitely here. Websites like Wix, Weebly, and of course SquareSpace make it so that anyone who is technology disadvantaged can create a website.

These websites are going to become game changers as they are exceptional when it comes to reliability and the fact that anyone with computer or mobile phone access can instantly check to see if there have been any updates like venue location or dinner menu. Invitations and save the dates will possibly stick around, newspapers didn’t exactly phase out when the television was in over 60% of households. There will still be some couples who will stand strong with tradition and send out envelopes with decorative embossing but websites will eventually become the common way to organize a wedding.

Sanjay Shah, a business man with a caring heart

Sanjay Shah is the founder and CEO of the Solo Capital Markets which is a boutique financial services company. This international company has its headquarters in London, England. The firm, also referred to as Solo Capital UK or Solo Capital Limited was incorporated in the month of September, 2011. The company specializes in consulting, professional sports investments and proprietary trading.

Apart from the Solo Group Holdings, Sanjay according to The Sunday Times also owns a lot more companies strewn across London, Dubai, Luxembourg, British Virgin Islands and The Cayman Islands. His business prowess is shown from the fact that as of January 2016, he has a net worth of two hundred and eighty US dollars. Surprisingly enough, Sanjay Shah studied medicine before deciding that that was not his calling. After making that decision, he became an accountant and worked for numerous investment banks before venturing into the business himself by starting his own brokerage company, Solo Capital.
Sanjay Shah is not only known for his business prowess but also his philanthropic activities. He has also founded Autism Rocks, a charitable organization aimed at raising donations for autism research. Sanjay started the organization so that communities could be better informed about autism specific conditions as well as the importance of research. The organization has had many supporters and through their donations, Autism Rocks can fund autism research as reported by globalcitizen,com . The resulting success is that they may be able to identify who has the possibility of developing autism as early as possible and consequently evaluate specific support services to help them for the rest of their lives.
Recently, the organization appointed Will and Pete Best to their Board of Trustees. Sanjay has been closely acquainted with the Best brothers since their university days. He therefore feels that their skill and experience will greatly benefit the organization. He foresees them bringing great insight into his board of trustees. The two will deal with the duties and responsibilities of Autism Rocks managerial process in addition to its affairs, funds and musical events. They are also likely to be active board members when it comes to decision making matters regarding Autism Rocks which will involve giving reports of both the short- and long-term objectives of the organizations.
Other than having been the COO at Icap which is a leading brokerage firm, Pete has had a long and illustrious career for around 21 years in the financial markets sector in London. This and the fact that he gave up the COO’s position so as to pursue his interests in health and family made him worthy to become a trustee. Will on the other hand is valuable as trustee due to his experience in the entertainment and music industry since it will be beneficial to future Autism Rocks’ concerts.
This release was made through PR Newswire.

George Soros and other Liberal Donors Contribute a New Fund to Spur Immigrant Voters


According to New York Times billionaire George Soros and other liberal donors have organized to contributed a new donation of $15 million to go towards the campaign of mobilizing the Latinos and other minority immigrants this fall. The fund is to be channeled towards outrage at the political rhetoric of Donald Trump and other republican candidates and increase voters for democratic candidates in November. Strategists have pointed out that this new spending will be without a doubt the larges Democratic voter effort devoted to immigrant voters particularly the Latino. Source

Most of this contribution is expected to be spent on organizations supporting democratic candidate in Florida, Colorado and Nevada states that have most of the Asian and Latino populations which will be pivotal for the presidential race and the battle to control the senate. This outreach is expected to be coordinated through a new “super PAC” foundation called the Immigrant Voters win PAC which will be more partisan and political than past efforts. The goal is not just to persuade the Latinos in the Democratic side to vote for the Democratic party candidate, but to persuade the swing voters to join Democratic movements. The ultimate results expected is to get 400,000 new voters joining the Democrats in November. Source

According to the president of the Latino Victory Project, Cristobal Alex, he has reiterated that it will involve taking the gloves off. According to Alex, Trump called the Hispanic-oriented groups rapists and thieves right from the first day.

Visit to know more about George.

The donors of Democrats include George Soros and other rich donors who want to ensure Democrats win big in the states occupied mainly by Hispanics and other immigrants. Soros will be contributing $5 million to the super PAC. This spending will represent a return of large-scale spending in politics that made him what he is today. After the $5 million contribution, Soros would have contributed a total of $13 million since the 2004 election. Source

Soros has also insisted that the intense anti-immigration and anti-Islam rhetoric fueled by Donald Trump is likely to be harmful for the democracy and to the national interests of American. Trump and other Republican candidates have called on a move to block Muslim from entering the United States. Soros has called this move as deeply offensive. Source

George Soros who is the founder and chairman of Open Society leads a network of partners, projects and foundations in more than 100 countries. He is a person committed to the idea of open foundation, believing is the rule of law, democracy, a place in the society where rights are respected, transparency is practiced and a government that is accountable to the people. Source

Thor Halvorssen about Bernie Sanders

Thor Halvorssen was interviewed the other day on not only his own views about Socialism but about Bernie Sanders’ alleged desire to change this county into Socialism. Mr. Halvorssen has mentioned many interesting points used not only in the potential Presidential Candidate’s debate on how he wants to change this country but also from his own family’s experience.

Mr. Halvorssen has mentioned that Mr. Sanders’ opponent has taken monies from dictators of other countries who have even gone as far as to ban the celebration of Christmas. This point is very interesting since taking monies from these types of leaders puts the U.S.A. at the mercy of these dictators. There are also dictators of other countries who have banned the usage of Skype, closely monitor the usage of the Internet of private citizens, and record private phone conversations. Mr. Halvorssen mentioned that the opponent has taken monies from these types of dictators which puts the U.S.A. in a very precarious position. This is one major point to think about before casting the vote in a primary and major election.

Another point that Mr. Halvorssen brought up briefly was his donation to the Sanders’ campaign.

Mr. Halvorssen mentioned about disadvantages to Socialism including that form of government being compared to Communism. Mr. Thor Halvorssen also mentioned that free markets are a must which cannot happen in Socialism as well as the fact that there will be shortages of needed resources. This is also an interesting point to think about.

Mr. Halvorssen mentioned about how the government is run in Venezuela and how the private citizens there are struggling. It was interesting to see the video which is played on YouTube.

Mr. Halvorssen, founder of the Human Rights Foundation,  mentioned briefly about his jail experience in another country as well as his other family experiences. The potential candidates running this year for President prove to be all very interesting in their different ways and debates are going in many different directions. There have been public statements made about Mr. Bernie Sanders to be in a Socialistic view. However, many of his supporters state that he is very fair and not a Socialist. The private citizens of the world just have to follow all the speeches and debates and see for themselves who would be the best.

Organo Gold Infuses Tea and Coffee Products with Chinese Herb

Organo Gold, a premier gourmet coffee marketer, has introduced a new range of healthy tea and coffee products to the global market. The new products are infused with an ancient herb from China. The use of the herb dates back to over 4,200 years ago. It was used to treat many illnesses and diseases. Today, this famous old herb has earned the name King of all herbs.

The new products from Organo Gold reserve the same great taste even with the infusion of the herb. Therefore, customers still get to enjoy the same taste of coffee and tea while nourishing their body with its new medicinal value. The healthy new products come in a wide variety of products for customers to choose from. These include Café Latte, Mocha, Green Tea, Black Tea, Hot Chocolate, Red Tea and Black Coffee. In addition, all the boxes and packages come with sachets that can be used anywhere provided there is hot water. It is perfect for busy people on the go.

Medicinal Value of Ganoderma Lucidum

Leading clinical nutritionist, Dr. Bob Rakowski, is in agreement that indeed the herb has numerous medicinal uses. According to him, the herb clinically known as Ganoderma Lucidum, has a good effect in the human body. It optimizes the delivery of oxygen around the body tissues and facilitates detoxification. It also alkalizes the body, enhances the immunity of the individual and helps to control inflammation.

These factors prove that everybody stands to benefit from the use of this medicinal herb. Thus its infusion into major coffee and tea brands has the effect of increasing demand for these products.

About Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua is the CEO of Organo Gold. His company produces quality gourmet coffee that caters to and targets consumers living an active lifestyle. He has been instrumental in spearheading the growth and huge successes of the company. Under his leadership, Organo Gold has grown into a successful network-marketing corporation. The privately held company currently operates in about 35 countries with a well-established distribution network.

The award winning Bernardo Chua, a Filipino native, is a Gold Medal recipient of Napoleon Hill Foundation. He has made major contributions in developing the global industry for multi-level marketing. Prior to moving to the United States, he worked for Gano Excel in the Philippines. He helped to expand the company’s market into Hong Kong, Canada and the United States. In 2008, Chua started his own Company Organo Gold. It was later rebranded as Organo in 2015.