George Gascon Promises to Clean the Police Officers Department

George Gascon has been in cross with words with the rest of the law enforcement agencies in San Francisco. He has an experience in the police department whereby he served as a chief police in Los Angeles. He has been an active member of the force until he was promoted to be the District Attorney of San Francisco. Currently he is trying to mend and clean the mess that is happening at the police department.
There has been various accusation of the police officers being accused of brutality and affecting the lives of other individuals. His work as a DA has however been restricted by such allegations but the rest of the residents and people who knows him are not convinced with the allegations. He has appointed a task force that is currently investigating the conduct of the police officers who were alleged of racism and homophobia in the force. In his conquest of the vices it seems police are not happy with him at all lengths and they may be fearing of being implicated in the cases.
Gascon is a strong believer in reforms even if the accusations have been labeled at him. It is true that he would have not set up a task force if he was a racist and make it investigate racism acts in the force. Such allegations may be not welcoming but the force will not stop to perform its duties. Among the issues that have been cited as being rampant in the police force are corruption, racism and brutality among the police officers. His leadership skills are being featured as being straight to the point and open minded when tackling such issues.
Gary Delagnes when he faced the blue ribbon panel that was commissioned by DA had a lot to say about Gascon. He oversaw the presidency of the Police Officers Association for more than 25 years, and he had negative memories about Gascon. He recalls of Gascon has been drunk when they had a dinner in August 2010 and went on to make remarks that offended an African America reveler who was sitting next to him with his family.


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Lime Crime Gets a Bigger Instagram Audience

The best way to advertise without breaking the bank is through social media. Doe Deere seems to know that better than anyone else. That is why she has taken to the world wide web to build a cosmetics empire. People love Lime Crime, and they adore what the brand represents. This is like the brand that is designed for all of those people that have become interested in rebelling against the tradition styles of makeup.

Lime Crime exceeds the expectations of a lot of people. So many people are crazy about the brand, and the love of the CEO – Doe Deere – is evident as well. Fans are connecting with Doe Deere through Twitter. They are following the Lime Crime page on Instagram on their account @limecrimemakeup. This is where they can see other girls wearing the new shades. This is also where they discover sales or any type of new products from Lime Crime.

This is important for Doe Deere because it gives an ideal of just how many people are interested in the Lime Crime brand. It is also something that shows a lot of people about the power of social media.

The average person has not seen any Lime Crime commercials in between their favorite shows. This is because Doe Deere doesn’t really see the need for any commercials. The same can be said for advertising on the radio. Doe Deere doesn’t engage because she feels like she doesn’t need to engage. It is easier for her to simply get on social media sites and connect with her fans for free through Instagram. That is the best thing about having a marketing platform like this. There is no wait time.

People can see the new shades that are posted right away. They don’t have to wait until a new magazine surfaces with a Lime Crime print ad. This is the beauty of social media and the smartphone technology that exists today. People can get instant access to everything that they want. People have constant access to any new Lime Crime information when they have the ability to utilize social media.  The best place to buy Velvetines is online. Looks At How En By Chaz Works embarked on a test of the Wen by Chaz shampoo, and it is a product that will help people make sure they take better care of their thin hair. Thin hair is a major issue for people who deal with shedding, and it is even worse for people who have seen it shed in clumps in the shower. This sephora marketed brand is supposed to fix that, and it does that by providing the healthy nutrients that hair needs. See the results at
The test was done in Bustle in pictures, and the facebook uploaded pictures show the true results of the test. They show that the test was something that could be done by anyone, and it also shows that people can use the shampoo easily because it does not take much to keep hair clean. Anyone trying Wen by Chaz will have a chance to make sure that they are keeping their hair healthy, and they will see the shedding stop over time. They will also have hair that is easier to style. The girl who wrote the review showed that her hair looked amazing after she was done with the test, and it was something that she was beaming about. She knew she had found the right shampoo, and now her hair will get healthier every time she uses it.

Wen by Chaz is the perfect shampoo for people who want to look and feel their best, and it is also important for people to make sure that they are using the shampoo routinely. They will notice that they are not shedding anymore, and they will see that they can have the same hair that everyone else has. It is will nice to style, and it will not present all the problems that people are used to when they see their thin hair shed. This products are available online via ebay. Try it today!

Darius Fisher Talks Success

Success is not always easy to achieve. Even those who work very hard find success elusive. Learning from those who are successful, consistently successful, sheds a little light on what is necessary rise above the crowd. The Small Business Forum at serves up interesting interviews with people who have succeeded. A recent interview with Status Labs President Darius Fisher raises awareness on Fisher, his company Status Labs, and the very important job of keeping one’s reputation pristine.


Fisher pointed out he went into entrepreneurship to better control his own destiny. Co-founding the reputation management firm Status Labs helped with this goal. Fisher approached managing the company from a variety of overlooked perspectives. Doing so has helped him grow the company quickly and significantly. One area Fisher put a lot of emphasis on was human resources. Fisher knew a company is only as good as the talent working for it.


Darius Fisher understood the necessity of making sure employees remained loyal to the fold. Employee retention is critical to keeping a company on solid, stable footing. Status Labs is not excluded from this very basic component of running a successful business. In a very detailed article published on Forbes’ website, Fisher went into quite a bit of depth about the things necessary to retain employees. At Status Labs, Fisher implemented a host of new human resources policies to make the company as employee friendly as possible. Doing so helps boost retention which effectively aids all clients to the company.


According to an interview with the Daily Beast, Fisher suggests small business owners and entrepreneurs should always focus on sales and not nonsense that won’t help a business. Sales and promotions are few factors in Status Labs’ success.


Darius Fisher has done a lot to draw attention to Status Labs. In addition to seeking publicity to boost business, he has sought publicity to raise awareness about the vital help reputation management work can do. One of the more interesting ideas Fisher came up with was to provide free crisis counseling to those persons horrifically impacted by the cruel Ashley Madison hacking attack. Both Fisher and Status Labs both received a great deal of publicity thanks to the media coverage of the free crisis counseling. Many people who never heard of reputation management discovered it through this unique marketing approach.
Look for more success from Fisher and Status Labs in 2016 and beyond.

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Employees and Clients Speak Highly of White Shark Media

White Shark Media helps clients all over the world with their advertising needs. The company specializes in PPC and Adwords management. Small business owners are quick to point out in their testimonials the firm has done a nice job in meeting their needs. The employees of the company play a huge part in making sure clients are thrilled with their experiences.

What is it like to work at White Shark Media? An anonymous employee at made a rather explicit statement. The employee has stated White Shark Media is a “great place to work for” and mentioned the “people-oriented” aspect of firm is a major plus. The employee even went so far as to tell management to keep up the good work and don’t change a thing –

Such positive enthusiasm on the part of a client is a must. Good enthusiasm ends up being translated into working enthusiastically on behalf of clients relying on SEM specialists to run their AdWords/Pay Per Click campaigns.

The White Shark Media website has a page dedicated to testimonials. The testimonials reflect positive feelings similar to the upbeat words of the anonymous employee.

The words of the clients suggests many are thrilled with the service provided. Some have noted they experienced significant marketing growth after making the decision to jump on board with White Shark Media. Others have revealed their marketing dollars are spent and managed more wisely than was previously the case. Others have noted pure surprise over the success achieved. Get more details at

This is absolutely a company that listens to its clients. The management of White Shark Media does deserve credit for being willing to address customer requests and concerns. For example, the company changed its policy about taking on new clients who already previously established an AdWords campaign.

White Shark Media does what it does to help clients earn money. That is the proverbial bottom line. Testimonials do reveal a lot about the corporate culture and attitude of a company. This is a company that is heavily committed to ensuring advertising strategies bear fruit.

In the overall scheme of internet marketing, AdWords campaigns are still as reliable today as the concept of PPC marketing first debuted. PPC campaigns serve up benefits for both the service provider (Google, Bing, and more) and the advertiser. The investment in such an ad campaign is relatively minimal. The return on investment for small businesses usually helps entrepreneurs stay on a manageable budget and still reap rewards. In order to arrive at a desirable outcome, the AdWords campaign has to be effectively managed.

NutriMost Is Helping Individuals Improve Their Health and Appearance

Many diet programs have been designed in order to help a person lose weight in order to look better physically. Time and again, studies have been done by NY Fatloss, and overweight individuals have attested to the fact that when a  person feels bad about their appearance, their self-esteem is negatively impacted and this affects many areas of their life. Even though looking good is of concern to many individuals, going on a diet should be based more on a person’s health. This is especially true if they have visceral fat. This is the fat that forms in the abdominal area. In addition to making a person look overweight, this fat surrounds the internal organs and causes a wide variety of health issues. Nutrimost is designed to help individuals address this fat, improve their health, and then feel great about the way they look.
When an individual has fat surrounding their internal organs, they are at risk for many health issues. It is not uncommon to see individuals who are only in their late 30’s and early 40’s taking medication for high blood pressure, type II diabetes, a fatty liver, and other issues that are sometimes the direct result of an individual being overweight. These medications do not address the cause of the health issue, having too much fat in the abdominal area. NutriMost has been designed to work with each individual patient, helping them to achieve their weight loss goals. This helps to drastically improve their health.

One individual featured by NYC Fat Loss, who has had much success using the NutriMost program is a man by the name of Gene Sheller. He is 71 years old and lost more than 80 pounds using the NutriMost program. After his weight loss, he enjoyed much better health. Before losing the weight, he was taking medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, a fatty liver, and had sleep apnea. After completing the NutriMost program, he had no significant health problems.

NutriMost Weightloss Program Helps Shed Pounds

Program testimonials:

Madison Street Capital gives 2016 Hedge Fund outlook

What is the 2016 Outlook for Hedge Funds?

According to Karl D’Cunha, Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital, LLC., the hedge fund industry, which is currently “highly fragmented” will continue to consolidate, especially for partnership opportunities that connect product offerings with distribution. Madison Capital’s recent M&A overview taught us that in 2015, there were a total of 42 hedge fund deals that were closed on globally, which was 27% higher than the previous year.

In the fourth quarter of 2015, some of the key components that created the hedge fund momentum included hedge fund industry assets being at an all time high aside from 2015 hedge fund strategies that seemed less than great, in fact, were at most mediocre. Hedge fund performance was lagging behind, however, there were allocations being made by institutional investors with ab goal to received higher returns. Why? Mainly, because of more and more counts of liabilities. Who are the main players striving to bring in new capital? Smaller hedge fund managers.

Because of higher operating costs and a downward pressure building because of additional fees, strategic alternatives are being considered by hedge fund managers.

D’Cunha adds that in 2015, the environment for “deals” was thriving for hedge fund managers and he predicts deals will grow even stronger in 2016. Both buyers and sellers are being accommodated by multiple deals being made. Deals such as incubator or seed deals, PE bolt-ons and stakes and revenue share stakes are transactions being conducted by hedge fund managers.

Madison Capital is a mid-market investment banking firm providing multiple financial services that include business valuations, corporate advisories, financial reporting valuation and financial opinions. Formed in 2005, the investment banking firm works with its clients to help them determine the most beneficial mergers and acquisitions available.

For small business owners, finding the right financial advice can make or break their business. Whether looking for acquisitions, building a sound exit strategy or seeking out favorable lending, Madison Street Capital has established itself in the industry as a leading financial provider.

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JustFab Gets a lot of Attention from Plus-Sized Consumers

Curvy women have often had problems finding clothes on some of the websites that they like the most. They are many women that are interesting in online shopping, but certain websites have overlooked this demographics. The JustFab website is one that only catered to a to regular sized crowd of females for long time, but the leaders within this company have realized that revenues were being lost because the company was not catering to a plus sized crowd.

The Curvy Fashionista stated that JustFab is now offering an array of plus-sized clothes for women that have been looking for the same trendy fashion that this site offers to so many petite women. This is a very popular site for young and middle aged women because clothes are not the only thing that is sold on this site. This is why there are plus-sized women have been shopping on this site already for jewelry and handbags. Plus-sized women were already shopping on this site so it did not make sense for them to not have options to buy clothing when they were already customers that were patronizing the site.
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JustFab Promo Codes: 20% Off Coupon, 2016
JustFab: Women’s Shoes, Boots, Handbags & Clothing Online

This is a site that now caters to people from all walks of life. It has something for the daughters looking for a Mother’s Day gift for their mothers. It also may have cool pair of jeans for the college students that are living on a budget. There are even nice high heels shoes for women that are part of corporate America. JustFab catered to just about everyone and now the company also embraces the plus-sized women on That is bound to help this company build even greater revenue as it competes with a lot of other companies that also have brick and mortar stores. There are many busy women that are not checking JustFab because it is the company that caters to people that just don’t have the time to go out to store to shop.

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Wen by Chaz Makes Hair Glow

Emily McClure is a writer for the website She had heard about this amazing new conditioner on the market called Wen hair  by Chaz Dean (, and it made her very curious. Could the rumors be true? Could there really be a 5 in 1 conditioner that would make it easier for her and all other women to get the shiny and bouncy hair they want without having to buy 5 separate products? Curious individual that she was Emily decided to give Wen by Chaz a try and wrote about her experience. This is article is a recap of Emily’s experience with Wen by Chaz.
First, Wen by Chaz is a revolutionary 5 in 1 conditioner developed by the celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean. Chaz has treated the hair of many of Hollywood’s elite, so he understands what the most demanding women want in a hair care product. He made Wen hair to be the first conditioner that also served as a deep conditioner, a leave-in-conditioner, a detangler, and shampoo. He also made it available in a variety of appealing scents like almond and fig so that women’s hair will come out smelling nice right out of the shower.

Emily used Wen by Chaz for a period of one week to see if it worked. She was really skeptical that any product could every fulfill all her hair’s needs with just one bottle. But, after her week-long trial with Wen by Chaz, Emily was amazed. Emily put Wen by Chaz on every morning and each day it gave her hair a natural glow and bounce that she didn’t experience with other products. Best of all the effect lasted all day long. She didn’t even have to shampoo her hair again before going out with friends on the weekend. Emily recommends Sephora‘s Fig Cleansing Conditioner to women all over because it did amazing things with her own hair. You can read her full review on at this link and you should definitely try Wen by Chaz out for yourself.

The Life and Contributions of Shaygan Kheradpir in the Cooperate World


Shaygan Kheradpir is a figure to reckon with in the cooperate world. His career in the business world can be traced from high-ranking positions in various companies including Juniper Networks, GTE, Barclays, and Verizon. Consequently, he boasts of outstanding experience in helping companies achieve their desired objectives, especially in the management and technology areas.

Kheradpir began his outstanding cooperate career at GTE in 1987 where he worked as an engineer. After working in network routing division for some time, he was promoted to management and control. In this division, Kheradpir was charged with overseeing the software systems. Later on, he was promoted to GTE headquarters, which are situated in Dallas as the Chief Information Officer.

Upon the merger of Bell Atlantic and GTE, Verizon Communications was established followed by Kheradpir assuming the position of president for the e-business division. At Verizon, he served as the first Chief Information Officer as well as Chief Technology Officer. In his role in the company, he managed to lead Verizon to greater expansion of its telecommunication services.

Later in 2011, Kheradpir made a transition from Verizon to Barclays as its Chief Operating Officer. Subsequently, he was promoted to the Chief Technology Officer. In his new role, he was tasked with managing the automation of the bank’s global credit card, retail, wealth management, business and investment banking activities.

Juniper Networks
After working for Barclays for about three years, he moved to Jupiter networks to become the company’s Chief Executive Officer. At Juniper, he helped initiate a restructuring and cost-cutting strategy.

His current position is at Coriant, where he is the chairperson of the board as well as is CEO. This was after a short duration of working as an Operating Partner of the Marlin Equity Partners, which created Coriant.
In-Depth Look at Shaygan

Shaygan’s birth can be traced in 1960 from London, England. However, he did not grow up in England since his father relocated the family back to their native country, Iran. Later on, Shaygan moved to the United States to pursue college or university education at the Cornell University. At Cornell, he attained a Bachelor, Master and doctoral degree in electrical engineering.

Due to Kheradpir’s remarkable academic record, he was made a member of the Engineering Council at Cornell University. Not only has he served in various companies as a top executive but also as a member of numerous boards including the YMCA of the Greater New York, United States National Institute of Standards and Technology.


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