Constitutional Law Advisor: Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is a significant scholar that has researched lots of issues on constitutional law and politics. His research works include federalism, semi-presidentialism, official language policy, bills of rights, decentralization and succession, constitutional design in ethnically divided society and many others. His recent publication is on Constitutional Democracies in Crisis? The book focuses on the tweet that was made by the Eric Holder who was the Attorney General during the tenure of President Obama. The tweet was all about the call for a peace demonstration in case the Mueller would be fire and named it as “absolute red line.” (

It is imperative for the constitution to be exercised appropriately as required. Professor Sujit Choudhry affirms that the Holder who happened to be the nation’s chief law enforcement officer fails to provide the challenge of terminating Mueller’s power. The constructional rules should be upheld at all times by both the officials and citizens. Sujit Choudhry gives a clarification that it is constitution rule that there is a limit in serving the nation as applies to presidential term limit where the president is supposed to serve only two terms. Failure to uphold that rule citizens can be mobilized for demonstrations to ensure there is democracy.

Sujit Choudhry claims that the tweet of Eric Holder is an indication of a democracy failure since it is not right to extend the term elected for without the consent from the people. When the constitutional rule is not adhered to by those in authority, they deny the citizens their constitutional rights. Most of the chapters of the professor Choudhry are based on the threat to constitutional democracy. In his publication, Sujit mentions media and World’s politics as examples of threats to constitutional democracy. In this regard, he further provides other countries as examples that have deteriorating political climate and more so a significant danger of democracy.

Moreover, Sujit Choudhry is the professor of law in the University of California and the director of Center for Constitutional Transitions, see Also, he has a more excellent knowledge of politics and constitutional law making him prominent globally. Professor Choudhry has over 20 years of experience as a constitutional advisor who has helped numerous of organization and clients.

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Talos Energy operational objectives

Talos Energy is a private company located in Mexico. Its primary objective is to explore the possible oil and gas areas in the Golf of Mexico and make it available to the consumers abundantly since it is used in the production of other goods and services that are necessary for human existence. Talos energy operates under some specific objectives which keep them focused towards attaining their goals.One of the specific objectives that Talos Energy Company work to achieve is to research on the unexploited oil and gas resources that are even most undervalued in the society. They then aim at making maximum utilization of these resources and a convert them in to useful energy that is used in the production of goods in the industries with the help of updated technology.

Oil and gas are one of the most limited resources in the earth planet, and therefore, they need to be exploited and utilized efficiently for human benefaction. Another specific objective that the company operates on is to ensure that their personnel is fully trained and equipped with skills that will enable them to assess their assets and enable smooth operation of the company. This is one of the factors that help the Talos Energy organization to be successful in being one of the best suppliers of oil and gas in Mexico.The company also aims at making sound strategic plans to rightfully allocate resources in its operation such as drilling, research, and exploration of gas and oil wells.

The success of any given company is based on the plans that they make. A good business plan helps in making effective and efficient utilization of the available resources such as human resources, finance, equipment and all other resources in the firm. It also enables the continuation of the company by making sure that it’s able to cope up with the risks and uncertainties in the business. In the recent years, the company has had incidents of accidents during drilling the gas and oil wells. Apparently, it is working to ensure that the accident incidences reduce rapidly to create confidence and effectiveness of their working personnel.

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The Impact of Hussain Sajwani

Few entrepreneurs have built the success that Hussain Sajwani has created. An Emirati billionaire property developer, Sajwani has built a reputation as one of the best real estate minds in the world. Sajwani is perhaps most known for his company DAMAC Properties. DAMAC Properties has been ranked high on Forbes Global list on multiple occasions. Sajwani has built a business that has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world and continues to expand and grow.


Hussain Sajwani, chairman of Damac Group, learned a lot watching his father as a young child. His father was an entrepreneur that owned his own shop where he sold watches and other goods. Hussain learned a lot about work ethic and professionalism watching his father. He would soon go own to work hard and earn a scholarship for college. Sajwani earned a a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics from the University of Washington. He would soon after go on to start his professional career by working with he finance department in Abu Dhabi Gas Industries. Years of work and study lead to the year 2002 when he started his own company DAMAC Properties.


DAMAC Properties is one of the most successful and profitable companies in the Middle East. They have developed thousands of apartments and other living spaces throughout their history. As of Today the company is responsible many major real estate projects including a Tiger Wolf golf course. The course is managed by the Trump Organization. DAMAC has also collaborated with some well known brands including the likes of Versace and Fendi, and Bugatti. The company has also worked with Paramount Hotels and Resorts.


Hussain Sajwani has built a relationship with Donald Trump. The two have collaborated on major real estate projects in recent years. Sajwai is currently working with the three Trump kids as he waits for Donald to get out of the White House. The billionaire has made a huge impact on the real estate world and has been recognized with multiple awards. With such an amazing track record he is sure to continue making an impact for many more years to come.

Hussain Sajwani Is Named ‘Real Estate Legend’ To Commemorate His Career

The term “Real Estate Legend” is usually reserved for icons like Warren Buffet, Stan Kroenke and even current US President Donald Trump. But now one of President Trump’s friends holds that title, and that’s DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani in the UAE. The title was given to Sajwani at a business awards ceremony in Dubai this last April because for more than 15 years he’s been bringing in big business to Dubai through commercial developments and his five-star hotels. He’s turned DAMAC Properties into a billion-dollar plus revenue company and has built up its cash reserves over the years so that it’s been virtually debt-free while operating. The designs of his properties’ buildings have been breathtaking and have been featured in many business magazines.

Hussain Sajwani founded a catering company after graduating from college and then working a few years at the GASCO company under Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. This catering company was ranked as one of the world’s top food services and served clients all over the world both in government and private sector positions. Sajwani made millions in profits from this company, and he used it to purchase Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles, an insurance company and eventually to start DAMAC Properties. Sajwani began his first property investment in 2003 at Marina Terrace and officially opened the property in 2006.

Describing the beauty of Hussain Sajwani’s buildings really doesn’t do them justice as every single one of them stand out in the middle of Dubai. Notable properties completed by DAMAC are the Park Towers, DAMAC Tower, DAMAC Maison in AYKON City, AYKON in London, AKOYA Oxygen which is also known as DAMAC Hills, and there are several new resorts on the way in Maldives. Sajwani had to make a few hard choices such as cutting back employees and slowing construction on a few sites when the market crash of 2008 hit the UAE, but his shrewd business acumen helped bring DAMAC out of that hardship. Sajwani also took the company public in 2013 and founded a private equity firm that’s increased its capital intake. He’s also a founding member of the One Million Arab Coders foundation.

The AvaTrade Reviews Rank It High In Customer Satisfaction And Standatds

AvaTrade broker review is an online FOREX trading company. It is a fully licensed and regulated investment company, founded in Ireland and maintaining its headquarters in Dublin. AvaTrade has been in business since 2006. The company offers a variety of FOREX trading platforms for all of the investment products available on the Foreign Exchange Market, including cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks. It also provides a full line of services to assure quality research and analysis, and ongoing education for its customers. All of this is presented by a staff of experienced and licensed advisors. Since the company is located in the European Union, and specifically Ireland, it is under the regulations of the Central Bank of Ireland.


The company receives good ratings and reviews. Out of 5 stars as the highest ranking, AvaTrade has received 4 stars as an overall rating. For its products and fee structure, the company received a 4.3 star rating. For its special features, it was rated 4.0, and for trust it was rated a 3.3 stars. AvaTrade was also rated on its desktop and mobile application customer experience, for which it was rated 4.5 and 4.3, respectively. In customer service, the company rated a 3.1. For its research and insight, it received a maximum star rating of 5.0, and for its quality of education, a 4.0 star rating was received. Several features were noted as beneficial, such as the large amount of available trading platforms, the availability of numerous investment products, and the added feature of negative balance protection.


AvaTrade has millions of customers around the world. A trading account can be started with a minimum of $100. The company offers a negative balance protection, a highly beneficial fearure which helps to protect the account from going below zero in case of a loss in value. Customers are provided with the added benefit of educational webinars and training sessions to help guide them in the investment process. The ongoing research and analysis data provided at AvaTrade helps the customers make their investment choices with confidence.

OSI Industries: The Worlds Biggest Food Portfolio

Supplying the foodservice industry with product isn’t easy. In an effort to drive in more customers, the food service industry has been going crazy with products lately. New menu items are added daily and menu needs to be able to constantly change and adapt in order for a business to remain competitive. Those who supply the foodservice industry with product must, in turn, change and adapt at triple the pace in order to keep up. One company that shines at this is the Top 100 Food Company OSI Industries. When you talk about inventory OSI has it in spades. From pork, beef, fish, lamb, snacks, deli foods, sauces, pies, cakes, dressing, mayonnaise, and sous vide products, you name it and OSI Industries probably has it.

One of the ways that OSI Industries keeps its portfolio so bustling with product is through its acquisitions. In 2016 alone, OSI snatched up two companies with vastly different products than itself. This gave OSI the ability to offer these products to consumers in their market while also opening new markets via acquisition to sell their long-standing meat products.

The first of these companies was Baho Foods, a deli meat, and snack provider. OSI Industries added to snack foods and deli meats to its inventory list while also gaining traction in the convenience sector through previous Baho Foods clientele. The other big purchase was that of Flagship Europe, now Creative Foods. Creative Foods offers frozen poultry, sous vide products, sauces, fillings, and more to a UK client base. Purchasing Flagship Europe gave OSI access to these products and market instantaneously. Once again, having access to a wide array of products to offer customers can generate more loyalty and prevent customers from seeking out other sources for their products from the competition.

OSI shows that it is entirely possible to create a positive atmosphere of product lines via acquisition. Acquisition can serve as a primary tool for portfolio growth as well as brand and loyalty growth. OSI is a top player in the foodservice industry and provides major companies such as McDonald’s and Papa Johns. It wasn’t easy to get to this spot for OSI, however, as it required them to make smart tactical decisions on how to approach acquisition as a whole. A process that OSI has mastered at this point. If OSI continues to make smart acquisitions such as Baho Foods and Flagship Europe they should continue to give their customers no reason to even talk about the competition.

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An Introduction To Issues Plaguing Constitutional Democracies From Sujit Choudhry

General politics and constitutional law are two of the specialities of Professor Sujit Choudhry of Berkeley, and his knowledge isn’t limited to only what can be learned in books. He has worked in a number of political spheres across the globe, and he has witnessed some of the issues with constitutional law firsthand. This has given him a unique opportunity to study constitutional law as it changes over time. He’s published a handful of articles on the subject so far, and his latest is a reflection of the global environment that seems to be promoting a general decay in constitutional democracy.  Check to learn more about his published works.

To begin with, Choudhry discusses the idea of what he calls a constitutional red line or focal point. These are basically constitutional laws that are points of contention, like presidential term limits. If a president attempted to alter the constitution to allow for more than two terms, his or her actions would be condemned as a play for extended power. Choudhry points out that if Trump were to fire Robert Mueller, the head of the investigation into the 2016 presidential election, there would be a similar breach of constitutional law.

A Possible Constitutional Change

At its core, this is a fault in the democratic process that could potentially threaten the basic functionality of the governmental system. Because the democratic process is open to all, it is possible for a radical group to gain control through completely legal methods. This is exactly what happened in Poland when the legislature was taken over by a majority from the nationalist right-wing party in 2015. Their majority gave them the power they needed to change the constitution, and they have effectively rewritten it to better suit the goals of their part (

The time has essentially passed that a government could be overthrown solely with force. Almost all people across the world agree that democracy is the best societal plan, so force would require too much effort and produce too much resistance. Instead, radical groups have learned to join the political process so they can make changes from within. When a politician crosses one of the constitutional red lines or focal points, it is a good sign the leader already feels their authority overrides constitutional law.

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Everyone Deserves the Right to be Human!!

Why is there need for immigrants to have someone to advocate for them? Shouldn’t people be civil to one another just because? Do people know the difference between animals and humans? These questions should not arise but they do everyday across the globe.

People are simply not being treated fairly therefore there are a variety of different activists who have formed groups to help fight for justice. Many feel that the “system” isn’t created equal, as it really states but what do we really know? I will do my best to provide information to break down exactly what these groups try to express to the world the need to be heard as well as making a positive change. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin: and

Civil Rights is the right of citizens to political and social freedom and equality. It is to ensure the people’s physical and mental integrity, life and safety; along with protection from discrimination such as gender, race, nationality, disability, political affiliation,age, sexual orientation, religion and ethnicity. Human Rights are moral principles describe certain standards of human behavior, and are regularly protected by municipal and international law.

They are applicable everywhere at every time in the sense of being universal, the same for everyone. Migrant or Immigration Rights are the rights of citizens to protect them from being in a vulnerable class of race migrated from another country. They are to be protected from discrimination of race, nationality, ethnicity, and gender. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | Facebook

Migrant or Immigration Rights almost have less of a voice where government is concerned. There are two major organizations who have been advocating for them for years. One is ACLU, which stands for American Civil Liberties Union for Immigration Rights and the other is OHCHR, which stands for Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, under the United Nations umbrella.

These heros have made a really big impact on assisting immigrants from all over the world who have come to the United States for an economic and financial growth. They have created marches, raised million of dollars in fundraisers and have gotten the attention of government officials to make a change.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey know all too well about the rights of human beings being challenged or taken away. They are two journalists who were covering a story concerning the sheriff of a county in Arizona. In the middle of the night, they were taken out of their homes and jailed for exposing the truth about what was going on at that time.

Not only were their lives put at risk, but their sources and online users, who have read their stories, we’re almost exposed due to subpoenas being demanded from the grand jury.

They fought very hard to protect everyone and fought back in the Supreme Court. They were awarded $3.75 million dollars which was used to fund others civil, human and migrant rights. The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund will advocate for everyone who has freedom of speech and civil participation throughout Arizona, including the Mexican border.

Accountant, Hotelier, And Philanthropist- Shiraz Boghani

He is a prominent businessman in the United Kingdom who has ventured into the hospitality business. His community and United Kingdom citizens recognize Shiraz Boghani as a successful entrepreneur who contributes a lot to the community as well as the healthcare industry.

Mr. Shiraz Boghani is well known for his contribution to the hospitality industry when he largely invested in London. He constructed several hotels in the city, and currently, he is the Chairman of other projects giving then insight as well as overseeing upcoming projects in the United Kingdom.

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Shiraz Boghani has been in the front-line of assisting some of the largest hotel groups in the world including Hilton. Hilton London Bankside, Holiday Inn Wembley, and Conrad London St. James as well as other hotels owned by the Hilton group. Mr. Boghani is not a leader but he is also a founder of hotels including; Sojourn Hotels LLP. He has played a major role in ensuring that the Group of Hotels is making deals and is also expanding its presence in the United Kingdom. Shiraz is a go-getter and he has not only invested in the hospitality industry but he his presence and leadership is felt in the healthcare sector. Mr. Shiraz is the Chairman of Sussex Healthcare. Sussex Healthcare is a care facility for the elderly, mentally and physically challenged people. Sussex Healthcare is considered to one of the institutions which provide high-class care as well as activities for their clients.

Shiraz Boghani plays a very important role in Sussex Healthcare. He has been assisting the management by basically giving them advice on what they are supposed to plan, and he also gives them vision. Under his leadership and management, Sussex has been able to expand their operations and they currently operate more than 20 homes in Sussex and London and have future plans to expand to other regions. His impact in the Hotel and Hospitality industry has also been felt. He has been recognized on several occasions including being named the Hotelier of the year by the Asia Business Award an honor he received in 2016. Mr. Boghani is not only a prominent business person but he is also active in the community. He is a philanthropist and has held positions in foundations and institutions among them; Ismaili Community, a member of the National Council, as well as Resource Development Convener at the Aga Khan University. Shiraz Boghani is an accountant by profession.

Robert Deignan: The Leader And CEO To ATS Digital Services

Being a business leader is never easy. It is a task that requires a good amount of dedication and commitment to the job. Being a leader in one’s own company may be a task in itself, but for Robert Deignan, it’s all in a day’s work. Robert Deignan has always wanted to be a businessman which is why he decided that the degree that he earned would be in Organizational Leadership. He went on to attend Purdue University in Indiana and was one of the most promising students in his class. As soon as he graduated, he started taking on a number of projects and small business ideas. Before he knew it, he was developing business and pooling in his expertise in a way in which could help the business develop. Over time, he worked with a wide range of clients coming to him from a variety of different sectors. The businesses that he worked to help develop turned into truly memorable names within the field that they have been working in.

Robert Deignan currently stands as the CEO to a company known as ATS Digital Services. The company used to be called Inbound Call Experts previously but had a name change as part of an image overhaul. The company would provide a range of tech-based solutions to the clients that came to them. Robert Deignan is seen as a brilliant leader to the company, not only because of his views and way of running a company but because of his leadership skills. Robert Deignan believes in guiding the company and its employees, rather than commanding them, which is a quality that is well favored in the industry.

Without a doubt, the impact that Robert Deignan has had on several different companies has been enormous. As the founder and CEO of such a large company, the future of ATS Digital Services rests with Robert Deignan and the work that he does. Because of this, it is essential for him to note the direction that the company is taking to develop, as well as the improvement of the services that they offer their clients.