Robert Deignan: The Leader And CEO To ATS Digital Services

Being a business leader is never easy. It is a task that requires a good amount of dedication and commitment to the job. Being a leader in one’s own company may be a task in itself, but for Robert Deignan, it’s all in a day’s work. Robert Deignan has always wanted to be a businessman which is why he decided that the degree that he earned would be in Organizational Leadership. He went on to attend Purdue University in Indiana and was one of the most promising students in his class. As soon as he graduated, he started taking on a number of projects and small business ideas. Before he knew it, he was developing business and pooling in his expertise in a way in which could help the business develop. Over time, he worked with a wide range of clients coming to him from a variety of different sectors. The businesses that he worked to help develop turned into truly memorable names within the field that they have been working in.

Robert Deignan currently stands as the CEO to a company known as ATS Digital Services. The company used to be called Inbound Call Experts previously but had a name change as part of an image overhaul. The company would provide a range of tech-based solutions to the clients that came to them. Robert Deignan is seen as a brilliant leader to the company, not only because of his views and way of running a company but because of his leadership skills. Robert Deignan believes in guiding the company and its employees, rather than commanding them, which is a quality that is well favored in the industry.

Without a doubt, the impact that Robert Deignan has had on several different companies has been enormous. As the founder and CEO of such a large company, the future of ATS Digital Services rests with Robert Deignan and the work that he does. Because of this, it is essential for him to note the direction that the company is taking to develop, as well as the improvement of the services that they offer their clients.

Meet One Of The Indomitable Business Leaders Louis Chenevert

As if he has some success syndrome disease, every organization that he has ever worked with has turned out to be very successful. This Canadian business guru Louis Chenevert remains a legend in many organizations for his enormous contribution to their success. This is the kind of person every organization long for because they know; their overall success will be guaranteed. Currently, he works with Goldman Sachs as the Senior Advisor and has enough time to pursue his interest and of course for his family.

The success story of Louis Chenevert began when he started working with General Motors after the completion of his Bachelor’s Degree in Production Management from the University of Montreal. His skills and diligence saw him ascend very quickly to the highest rank as the Production Manager and later became the Production General Manager where he was tasked with overseeing production for 14 years.

Being the Chief Executive Officer at United Technologies Corporation, which is among global companies, he used to receive various ideas that sprung from executive members and even other staffs that had an understanding of what was happening in the market and what really customers needed. This made him take another approach of thinking about acquisitions and that led to the acquisition of Goodrich Aerospace. His focus on producing results that exceed the expectations of the customers has always enabled him to bring ideas into a reality.

According to Louis Chenevert, every entrepreneur should embrace a relentless focus, be open-minded, passionate and be optimistic in everything they do especially in this digital era where technology is making things move really fast. As an entrepreneur, never tolerate anyone who does not align with your agendas instead you need a team of people who will help you sail the storms and meet the needs of the customers.

During his time at UTC, he is remembered for the efforts that he put in place to salvage the company from the economic recession of 2006. The decision he made of moving against what the majority were doing and deciding to move engineers and workers to the United States in one location was a wise decision. This made the stock value of UTC to rise to $117 per share from $37.